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Oman Airlines Booking : Flight Deals

Oman Airways ReservationsBased at Muscat, Oman Airways is one of the most sought-after flag carriers in the world to make reservations with. With its roots back to 1970, this is the national air carrier of Oman that operates both domestic and international passenger services and charter flights. Passengers will be glad to know that this air carrier has a network of 50 destinations in almost 27 countries. Furthermore, it has a code-share agreement with innumerable airlines and, therefore, you can fly to your favorite destination with the single ticket of Oman Airways. Get your Oman Airlines Booking done now and reach your destination within without being harsh on your pocket. 

How to Book Flight Tickets With Oman Airways?

To make the flight booking procedure convenient and hassle-free, passengers will have to follow the below mentioned guidelines carefully. Don’t miss out on a single step if you wish to save your time and effort. 

  • Browse the official link of Oman Airlines and take your cursor to the ‘Flights’ tab that is available at the top-left corner of the home page.
  • There, you will have to choose your trip type from the drop-down menu to proceed further. Three options are available to choose from – Return, One-Way, and Multi-City.
  • Now is the time to add the total number of passengers that are included in the journey. Make sure to enter Adults, Child, and Infant separately. 
  • Select the travel class according to your financial budget. The airline offers three options, namely – Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. 
  • In the 5th step, passengers will have to make the choice of the payment method. One can either choose cash or miles, depending on the preference and move to the next step of the Oman Air Booking
  • You can add the promo code if you have any and continue to the next step. 
  • Thereafter, enter the point of departure in the ‘From’ field and arrival airport in the ‘To’ airport. 
  • Pick your travel dates according to your trip requirement.
  • Hit the ‘Search’ button and find out the available flight options.
  • Place the travelers’ details and make the final payment to get the final booking done. 

Oman Air Phone Number Details

Oman Air Reservation Number  +1-860-370-4608
Oman Air Customer Service Number +1-860-370-4608
Oman Airlines Booking Number  +1-860-370-4608
Oman Air Baggage Helpline Number  +968 24519230
Oman Air Baggage Cancellation Number 968-2453 1111
Hubs Muscat International Airport
Fleet size 55
Destinations 54
Parent company Government of Oman
Headquarters Muscat International Airport,
Muscat, Oman
Key people
  1. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futtaisi (Chairman)
  2. Abdul Aziz Al Raisi (CEO)

Different Cabin Classes Available in Oman Air

Depending on your budget, you can choose among the different cabin class options that suits your trip requirement as well. There are three options to select from i.e. Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class. Let’s find out the detailed description of all these travel classes. 

First Class

The first class of Oman Air is an epitome of luxury and comfort. It offers an unmatched level of personalized attention to make your journey interesting and pleasurable. Its luxury suites come with lavish materials, beautiful interiors, and rich palettes. In addition to this, here you can also enjoy phenomenal dining and savor tempting delicacies to fulfill your appetite in the sky. With the perfectly curated menus and award-winning dishes, the First Class of Oman Airways is capable of pleasing you with the most discerning palate. 

Business Class

Want to reach your destination amidst a lavish environment? If so, then make Oman Airlines Booking in the Business Class and enjoy like never before. From comfortable seating, additional reclining option, adjustable privacy dividers to direct aisle access, extra legroom, this cabin class has everything to make your journey an award-winning experience. It offers excellent in-flight entertainment facilities to the passengers so that they can fly to their destination in style. 

Economy Class

If you are a budget-savvy passenger and wish to save on your flight ticket, then book flight tickets in the Economy Class and maximize your savings. Unlike other airlines, Oman Airways has totally redefined their Economy Class with modern and bold interiors, comfortable seating and plenty of in-flight amenities and that too at the budget-friendly price. Moreover, USB ports are also available to ensure that your device will never run out of power. 

Get Prompt Assistance From Oman Airways Reservations Team 

Needless to mention that Oman Airways has never ceased to offer excellent services to the passengers. However, problems can happen at any time and therefore, the airline has appointed a dedicated customer support team to assist the flyers. Their executives are readily available to guide the passengers and thus, you can contact them at any time. Passengers can face any of the travel-related queries before, during or after the journey and to keep this thing in mind, Oman Airways’ customer support is available round the clock to help the travelers. Be it Oman Airways Booking, flight cancellation, updating the contact information or tracking the missing or delayed baggage, the airline’s team is there to deal with all such issues and offer you prompt solutions for the same. 

Oman Air In-Flight Amenities

Oman Airways is packed with innumerable in-flight amenities and services that will make your journey a one-of-a-kind experience. These facilities will surely make you feel like home in the sky. Let’s check out the list of in-flight amenities you’ll be going to enjoy on Oman Airways flight.

In-Flight Duty Free

Want to enjoy shopping in the air? If yes, then make your bookings with Oman Airways and shop your favorite brands. The airline provides lots of products that suit all customer’s needs. You can order your favorite items either before boarding the flight or during the journey. Make Oman Airlines booking now and pamper the shopaholic inside you.

In-Flight Entertainment

Oman Airways offers award-winning entertainment to the travelers that assures that they will never have a dull moment in the air. It is bestowed with several entertainment options, be it the blockbuster movies, web series, TV serials, and popular games. Travelers can intuitively control their preferences and create their playlist from classic to modern tones. The in-flight entertainment offered by Oman Airways will let you enjoy every single moment of your journey. 

