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Flight reservations have become relatively easy today, thanks to the internet and online traveling agencies that offer great discounted airfares. Better than before, travelers can now book their flight tickets without the need of visiting the airport or the high-end travel agents who charge them a lot more than the actual fare.

If you are hunting for the amazing deal and exclusive fares, then look no more than Hopper and enjoy your journey like never before. Connect with the Hopper Customer Service number 1-860-370-4608 at any time and book your flight for the next travel. 

About Hopper

Founded in 2007, Hopper is a renowned online travel company that analyzes billions of prices on a daily basis to predict how the fares will change and tell you whether to buy or wait. It is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has completely revolutionized the way millions of people book their travel.

It comprises hundreds of smart and creative minds who make the use of a prediction algorithm to offer precise and personalized travel recommendations. Be it the flight ticket or the hotel reservations, Hopper has got you covered in everything. It is believed that Hopper has the expertise of predicting price for flights with up to 95% accuracy and up to 1 year in advance. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, if you wish to save more on your upcoming travel, then stop looking here and there and get your bookings done with Hopper now. For more information, you can contact Hopper Customer Service number at any time. 

Hopper Customer Service Number—Get Instant Response

For General Info (617) 225-2009 (USA)
Contact Support Team +1 514 276 0760 (Canada)
Email [email protected]
Deletion, or Correction request [email protected]
Mailing Address Hopper, Inc., 5795 Avenue de Gaspe, Montreal, Quebec, H2S 2X3, Canada
Hopper App Customer Service App Hopper

Download Hopper App on your Mobile to make easy Bookings

Are you a tech-oriented passenger and looking to handle your upcoming trip on your fingertips? If yes, then download Hopper App on your mobile device and get things done with much ease and comfort.

Hopper understands the needs and requirements of the modern traveler and thus, ready to go the extra mile to achieve their satisfaction. It has launched a simple-to-use app for travelers and you can easily get the same from both Google and Apple stores, according to our device. This app is available for free and you can use the same without thinking twice.

To know more about the same, you can reach out to the Hopper Customer Service at any instance of time. Hopper App is equipped with plenty of features such as:

  • Enables you to search flights from all over the world
  • Identify the cheapest day to make bookings
  • Get you notified with the best time to buy
  • Allows you to grab flight quickly and securely
  • Compare price and amenities from innumerable airlines
  • Save your payment details securely for even faster booking 
  • Offers you 24X7 support

Use Hopper Customer Service Number for Prompt Assistance

Are you craving to enjoy a peaceful time with your loved ones at the destination of your dreams? If so, then book your flights and hotel with Hopper and enjoy a stress-free trip. The travel booking application provided by Hopper is designed by the simple user interface that doesn’t require the user to be highly skilled.

However, if anyone fails to find the deals or facing any of the travel-related concerns, then they can directly reach out to the Hopper Customer Service phone number and get your request addressed within less than no time. 

There is no particular time to contact the Hopper Customer Support desk as the agents are readily available to assist the customers round the clock. You can either initiate the chat or write an email to their representative and wait for a while to get a reply.

If you require urgent assistance, then call the designated numbers and get the prompt resolution to all your queries. The team at Hopper is highly professional and thus, knows how to eradicate your issues within the least possible time. Connect with Hopper Customer Service 1-860-370-4608 now and get your queries answered. 

Hopper FAQs

Q1. How Do I Contact with Hopper Customer Service?

Need help while making Hopper Reservations? To connect with Hopper, visit the official website, scroll your mouse to the bottom, tap on the ‘Media Enquiries’ and enter your issue in the dedicated description box.

You can also email at [email protected] stating all your enquiries. They will instantly revert you with the solution.

 Q2. How Do I Cancel My Flight on Hopper?

Change of schedule and are you looking for canceling the flight ticket? If yes, then worry not and follow the procedure given here step by step.

  • Download the hopper’s App or visit the official website on the system.
  • Tap on the ‘Booking’ you are inquiring about.
  • Hit the ‘Cancel My Trip’ to submit a termination request. 

Make sure to have an updated version of the Hopper’s App to avoid any trouble later on. Also, you are advised to learn about all important terms and conditions associated with the cancellation policy before opting for the termination of an existing itinerary. 

Q3.What is Hopper’s Refundable Ticket Plan?

Are you an early bird but not sure about your schedule? Well, in that case, learn about the Refundable Ticket Plan and make Hopper Reservations accordingly. This protection plan is available on the selected routes and it is beneficial to add the same on your trip to avoid any further hustle.

According to this plan, you can easily terminate your flight ticket up to 24 hours before the flight take-off. As soon as you cancel the flight ticket, the airline will send you the part of your ticket to re-book a future trip. 

One thing must be noted that the fee for purchasing the Refundable Ticket Plan is totally non-refundable and it will be refunded back if you don’t use this protection plan. 

