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Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa Business ClassLufthansa is a German airline known for providing customer-friendly services, designed to make flyers travel worthwhile. The airline is renowned in the international aviation industry and among travelers because of its high-end services. Despite the fact that you will have an amazing journey in any travel class, going with Lufthansa Business Class will allow you to experience the most comfortable air journey of your life.

Reach your desired destination with a relaxed and most comfortable journey under the privacy of Business Class cabins. Where you are traveling, it’s ensured that you will arrive at the destination feeling relaxed with Lufthansa Airlines Business Class fares. Your amazing experience with business-class fare starts right from the airport; lounge access and priority boarding services are available at the airport.

Moreover, extra free baggage allowance and delicious in-flight meals are also offered by the airline to the passengers with the business class fare. However, the beneficial services offered with Business class tickets vary according to the travel route of the passengers.

Services offered on Short and Medium-haul routes

Have a  relaxed journey right from the start with Lufthansa Business Class booking. Whether you are traveling for your business meeting or on holiday; Lufthansa provides you privacy and a lot of space for relaxing. You will be traveling in a perfect ambiance.

Check out the benefits you get with Business class booking on short and medium-haul Lufthansa flights.

  • Priority Check-In:

You can use the priority check-in counter at the airport for Lufthansa Airlines Travel Class passengers to get the boarding pass earlier. It helps you to save you valuable time. However, it will be best if you use the online check-in or mobile check-in services offered by the airline.

  • More Baggage:

If you have a business class ticket, then you can bring two pieces of carry-on baggage on the flight with you. Moreover, you checked baggage would also be given priority to designate at the right place.

  • Lounge Services:

As a Lufthansa business class passenger, you are allowed to access many lounges at every major international airport. Relax, get freshen up, or do your important work in a lounge comfortably.

  • Priority Boarding:

To make flight boarding a comfortable experience for Business Class passengers, It also offers early boarding service on all European flights with a gate position.

  • More Personal Space:

The middle seat in the business class cabin is always kept empty by Lufthansa so that travelers can enjoy more personal space during the journey.

  • Fine dining:

Relish your delicious full meal served on high-quality china, even on short and medium-haul flights to make your journey worthwhile.

Lufthansa Business Class on Long Haul Routes

You will have a nice experience with business class tickets right from the start. You can relax in the Lufthansa Business lounges before boarding the flight. Then cherish the top-class in-flight services during the journey.

Check out the in-flight amenities offered on long haul routes with business class fares.

  • Finest dining experience:

Cherish a selection of meals and drinks recommended by leading chefs during your journey. You can select from the menu and order your food. The meal will be served on top-quality tableware.

  • On board Entertainment:

Never get bored during the journey while enjoying the Lufthansa in-flight entertainment options available in Lufthansa airlines Business Class cabin. Select your choice of program on your personal screen from sports programs, latest TV series, and songs.

  • Relax before your departure:

Whether you want to check your emails, plan for business meetings, or just have a small snack before the departure – access one of the Lufthansa Business Lounges and have a great time.

  • Lufthansa Welcome Lounge:

In the Lufthansa Welcome Lounge in Frankfurt, you can freshen up or take a shower after a long haul flight in the high-quality shower rooms and relax at the comfort and bistro area available to you.

You can make Lufthansa Business Class booking from simply by selecting Business Class in the “Travel Class” field during online flight booking. You can also contact the reservations-desk of the airline and book tickets with the assistance of a booking executive.

Features of Lufthansa A380 Business Class

Situated behind the First Class Cabin on the upper deck, Lufthansa A380 Business Class offers premium flying experience to the travelers. This version of Lufthansa Business Class is dotted with innumerable features that make your journey exciting and memorable.

Let’s take a close look at the features that make this class worth selecting.

