British Airways Missed Flight

Are you unable to catch the flight with British Airways? This problem is very normal as passengers can face certain situations due to which they miss the journey. For this, you must be aware of the necessary consequences of British Airways missed flight to a particular destination.

You don’t need to feel any tension as airlines understand the problem thoroughly. One can skip the flight or ask for the relevant refund if possible. Proceed to the given details to enhance the knowledge of the inappropriate situation.

Please note: airlines don’t provide a refund for missing the flight. Although, you can reserve the new flight again according to the availability. 

What happens if you miss a flight on British Airways?

Booking a flight ticket with British Airways is always an easy process as they provide the facilities according to the preferences. In the event of British airways missed flight, you can come into multiple situations. So, get the given rights and consequences after missing the reservation.

Consequences and rights for missing British Airways flight:

Rebook the new flight:

If you are eligible or missing the reservation due to the airline’s mistake, then you can rebook the flight at no extra price. If you miss the connection due to the first flight, then you automatically get a rebook.

Apply for the refund:

Another option is to apply for a refund or compensation for the reservation. If you have a refundable ticket and a valid reason for missing the trip, then you can ask for a refund. You can talk to the customer representative at the airport for British Airways missed connecting flights or any delay or on the phone.

No shows:

It is the duty of a passenger to inform the airline at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Otherwise, they can mark you as a no-show, and you are not eligible for any refund or flight reschedule.

Get the standby:

Also, passengers are eligible for the standby of the new flight if there are fewer available seats. Till then, Airines will accommodate you at the airport with the proper facilities for rest and food.

Rules regarding the missed flight British Airways:

Airlines consider the missed flight situation and therefore provide certain rules that you must understand. You need to view these rules, avoid any extra charges or fees, and reschedule the new flight easily. The following are the points of British Airways missed flight policy that must be kept in mind.

  • When the flight is missed due to missing the first flight, then airlines don’t provide any compensation fee.
  • You are placed in the waiting queue for the passengers of the next possible itinerary.
  • You must inform the airline operator immediately at the airport that you missed the flight due to an emergency.
  • If you wish to get a different flight location, you must reach the nearby airports.
  • If you fail to catch the flight due to the Airlines fault, like a delay in the security checking or any other reason, they can give you the seats on the next flight possible.
  • In the connecting flight, passengers are not eligible for any compensation.
  • Sometimes, you reach the airport late due to medical problems or the sudden demise of a family member. In that case, airlines can give you a refund or a new operating flight.
  • Airlines can ask for a certain fee for missing the itinerary if you don’t inform the airlines.
  • When you get to know that you cannot get into the plane, you must inform the British airways to avoid any no-show policy.

Procedure to Reschedule the missed flight British Airways:

When you get to know that you can reschedule the missed flight, you can proceed with the same by paying the relevant fees. This can happen by simply connecting with customer service or following the online procedure. Hence, the detailed information on all the methods are provided below.

Reschedule the flight online:

  • To begin, visit the British Airways official site at
  • Now, choose the manage reservation option from the top.
  • Retrieve the missed flight through the itinerary code and the passenger’s surname.
  • Get the list of appropriate flights for your destination.
  • Tap on the flight you wish to rebook or reschedule.
  • On the right-hand side, tap on the reschedule option.
  • Add the new travel dates and get the list of flights for the same.
  • From there, pick the flight of your choice based on the price.
  • When you proceed further, choose the seats, if any.
  • Review the things and pay the relevant charges.
  • British Airways will share the new e-ticket in your mail.

Reschedule the flight with the customer service:

Besides the online flight changes, you can also reschedule the flight with the customer service representative on the phone. Start the process by the following steps and speak with the experts.

  • Locate the British Airways official site to connect.
  • Choose the help and contact section of the website.
  • Now, get the various methods to connect with the representative.
  • Choose the phone icon for assistance.
  • So, dial the British Airways missed flight contact number at 1 877 428 2228 
  • Follow the on-call voice commands promptly.
  • Once you connect, you can talk about the missed flight situation.
  • They are available 24 hours a day to give you the best advice for the itinerary.

Get to the airport:

Sometimes, if you don’t find any relevant solution after missing the itinerary, you can reach the airport customer representative directly. Provide the physical copy of your flight itinerary and discuss the problem that you are facing about missing the itinerary. They can guarantee you fast assistance for the journey.


After considering the above information, hope you get more clarification about missing the trip. By doing this, airlines can appropriately help you with the best possible solution. However, you can visit their website for British Airways missed flight compensation and obtain the pertinent information. They provide a professional team of experts to solve every problem in less possible time.

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