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Expedia Flight Change Policy

Asia’s tourism industry is expanding, and Expedia is one of the leading reasons for it as it offers a variety of convenient and flexible travel experiences. Changes and cancellations may be made online, which is beneficial to all passengers. Expedia has collaborated with several airlines to provide passengers with various booking choices based on Covid-19 has also impacted Expedia’s policy on flight changes and cancellations. Learn about the Expedia flight change policy, including altering a flight’s name, dates, and destinations in this blog.

Make A Modification to A Expedia Flight Booked 

The customer service team at Expedia may be reached at 1 860 590 8822 (within the United States) or 1-404-728-8787 (international) if you need to change a flight after it’s been booked.

There are a few things to keep in mind while Expedia change flight rescheduling your travel:

  • To book a new flight with the same airline, you must use the same primary passenger(s).
  • The customer must pay any difference in price between new and old flights.
  • You may also be required to pay a rebooking charge, depending on the airline’s policies.
  • Changes in flights with some airlines must be made directly with the carrier. 

Expedia Flights Changing Rules

Whenever possible, Expedia advises its customers to examine the airline’s insurance coverage and rebooking criteria before contacting the company.

Consult your itinerary if you want to find out about any flight change policies Changes to the flight’s name or route are also not permitted on some flights. You must contact your airline if only a few people need to have their flights rescheduled. Expedia can help you with date modifications for most bookings.

Itinerary changes are limited on some flights. The traveler must contact the airline directly for any additional changes.

How to Change A Flight With Expedia 


  • To make changes to a flight, use your email address and password to log in to your account.
  • There is an opportunity in the Manage Booking area to make adjustments to your flight if you qualify.
  • However, if the option to change flights isn’t accessible, your reservation isn’t changeable, or you can’t make any modifications to your booking online.
  • Expedia’s customer support department will be able to assist you in this situation.

Using the Expedia app

Here’s how you create and maintain your itinerary on the web or via the app:

  • When you want to cancel or alter a reservation on Expedia, log into your account online or through the Change or cancel your itinerary by clicking the “Change/Cancel” option. Under “My Trips,” you can see upcoming trips.
  • Fill out an online form if your hotel or airline offers refunds or free cancellations. Suppose you have a ticket on an eligible airline or a hotel reservation at a suitable hotel. In that case, you may complete an online cancellation form to get a future travel credit or Ensure that you’ve read any recent instructions or the Expedia Customer Support.

Note- It’s not necessary to ring us to check on the status of your request if you’ve already filed one. Depending on how many travel delays there have been, reimbursements might take up to 30 days to be completed.

Expedia Change Flight Fee

As a result of covid-19, most airlines do not charge a fee to alter a reservation. Expedia customer service phone number allows you to modify your flight either online or by contacting them. Otherwise, you may view your itinerary on the website and make adjustments without creating an account.

Expedia change flight fee– £25 per passenger 

Expedia Flight Change Dates & Destinations

To make changes to your flight dates and destinations, you must first log in, and Afterwards, you’ll be able to pick the flight for which Your schedule should reflect the adjustments you’ve made, and a new flight should If the new flight is more expensive than the old one, you may have to pay the ticket difference.

Alternatively, you can call Expedia’s flight change hotline if you are unable to do it online. Travelers must contact the airline directly if you’re traveling with a low-cost carrier in such a situation.

Note: Changing basic economy fares is not possible; thus, you will need to book a new flight in this instance.

Expedia Flight Name Change Policy

Booking a reservation might result in a name or other spelling mistakes (typo). By contacting Expedia customer service, 1 860 590 8822 you may make As long as you make contact within 24 hours after purchasing a flight, changing a name will be free of cost.

Once a flight has been booked for more than 24 hours, you must cancel it and book a new one with the proper name on it. There is no cancellation charge due to covid-19; however, you may have to pay if there is a flight difference.

How Can I Connect to the Customer Service of Expedia?