In-Flight Wi-Fi

Stay connected with your loved ones via in-flight Wi-Fi service and send your important mails and messages. Travelers need to purchase the Wi-Fi packages, depending on their needs before boarding the flight. This allows your surf, browse, scroll your favorite websites on the internet. So, you are now able to connect with everyone on the ground even when you are flying more than 30,000ft in the air. 

In-Flight Dining

The airline values your hunger and thus offers, excellent in-flight dining facility to the travelers. From gluten-free to dietary to only vegetarian and everything in between, Oman Airways offers you all kinds of food items to satiate our taste buds in the air. To book your favorite meal before boarding the flight, you can connect with Oman Air booking Number

Elevate your Travel Experience by using the online upgrade options

Oman Airways allows you to upgrade your seat and cabin class to enjoy more exciting travel experience. The upgrade can be done in three different ways – Easy Upgrade, Instant Upgrade, and Purchase My Space. Let’s get to know about these methods in a bit of detail. 

Easy Upgrade

This is the most common and the least expensive way to upgrade your seat from the Economy Class to the Business Class. In this method, travelers need to place a bid for an upgrade. If successful, you will be charged a bid amount and the airline will send you the confirmation email about an upgrade. Once the upgrade is done, you will be able to enjoy a winning Business Class experience.

Instant Upgrade

As the name applies, this option will confirm your upgrade instantly. All you need to do is check-in online and upgrade instantly. If your flight ticket is eligible for an upgrade, then you can enjoy this offer within 48 hours up to 6 hours before the flight take-off. It is important to note down the fact that this method is available in the online flight check-in option only. Make Oman Airlines booking now and enjoy your journey. 

Purchase MySpace

Oman Airways is all set to uplift your travel experience in the Economy Class by offering you the Purchase MySpace option. In this, you can purchase one or more empty seats beside you. Its advantages include – extra personal space, social distancing, and more comfort. MySpace is available to purchase between 48 hours and 3 hours before the departure of the flight. 

Oman Airways Flight Cancellation Policy

Want to terminate your existing booking? If yes, then get to know about Oman Airways flight cancellation policy here and terminate your existing booking without any hassle. Here is given the important terms and conditions associated with the same and cancel your flight ticket accordingly. 

  • Flight cancellation is mainly based on the fare type you have chosen while making the bookings. There are certain fares that allow you to cancel your flight smoothly while others don’t. Make sure to check the fare guidelines and advantages before making the choice. 
  • If your fare is of refundable type, then you can apply for the refund and get your money back after subtracting the cancelation charges. 
  • If you have booked a flight ticket offline, the paper tickets need to be canceled by visiting the airline’s ticketing office. If any travel agent is involved, then connect with the agent to terminate your bookings.
  • The airline will issue the refund within 7 to 10 business days and you will have to keep calm during the process. 
  • To cancel your Oman Airways flight booking, visit the official website, go to the manage booking section, access your itinerary by adding the details, and terminate your flight bookings. 

What is Oman Airlines Pet Policy?

Are you flying with animals and looking for the important terms and conditions? Below are given important guidelines associated with the airline’s pet policy. Let’s have a look. 

  • The animals can travel in well-ventilated pet containers that are large enough so that animals can easily lie down and turn around in the original position. 
  • The maximum total weight of the pet and its container must not be more than 75kg. 
  • Two adult pets of the same breed can travel in one pet kennel. 
  • Reservations for pets can be only made either through the phone or by visiting the airline ticketing counter. 
  • Pets bookings can be made up to 48 hours before the flight take-off after which no such requests shall be entertained. 
  • Pets can be transported in two ways – either they can travel as the checked baggage or in the freight, depending on the weight and size of the pet. 
  • A limited number of pet containers are permitted on the Oman Airways flight, therefore, you are advised to make bookings well in advance to avoid any such trouble later on.
  • Pet will be transported as the cargo if the combined weight of the pet and its container exceeds 75kg and if the dimensions of the container is more than 292cm. Also, pets can be carried as cargo if your pet is not traveling on the same flight in which you are traveling. To know more about the same, you can connect with Oman Air booking Number at any moment. 

What is Oman Airways Baggage Policy ?

Baggage is an integral part of the journey but can you really bring whatever you want on the flight? If you are a frequent traveler then you’ve already known the fact that airlines allow a limited number of bags and items on-board, owing to the safety issues in the air. Like other airlines in the aviation industry, Oman Airways has also introduced a baggage policy and travelers need to pack accordingly. Let’s have a look at the allowance limit before making Oman Air Reservations

Cabin Baggage Allowance

The amount of hand baggage depends on the traveling class in which you are flying. If you have made bookings in the Economy Class, then you can bring one piece of hand baggage with the maximum weight of 7kg. If you have made bookings in the Business and First Class, then you can bring two pieces of hand baggage, 7kg each. The maximum dimension of the bag must not exceed 115cm. 

Checked/ Free Baggage Allowance

Like the cabin baggage, the limit of the checked bags is also based on the traveling class in which you have made Oman Air booking. The maximum dimensions of the checked baggage must not be more than 152cm. 

  • Economy Class: 2 pieces up to the maximum weight of 30kg. No free baggage allowance is offered if you have chosen the Economy Super Saver fare type. 
  • Business and First Class: 2 pieces with a maximum weight of 50kg. 

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