Air Canada seat selection

Does Air Canada let you choose your seat?

Are you planning a trip with Air Canada? Then, seating plays an important role in the smooth landing and arrival at your destination. You are on the right page to know about the Air Canada seat selection for the best comfort for your vacation trip.

Air Canada understands travelers’ demands and provides multiple types of seating on planes. So, to enhance the overall flying experience, one can understand the basics of the seating and the policy. In this guide, you can be aware of the seat criteria and the related cost.

Terms and conditions to select seats on Air Canada:

If you wish to get the advance seats, you must adhere to the relevant terms and conditions. For the Air Canada select seats, look at to the points stated below.

  • Passengers can get the seats for free at the time of reservation, within 24 hours of the purchase and the flight check-in.
  • Charges for the advance seat selection are per passenger per flight.
  • The charges are only refundable if you have moved to seats other than the selected one due to changes in the schedule by the airlines.
  • In the emergency exit seats, you must be 18 years of age and medically fit.
  • For the preferred seats, make sure that you must have the booking reference.
  • You can get the seats for upto two hours before the take-off, depending on the availability.
  • The seating charges are applicable after 24 hours of the reservation according to the fare class, availability, and the number of passengers.

How can I select my seat on Air Canada?

Passengers traveling with Air Canada and their partner airlines are eligible to choose the seats of their choice. You can pick Air Canada seats by multiple methods before the scheduled departure. View all the options in the given information.

When the flight booking:

  • Get the seats at the reservation and complete the flight booking.
  • Click on the official site of Air Canada at
  • At the booking option, add the flight information.
  • Search for the flights and pick the preferred one.
  • You can find the seating map and the availability as per the travel class.
  • Choose the favorite seats for each of the passengers.
  • Add the detailed information and complete the process.
  • Once you are done, you can easily reserve the flight seats.

After booking the flight:

When you get the reservation, you can pick the seats of your choice upto two hours prior to the scheduled departure. So, retrieve your Air Canada Booking online by the below steps.

  • Go to the Air Canada website.
  • Find the My Trips section from the top of the screen.
  • Access the booking by the reservation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • You can see the list of flights reserved.
  • Choose the appropriate flight for the seat selection.
  • Get the drop-down list from the right side of the ticket.
  • At there, tap on the seat selection option.
  • You can see the available seats for your trip.
  • From that, pick the preferred ones and proceed further.
  • Pay the necessary fees, if any, and obtain the confirmation.

Once you check in:

You can complete the flight check-in on the web or on the mobile app to pick the standard seats available for free. You need to add the reservation details to retrieve the itinerary. With this, choose the seats and get the maximum comfort on the journey.

What are Air Canada preferred seats?

Preferred seats are those situated in the exit rows, bulkhead rows, or in the first row of the cabin on some operating flights. Aeroplane elite members and passengers traveling under the comfort fare are eligible to get the Air Canada preferred seats for free. Following are some of the features of the preferred seating that you can choose for your destination.

Key features of preferred seats with Air Canada:

  • Get the 4 inches or 10 cm of extra space between the seats so that you can relax your legs.
  • In the bulkhead seats, find more knee space as compared to the regular seats.
  • At the time of arrival, exit the plane first so that you can deboard the fight as quickly as possible.
  • Also, you are eligible for priority boarding to sit on your favorite seats.

Air Canada seat selection fees:

Air Canada charges the fees for selecting the seats after the 24 hours of the reservation. If you get the seats at booking, then you need to pay only the standard fare. After that, charges are totally different depending on the time left for the departure. So, read the given table in detail about the Air Canada seat selection cost as per the fare category.

Fare Category  Seating fees
Basic fare 
  • $14 to $60 within Canada/US.
  • $30 to $60 for Caribbean and Mexico
  • $30 to $90 for the international flights
Standard fare 
  • $14 to $60 within Canada/US.
  • $30 to $90 for selected international destination
  • Complimentary for all other reservations
Business class or premium economy  Free of cost or complimentary

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To sum up:

If nothing goes well with the help of this information, you can communicate with the customer service team. For this, call the phone number for Air Canada seat selection at 000 800 040 1885 and listen to the IVR voice prompts carefully. Once you are connected with the representative, you can take their help in choosing the best seats on the travel. A live agent is available round the clock to give you valuable advice for the trip. Protection Status