If you are having trouble and thinking about connecting with the customer service of Expedia, then check out the methodologies mentioned below:

  • You can use their official phone number to connect with its customer service anytime you want.
  • The social media platforms are also helpful to connect you with its customer service.
  • You can send an email to share your experience and complaints with Expedia.
  • The official website of Expedia also has a live chat feature that will guide you to communicate with its customer service whenever you need it.

These proven methods can help you connect with Expedia customer service 24/7 and 365 days without facing any issues. 

How to Change my Flight on Expedia?

Are you thinking about making changes to your flight? Do you want to make it on Expedia? That’s you are searching for the best-proven ways which can guide you. Well, if that is so, then here are the procedures that you should follow:

  • The easiest way to make changes on your flight on Expedia is through its official website. You can easily make changes as per your need with the help of Expedia’s official site.
  • You can dial 1 860 590 8822 to speak with its customer service. You can share all the details about the changes that you are looking for.

Is it possible to cancel the flight on Expedia within 24-hours?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the flight on Expedia within 24-hours. You can do it with the help of its official website, or you can speak with its customer service. Canceling your flight on Expedia within 24-hours will also help you in saving your hard-earned money. Because after 24-hours of booking, if you are looking to cancel your flight ticket on Expedia, you need to pay cancellation fees based on your travel class and destination. You can also get more details about this topic by contacting the customer service live executive of Expedia whenever you want.

Can I change a flight on Expedia which is already booked?

Yes, of course! You can change a flight on Expedia, which is already booked. For this, you need to reissue the ticket. You can change the destination, name, dates, and several other options as per your need. But it will be chargeable for you. You may have to pay around USD 150 for a domestic flight and USD 200 for an international flight. To get a better understanding, you can connect with its customer service 24/7 and 365 days. 

How can I change my flight on Expedia without paying any charges?

Are you planning to change your flight on Expedia? Do you want to make it without paying any charges? If yes, then here are the steps that you should follow:

  • If you make changes on your flight within 24-hours of booking, you don’t have to pay any charges. It means you can do it for free.
  • You should carefully read out the Expedia flight change policy.
  • The 24-hours flight change policy of Expedia will also help you make the changes on your flight without paying any fees.

To get more information about the flight change for free on Expedia, you should contact customer service. 

What’s better? Booking through Airline or Expedia?

Well, both bookings through the airline and Expedia are better for travelers. The Airlines and Expedia will both provide you with the best deals for your ticket. Many of the users love Expedia and feel secure to book through their respective airline portal. It’s all up to the users. You will get a similar experience from Expedia and the Airline portal. From Expedia, you will get a comparison with different airlines for the ticket price of your destination. The comparison list will help you in getting the best deals from the market. So, choose wisely to have a pocket-friendly trip.

How to cancel a booking on Expedia?

Are you looking to cancel your booking on Expedia? What do you want to do on Expedia? If yes, then there are two easy procedures that you must follow:

  • If you are willing to cancel your booking via the official website of Expedia, then you need to log into your account. Then, go to the itinerary and then find your booking which you want to cancel. Click on your booking and then tap the “Cancel” icon.
  • You can also speak with the customer service of Expedia to cancel your booking. You have to share your booking reference number and ask for the cancellation. That’s it. 

How much does Expedia charge for cancellation?

Due to the current scenario and global situation, Expedia does not charge any cancellation charges. For more details, you can visit its official website or speak with its customer service.

How can I talk to the real person at Expedia?

If you are looking to talk with a real person at Expedia, then the official customer service contact number of Expedia will be perfect for you. It is the best way to speak with the live person at Expedia. If you don’t have the contact number, you can visit its official website and copy the contact number as per your region and language to the dial pad. Hit the calling button to connect and speak with its representative.

How can I get a refund from Expedia?

The easiest and most preferred way to get your refund from Expedia is via its customer service. Dial its official customer service phone number and press the ideal key to contact its customer service. Share canceled reference code and raise a request for the refund.

What should I do if Expedia cancel my flight?

If Expedia canceled your flight, you need to connect with its customer service and instantly file a report. After that, you need to ask for compensation and a refund.

How can I learn about the Expedia flight change and cancellation policies?

If you want to learn about the Expedia flight change & cancellation policies, you need to reach out to its official website or contact its customer service. 

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