Q4. Is Hopper a trustworthy app? 

Hopper is one of the leading travel websites that allows you to make easy bookings with your favorite airline. It is loaded with all essential benefits like travel insurance, flexible cancellation, and a lot more advantages.

Absolutely the best app for booking flight tickets. It is available for free of cost for both Android and Apple users alike. 

Q5.Can I make itinerary changes with the Hopper App?

Yes, of course. Hopper understands that plans might change sometimes without any advance notification and thus, allows travelers to make desired changes in the itinerary. The best thing is that Hopper doesn’t charge any fee for modifying the itinerary.

To know more about the same, travelers can connect with Hopper Customer Service at any time to seek guidance. 

Q6.How Long Does Hopper Take To Issue Refund?

So, finally you have cancelled your flight tickets and now eagerly waiting for your money back? Well, in that case, you should know the fact that the airline might take between 7 to 10 business days to issue the refund and it will display in your transaction history according to the billing cycle of your credit card. 

Q7. How to redeem your future travel credits on Hopper?

There are certain airlines that offer Future Travel Credits to the travelers on terminating their flight tickets. Depending on the booking, travelers can redeem the travel credits and re-book their air ticket directly from the app. For this, 

  • Simply head to the Settings option in the app.
  • Tap on the top banner to search for the flight tickets.
  • Submit your request to redeem future travel credits. 

If, by any change, you are unable to check the available future travel credits, then worry not and jump to the Other Requests from your trip in the app and make Hopper Reservations again easily. 

Q8. How does the Price Freeze option work on Hopper?

An amazing flight deal can happen at any time and if you don’t want to miss out on the same, then make sure to use the Price Freeze option and hold the flight deal for a short window.

However, the travelers will have to visit the website again in the convenient time within the hold window to get the bookings done. Travelers need to deposit a small fee to freeze the deal and make the full payment whenever you have time within that time frame.

Don’t worry as this Price Freeze deposit is refundable and you’ll be reimbursed at the time of making bookings. If you still have any query about the same, then call Hopper Customer Service agent at any time for more assistance. 

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Hopper Review

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Walker

Hopper did not honor price freeze policy. When I tried to reach to customer support it took hours to receive a response. When someone finally reached out the support staff stated there had been a system update that caused the delay in response.
I was told the freeze was no refundable, even though I had NOT reached the $100 price freeze cap.

The next representative also informed me and I quote

Thanks for the screenshot. The system update that was mentioned by the agent here happened last week which did not affect any price freeze redemption since Friday. She had that on her initial response to let you know that it was one of the reasons why it took us longer to respond to your request. If there was any error or glitch related to your price freeze, we will be able to see it on the history of your account regardless of the date of occurence.

Strange why she would mention that to me if the update was last week my chat started a week later.

I am NOT happy and I will Not Use them again

 by Barbara

So yes you can change your itinerary but the I do that there will not be a charge is false! We had a booking through Hopper for American Airlines. The airline moved the flight back an hour so we were unable to make our connecting flight. I called Hopper support who booked us an earlier flight through a different city but each passenger was charged an extra 127.00 because they said it was a more expensive flight! Had we booked through the airline directly we would not have incurred additional fees.

 by Stacey

If I could give no stars I would. I tried to book a flight for a funeral next week. When I tried to pay an error message came up saying try again later. I did this a few times over the day but no success. No booking was made. But then a few hours later I realised that Hopper had two charges pending out of my account for a total of $3,508 total. You cannot contact hopper on the phone if you don’t have a booking. You cannot email them. The contact information provided here is false and doesn’t get you to a human. I cannot make another booking with someone else as I don’t know if this booking has been successful and I have no funds left seen as they have two pending charges for the same flight!!! The bank cannot stop a pending transaction and get the money back we have to wait for it to drop off and according to Hopper that is going to take days!! Why take money for a flight you didn’t book. Why hold my money so long that I cannot make another booking? Why take twice the payment leaving me penniless that was literally my money to pay all my bills and food????? Why in 2021 can you not speak to a person and there is no customer service number provided to a company taking millions from peoples bank accounts and not providing the goods you paid for???? Disgusting!!!!!!!!

 by Rebecca

I am SO frustrated with Hopper!! My sons purchased tickets for us through Hopper for Christmas. We need to change the dates, and we cannot get in touch with someone from Hopper. The customer service number is busy constantly (to the point is doesn't seem to be a real #).

 by Hennry S

Hopper is always my go-to website whenever I want to book the flight tickets. This is an easy way to get the flight tickets done and I made bookings with them several times. What I like about this app the most is its simple design and easy-to-use feature but what I think must be improved is its customer service. Many thanks for making efforts in finding deals on the flight tickets. Protection Status