  • It features true lie-flat seats to offer you exclusive comfort so that you can reach your destination well-rested. These seats are designed in 2 X 2 X 2 configuration. 
  • This class offers an amenity kit that features essential travel products like Toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, pen, socks, earplugs, and eye masks.
  • The next best thing that makes Lufthansa A380 Business Class worth appreciating is the headphone type that is way more superior to the other ones. These headphones have a noise-cancelling feature so that you can enjoy your favorite entertainment option without getting disturbed by the external noises. 
  • This version of Lufthansa Business Class is spacious and features lavish interiors to offer you home-like comfort in the air. It is extremely calming and pleasant.
  • Last but not least, the excellent thing offered on this Business Class is the massage feature that keeps you relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the journey. 

Features of Lufthansa A747 Business Class

There is no denying the fact that Lufthansa A747 Business Class is a bit pricey as compared to others and that’s where miles and points come in handy. Loaded with the impeccable services and incredible amenities, this class is no less than an epitome of luxury and comfort in the air.

However, flying in the upper deck of the A747 with a world-class airline would be out of reach for many but one can access the same with points and miles. You won’t believe it but A747 is the only plane in the Lufthansa fleet that offers standalone Business Class experience to the travelers and all this is because of the curvature of the plane. 

Get your bookings done in this class and step into the world of sheer luxury and opulence.

Some of the best features offered by this version of Business Class are:

  • It offers wide seats with soft and comfy pillows and blankets so that they can feel well-rested throughout.
  • Lufthansa A747 Business Class offers 67 seats including 22 in the private-feeling upper deck, 17 in the nose, and 28 behind the Door 1. 
  • It offers innumerable meal options to the travelers so that they can satiate their hunger and food cravings in the air without thinking twice.
  • The menu is prepared by the world-famous chefs and the food it created by using the seasonal ingredients to keep up the authentic taste.
  • These Business Class seats are designed in the four-row cabin in a dense 2 X 3 X 2 configuration.
  • It provides noise-cancelling headphones to the travelers so that they can never get disturbed with anything happening outside.
  • This version of Business Class offers amenity kit lies in the storage compartment and is stocked with the lip balm, disposable socks, eye mask, cream, and dental set. 

Features of Lufthansa A350 Business Class

The best thing about the Lufthansa A350 Business Travel Class is that it is not very expensive and every traveler can easily afford the same without having a second thought. It features 48 Business Class flat-bed seats and every seat comes with the 180-degree recline to ease the travelers.

This version of Business Class is located right in the front of the Premium Economy Class Cabin and offers more intimate feel to the travelers. The seats are designed in 2-2-2 configuration and spread over two cabins with a galley in between. Isn’t it amazing?

Some of the well-known features offered in this Business Class are described here. Let’s take a glance.

  • The Business Class cabin features German-sequel design with white cabin walls and grey-color seats. The cabin is extremely clean and remarkable.
  • The seats are designed with 2-2-2 configuration and they are spread across two cabins with a galley in between.
  • The center seats are angled towards each other and thus it is a great choice for the couples and not for the solo ones.
  • One feature that might create discomfort in Lufthansa A350 Business Class is that all seats lack privacy.
  • If you are looking to enjoy a journey amidst the comfort of your own space, then this might not be the option for you.
  • The seats are designed with keeping comfort in mind and thus they come up with a pitch of 162cm and a width of 52 cm.
  • A reading light is available just next to the headrest to ease the travelers who want to satiate their reading appetite in the sky.

Lufthansa Business Class FAQs

Q1.What exclusive benefits I’ll get to enjoy on Lufthansa Business Class flights?

Priority check-in, excess baggage, lounge access are some of the exclusive perks one can enjoy in Lufthansa Airlines Travel Business Class.

Q2. How Can I Upgrade My Seat To Lufthansa Business Class?

To upgrade your seat to Lufthansa Travel Class,

  • Visit the official website of the airline and jump to the My Bookings section.
  • Enter the First Name and the Last Name to login to your itinerary.
  • opt for the seat upgrade if your ticket type is eligible for the same and make the additional payment to confirm the same.

Lufthansa Business Class Review

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