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American Airlines Business ClassHave a premium travel experience with American Airlines Business Class. A Business ticket allows you to get the most eminent level of service on short-haul international flights between the United States, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Canada, Bermuda, and selected cities in South American.

AA is the largest airline in the world and known for providing an un-match able level of services to the passengers. So, when it comes to business class travel; people are offered services that are surely best in the sky.

Premium Services of American Airlines Book a Flight

Book your flight tickets with AA business class fares and experience a premium travel experience. The services offered by AA to business class fare are enough to make your travel experience memorable.

Services at the Airport

Your premium experience starts right after your arrival at the airport.

  • You will get priority through check-in, security, and flight boarding. You will also get your checked bags first after landing at the airport.
  • On qualifying flights, passengers can get access to the premium lounge in selected cities or Admirable club lounges in other cities. Get access to the lounges at the airport with American Airlines international business class and relax before your journey.
  • You can also add Five Star Services in your itinerary to get top-level assistance from the airline with departure, arrival, and many other services. Please note that you will be required to purchase the Five Star Services. Know more about this from the “Five Star Service”  page on the AA website.

In-Flight Services of American Airlines Business Class

Have a blissful journey while enjoying the best services in the sky offered by AA to American Airlines international business class passengers.

  • Relax with wider seats and more legroom in the Business cabin.
  • For your meals, choose from a larger menu in Business. Plus, you can pair your meal with our award-winning wines.
  • Avoid missing a beat during your journey in the AA business class cabin with Wi-Fi on selected flights.
  • All in-flight entertainment is free, with seat back and wireless streaming available on selected flights.
  • Avoid tiredness and have a comfortable journey with complimentary blankets and pillows offered on the flight.

Book Tickets with American Airlines Business Class

Booking flight tickets with the business class fare on American Airlines flights is quite easy and convenient. You can book tickets directly with the airline without putting much effort. Ready for online booking, call to the reservations-desk, or use the AA mobile app. You will be required to provide the travel specifics to search for the flight and select the best flight that suits you. After that, select the business class fare and finish the American Airlines business class booking by doing the needful.

All flight booking methods are user-friendly and efficient, so opt for any of these as per your choice. In case of any query, you can contact the airline directly and talk with an airline representative regarding your business class travel issue.

Moreover, AA is one of the most popular airlines providing the best services, and making its best efforts to deliver top-level services. So, make American Airlines reservations booking and experience the most eminent travel in the sky.

Features of American Airlines 787 Business Class

American Airlines 787 Business Class features a total of 28 seats that are spread across seven rows. The seats are arranged in 1-2-1 configuration. Mainly, there are five rows in the forward cabin, two more rows in the rear mini cabin, the walk-up bar in the entryway and then there are two lavatories. Half of the seats in AA 787 Business Class are rear facing while the rest of them are forward facing, owing to the design and layout. Let’s find out some of the amazing features offered in this cabin here.

  • In this version of Business Class, the partition between rear facing center seats are permanently raised while for the forward facing seats, this partition is permanently lowered.
  • Forward facing seats in American Airlines 787 Business Class feels more like a herringbone seats but they offer excellent shoulder space, thanks to its design and layout. 
  • The rear facing seats come with two side tables and there is no shoulder harness due to which travelers might feel uncomfortable at the time of flight take-off and landing. 
  • An amenity kit will be given to the travelers as soon as they board the flight. This amenity kit is packed with all travel essential products like lip balm, cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, etc. 

Features of American Airlines 777 200 Business Class

In American Airlines 777 200 Business Class, there are 45 Business Class seats in total out of which 21 seats are located in the forward cabin and the remaining 24 seats are in the rear cabin. It features reverse herringbone configuration and thus it offers utmost privacy to ease the travelers. The rear facing seats are pretty amazing as they offer two side tables as well on which you can store things. You will be glad to know that it has to be amongst the most side table square footage of any other business class seat out there in the aviation industry. If you are looking forward to making bookings in AA 777 200 Business Class, then check out its features here and then make reservations accordingly.

  • It offers a massive tray table that comes out easily and is fairly flexible. 
  • The forward facing seats feature only one side table; however, they are designed in a more spacious way to offer extra comfort to the travelers. Moreover, these forward-facing seats open up to the aisle and thus have retractable armrests on the aisle side.
  • The forward facing seats also have the harness that you can wear at the time of flight take-off and landing. Unfortunately, the rear facing seats don’t have this harness.
  • The travelers in American Airlines 777 200 Business Class are facilitated with the excellent Wi-Fi so that they can get in touch with their near and dear ones on the ground. 
  • Opposite side of the seats are the entertainment control, reading light as well as the seat controls. 
  • Each of the seats possess the personal entertainment screen for the travelers so that they can enjoy their journey while watching their favorite TV show, movie or the web series.
  • There is no denying the fact the rear-facing seats are usually preferred among the travelers, owing the presence of one extra tray table.

Features of American Airlines 777 Business Class

The pleasant cabin interior, excellent seating layout, and award-winning amenities are some of the embellishments American Airlines 777 Business Class is adorned with. Entrance to 777 Business Class cabin is via a sleek galley. There are 52 Business Class seats in total; out of which 8 seats are located in the ‘mini’ Business Class cabin and rest of 44 seats are located in the main Business Class cabin. These seats are arranged in the herringbone configuration with 1-2-1 alignment. Therefore, all seats have direct aisle access and offer a significant amount of privacy to ease the travelers. The seats on the side are angled towards the window and thus offer mesmerizing views to the travelers while center seats are angled towards each other. Let’s take a close look at some of the amazing features of this version of this Business class that make it worth appreciating.

  • American Airlines 777 Business Class cabin is designed in such a way that it feels sleek, airy, and spacious where you can feel like home. The neutral color palette of grey shades looks elegant and wood paneling adds a touch of luxury in the same.
  • The cabin features blue and purple-colored mood lighting during the cruise phase of the flight that compliments the overall soothing cabin ambience.
  • The seats in this 777 Business Class are highly comfortable, spacious, relaxing and come up with a pitch of 109 cm and a width of 52cm.
  • Each seat is located in its own shell and thus offers utmost privacy to the travelers throughout the journey.
  • The side portion of the seats features a trapezoid-shaped woodgrain working space with a bi-folding tray table. 
  • The HD touch entertainment screen of 15.4 inches is attached to every seat. It is locked in the side wall and can be easily released.
  • One of the apex features you enjoy in the version of American Airlines 777 Business Class is the footwell that becomes the flatbed once the seat is reclined. The flat-bed has a length of 198 cm and the soft seat cushions feel extremely comfortable.  

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