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British Airways Business Class

British Airways Business Class

British Airways Business ClassBritish Airways is popular in the aviation industry and among travelers because of its exceptional services offered to the passengers. Although the services offered by BA are outstanding, the services always get enhanced with the travel class of the passengers. British Airways Business Class is most suitable for people who are traveling for their work purpose or want to experience one of the most relaxing journeys in the sky.

Book British Airways Business Class Tickets

Book flight tickets with business class fare and experience the best travel in the sky. Booking business class tickets on BA flights are very simple now; you can directly call the airline via booking number or use the search engine available on

You can also use the BA mobile app to avail the flight booking facility on your fingertips. Moreover, the airline has lowered the prices of business class tickets to a great extent. You can also check out the flight deals offered by BA on their website or call the booking-desk to ask an airline representative about running deals and discounted fares available on British Airways Business Class tickets.

Experience a Memorable Journey in BA Business Class 

Relax or work in fashion with lounge access, easy check-in, and completely flat-bed seats on long-haul flights. Travel to Europe and the UK with Club Europe, elsewhere in the world with Club World or fly to/from New York and London on BA’s exclusive Club World London City service.

Everything offered on the BA flights will be enough to make your travel experience worthwhile. From mouth-watering foods to comfortable seating to in-flight entertainment, you will love every service offered during the journey.

If you also want to experience a comfortable and convenient journey n your next travel, then make British Airways Business Class booking.

Manage Your Booking Easily

If you wish to make any changes in your business class booking with BA, you can do that without going through any hassle. You can do it manually from by accessing your booking from the “Manage” section.

In case you don’t want to go through the manual process, contact the airline directly by dialing their number and ask the designated executive for help. The airline representative will be happy to assist you.

Easy Check-in and Priority Boarding

Use the web check-in service and get your boarding pass without leaving your home. You can also use the BA App for check-in and get the mobile boarding pass. After that, British Airways Business Class flyers get priority boarding at the airport and get settled on the flight before flight take off.

Please note that you get to board in the first boarding group on short-haul routes and in the second boarding group for long-haul routes. In case of any problem, talk to the BA customer service team and get prompt and efficient help from the airline representatives.

Moreover, you will also get extra baggage allowance while traveling with British Airways Business Class tickets.

Features of British Airways 747 Business Class

British Airways 747 Business Class is worth selecting, owing to innumerable reasons. First of all, it features only 20 seats in the upper deck that will surely make you feel like traveling in a private jet. These seats are spread across five rows with 2-2 layout. This configuration is much better as compared to the lower deck cabin that has up to 8 seats per row. One thing that most of the travelers won’t like in the BA 747 Business Class is that the seats are facing forwards and backwards that somewhere influences the privacy. What makes seats more great is the direct aisle access since there is no one one has to step over due to the exit row. Isn’t it amazing? 

Let’s get to know some amazing features available in this business class so that you can make the choice accordingly.

  • The upper deck boasts the storage lockers to ease the travelers and therefore, it is more preferred than the lower one. 
  • The entertainment controller is also available that is able to control everything and allows you to browse among a mind-boggling number of options. 
  • The seat controls are also there so that travelers can adjust their seats whenever and however they want to enjoy a completely relaxed journey.
  • Unfortunately, British Airways 747 Business Class seats don’t provide individual air nozzles; however, the airline has revamped its bedding and thus offers big white pillows, comfortable duvet, mattress sheet, and comfy blankets to ease the travelers.
  • The amenity kit offered in this version of Business Class is packed with lip balm, lotion, toothbrush, socks, eye masks, and earplugs. 
  • It has two flight attendants that are working in the upper deck which means that it offers a 10:1 traveler to flight attendant ratio that is pretty good. 

Features of British Airways 777 Business Class

British Airways 777 Business Class is a massive cabin that includes a total of 56 seats with up to 8 seats per row. There is no denying the fact that the seating arrangement sounds dense but still it is loaded with decent comfort and luxury. At a first glance, travelers might be shocked with such a sitting arrangement but later on they surely won’t regret their decision. Much like A380, the window seats in this version of Business Class face backwards and the aisle seats face forwards. Let’s take a close look at some of the excellent features that distinguish BA 777 Business Class worth selecting. 

  • It offers pre-departure beverages to the travelers so that they can enjoy their journey right from the very beginning.
  • An Elemis amenity kit will be offered on the flight that includes the travel essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, eye masks, ear plugs, and a lot more such items.
  • The travelers will be given the pre-landing meal as well in British Airways 777 Business Class to satiate the hunger in the sky.
  • The seats are highly comfortable and offer extra recline to ease the travelers.

Features of British Airways 787 Business Class

Want to enjoy an amazing flying experience like never before? If yes, then book your seats on BA 787 Business Class and enjoy luxury to the fullest. It features 42 Business Class seats that are spread across two cabins. These two cabins are separated by a galley in between. Out of 48 seats, 14 seats are located in the smaller front cabin just behind the First Class and the remaining 28 seats are located in the larger aft cabin. The seats in British Airways 787 Business Class are arranged in the 2-3-2 configuration which is completely unique to the British Airways. In this Yin/ Yang arrangement, window and middle seats face backwards and aisle seats face forwards. Let’s check out some of the features offered in this version of Business Class here. 

  • Both cabins of the BA 787 Business Class offer contemporary ambience and are loaded with utmost comfort and opulence. However, it still cannot match the privacy offered in 747 Business Class upper deck. 
  • The seats come with the pitch of 72 inches followed by the seat cushion width of 20 inches. It also features footrest and headrest to ease the travelers.
  • Each seat has its own private entertainment system and the screen is considerably larger as compared to other versions of the BA Business Class. 
  • Below the entertainment screen is located a decently sized tray table with bi-fold design. 
  • Privacy is the major concern and thus a retractable privacy divider is given between the adjoining seats in British Airways 787 Business Class

Features of British Airways A380 Business Class

It is believed that seats in BA A380 Business Class are rather scattered as compared to the other versions of British Airways Business Classes. It features nearly 100 Business Class seats that are spread across three cabins; out of which one Business Class cabin is located on the lower deck and the rest two are located on the upper deck. The seats in the upper deck Business Cabins are more spacious and are arranged in 2-3-2 layout as compared to the lower deck Business Class in which seats are arranged in 2-4-2 configuration. Some of the amazing features you will find in British Airways A380 Business Class are given here. Lets have a look. 

  • Window and middle seats are facing backwards while the aisle seats face forwards. 
  • Each of the seats has a tray table, pop-out TV screen, small storage compartment, console, and a power adaptor.
  • A soft and light-weight pillow and blanket will be given to the travelers in British Airways A380 Business Class cabin so that they can feel relaxed throughout the journey. 

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