Flair Airlines Seat Selection

Can you choose your Seats on Flair?

Do you wish to discover the world by sitting on the preferred seats? Flair Airlines gives you a chance to pick your favorite seats and customize the travel according to your choice. Book the travel as per your freedom in flair seat selection and get the flight tickets.

Airlines understand the travelers’ needs and, therefore, provide multiple seating options from which you can choose accordingly. The seating is open at the time of reservation, within 24 hours of the purchase, flight check-in, or at the airport. If you wish to know how seating actually works, then you must read the information below.

What is the Flair Seating Policy?

When choosing the right flight seat, you must know about the necessary points on the policy. Here is the information about the seating rules for your consideration.

  • You can get the seats within the reservation of 24 hours of the flair itinerary for free. For this, you do not need to pay any extra charges, but you must make the reservation a week prior to the takeoff.
  • Also, passengers are eligible to get the seats at the time of web check-in to skip any charges.
  • Seating is applicable as per the various seating classes or the availability.
  • If you don’t choose the seats, then airlines randomly assign you the seat at no extra charge.
  • For the seating in an emergency row, you must be more than 18 years and medically fit to handle the uncertain situation.
  • If you are not comfortable with the seats you have already selected, you can change the seating location anytime.
  • If airlines don’t give you the chosen seats, then you can ask for a refund as soon as possible or change the itinerary for free.

How do you Pick the best seats on Flair Airlines?

Airlines allow you to get the seats at booking or on the board according to your preferences. Get the seats by the various options so that you can find a comfortable journey. So, to proceed to select seats on Flair Airlines, you can follow the given methods and enjoy the best seating for your destination.

Get the seats online after booking:

  • To start, open the Flair Airlines official site at www.flyflair.com.
  • Next, choose the “Find my trip” option from the main menu of the screen.
  • You need to provide the reservation number and the traveler’s surname.
  • Once you access the booking, you can see the index of flights.
  • Choose the suitable flight on which you willing to get the seats.
  • At the menu tab, pick the seating option.
  • You can find the list of seats and seating map according to the availability.
  • So, choose the best seats of your choice and proceed further.
  • At there, pay the seating fees, if any, and complete the process.
  • Flair Airlines will access the payment and send you the updated e-ticket in your mail.

Get the seats on the mobile app:

Sometimes, you are unable to find the seats on the website due to a technical glitch or multiple services. So, download the mobile application on your device from their website. After that, log into your booking account with the correct username and password. You can access the My Reservation option to find the availability. Follow the relevant instructions over there and obtain the preferred seats Flair Airlines to make your travel memorable.

Seat selection at Web Check-in:

When you do the flight check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure online, you have the facility to get the seats of your choice for free. Below are the steps to do the check-in.

  • Open the Flair Airlines official website.
  • Go to the check-in tab from the online screen.
  • Enter the flight number, travel dates, and the scheduled destination or route.
  • Tap on the search button to find the appropriate flight.
  • Select the flight and tap on the seat options.
  • Provide the seats from the seating map and the baggage details.
  • Add any additional preferences and pay the fees, if any.
  • Flair Airlines will share the boarding pass with you in your mail immediately.

Seating at the Airport:

If nothing goes right, get the help of the airport representative for the seating. Reach out to the airport terminal or inquiry counter and ask the experts over there for the seats. Provide the physical copy of your ticket and obtain the best assistance. Airport seating are open till 10 minutes of the scheduled departure at the suitable terminal as per the cabin crews.

Does Flair Airlines charges for Picking Seats?

Pick your favorite spot on the plane to sit next to your loved ones and make the reservation. However, after 24 hours of the purchase, there are seat selection fees Flair Airlines that you need to pay to purchase the preferred spot. So, go through the seating fees below and understand the same accordingly.

Seat Category  Fees 
Standard seats $15 to $25 along with the taxes, per flight, per passenger
Front seating $20 to $30 with tax.
Extra legroom $25 to $35 and surcharges
First row seas $35 to $45, along with taxes.
Priority boarding $10 to $20 for each flight and each passenger.
Airport free check-in $15 to $25 and taxes


Above is the complete information about the seating and related types for your preferred seats. Passengers also have the option to talk to the customer service team and obtain assistance. For this, dial the flair seat selection phone number at (833) 711-2333 and hear the IVR instructions promptly. Once you choose the relevant command, you can connect with the customer service representative. They are professional in their work and help you to give advice about the best seating for your destination.

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