Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy

When you’re flying with Hawaiian Airlines, having a comforting seat makes a big difference in your overall experience. Luckily, Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection process allows all the passengers to pick a seat and sit where they want with their travel buddies. The process for selecting your seat is simple, making it easy for anyone to do.

Can I pick my seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

When travelling with Hawaiian Airlines, choose your seat when you book your flight. And, if you forget to choose a seat during the booking procedure, you can select it later with the help of the “Manage bookings” section. However, Main Cabin Basic fare holders can not choose a seat after a day of booking.

To get more information about your fare options and what they include, check out the blog given below for more information on how to select seats on Hawaiian Airlines & seating options.

What are the Seating Options Available on Hawaiian Airlines?

As you book a flight to fly with Hawaiian Airlines in the Main Cabin, you can select seats for free. But, if you want an Extra Comfort or a preferred seat, you’ll need to pay extra charges.

Here’s what you need to know about Hawaiian Airlines seat selection option.

  • Hawaiian allows passengers with Extra Comfort, First Class fare, and the Main Cabin fare to select seats at the time of booking.
  • For the Main Cabin passengers with Basic economy fare, one can only select seats within 24 hours before departure.
  • If your flight is departing within 24 hours of booking, then you must select seats at online check-in or the check-in counter of the airport.

Note: The select seats on Hawaiian Airlines have a set cost that depends on your fare type with the airline.

How do you select seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

With Hawaiian Airlines reservations, you have the flexibility to choose the seat that makes you feel comfortable. You can select your seat either by contacting the airline on-call, online, or at the counter at the airport. You have the freedom to choose the seat as per your preference and enjoy the flight.

Method 1: Select a Seat on Hawaiian Airlines over Mobile & Official

Select the flight seat online with Hawaiian by following the steps which are given below:

  • First, you need to visit Hawaiian Airlines official website with the help of a web browser.
  • Once you land on the webpage, log in to your Hawaiian Airlines account or use your flight booking details.
  • Click the “Manage My Flights” tab on the homepage and choose the flight you want to select seats for on the airline.
  • Right-click the mouse and select the “Assign My Seat” option after highlighting your favorite seat.
  • Choose your preferred seats from the many options available to you on the seat map of your Hawaiian flight.
  • Confirm your seat selection and check for more details about the seat assignments.
  • Print the boarding pass on your email at the origin airport, or you can also save all the flight booking details on your mobile or system.

These steps will help you pick your seat & relax on the way to your destination with flight bookings on Hawaiian Airlines.

Method 2: Select a Seat on Hawaiian Airlines over the Phone

One can select/assign their Hawaiian seats by contacting a Hawaiian Airlines agent on the call. To do so, follow the instructions given below:

To choose your seat while booking a Hawaiian Airlines flight using the official phone number, here are some easy steps you can follow:

  • Dial the Hawaiian Airlines reservation number at 1-800-367-5320, which is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • You have to then provide your flight booking details to the airline representative on call and wait for a response.
  • Once the agent retrieves your flight bookings, share your seat preferences.
  • Check for your seat availability to assign yourself and choose the desired seat.
  • Confirm your Hawaiian seat selection and pay for the seating charges.
  • The airline person will help you to assign and confirm the selection of seats.

How much does Hawaiian Airlines seat selection cost?

There are different seats available on Hawaiian Airlines, and you can get one by paying the fee for that particular seat. The fee completely depends on the fare type you choose to book and goes as follows:

  • First or Business class fares on Hawaiian Airlines seats on these fares cost $200- $400, depending on your flight route.
  • Economy Main Cabin class fares include seating rows Y, W, X, Q, V, B, S, N, M, I, H, and G. These seats will cost around $150 and offer basic services on the flight.
  • Main Cabin Basic / Codeshare / Awards: K, L, O, Z, R, U, E, T. These seats are specifically higher than the economy and cheaper than first class fares.

What is Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

As you now know that you can pick a Hawaiian airline seat, it’s time to know the rules of Hawaiian Airlines. For every fare class, there are different rules & regulations you must follow while selecting seats.

Have a look below:

  • When you book a flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you can choose which seat you want during the booking process or later on the website or app.
  • Certain seats are only available for purchase when you book your flight.
  • There are no seat selection fees when travelling with Hawaiian Airlines.
  • However, the passenger must pay for the type of seat he/she selects on a flight using the airline seat map.
  • The airline offers special seats for passengers who want to have more comfort or priority boarding.
  • You must pay extra for better seats, like Extra Comfort seats with more legroom or Preferred Seats.
  • It’s a good idea to book your seats ahead of time to make sure you get the ones you want and avoid any problems at the airport on your travel day.
  • If you skip the seat selection process, the airline staff will assign you a random seat at the check-in counter.

When can I select seats before departure?

It’s important to know the terms and conditions set by the airlines for passengers according to the ticket type. To ensure you have a smooth travel experience, we recommend that you take a look at the rules and act according to them.

  • Hawaiian Airlines allows seat selection 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure
  • Seat selection is available online, on-call, or at airport counter.
  • When you book a flight last minute on the economy, you can choose seats at the checking counter for free.
  • If you buy a Main Cabin ticket, you can pick your seat for free before you check-in.
  • There are no good seats left to choose from if you wait until the last moment to pick your seat.
  • Basic fare (Main Cabin) passengers won’t be able to pick their seats after 24 hours of booking and will be assigned any random seat on the flight during check-in.

If you ask for a particular seat on a plane, the airline can give it to you if you are traveling with family. While it completely depends on the availability of seats on your flight.


The blog post above is all about how to select the right Hawaiian Airlines seats for a comfortable and enjoyable flight. You’ll have different options for choosing seats and might have to pay a little extra for some of the seats, but it’s worth it for the added comfort and benefits you’ll receive. One can choose from regular seats, seats with more legroom space, and preferable seats along with extra perks. The more expensive the ticket, the better the experience you’ll have on your flight and at the airport.

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