Jetblue group travel

Does Jetblue do group flights?

Go on the board with the exciting trips together and enjoy the various benefits with Jetblue. Plan the adventure with your loved ones and make the reservation at the Jetblue group travel, which is filled with exciting moments and memories.

Airlines understand the travel requirements and offer services that meet your convenience for hassle-free flight boarding. If a passenger is not familiar with traveling with 10 or more, then you must read the following information to get an understanding. So, submit the request for your group destination and note the given essential points to obtain the low prices.

Kinds of groups offered by Jetblue:

One can meet the travel demand and get group reservations of the various types. Below are the categories of groups that Jetblue provides to all the passengers.

Leisure groups:

Set your program and get the journey for your sports team, destination tour, or spiritual group. Customize your travel with great rates for a journey of 10 or more passengers.

Incentive groups:

If you want to send your colleagues to give them a reward and take the entire office on a trip, then leisure groups are always the best option. Jetblue ensures that your job always becomes easier so that you and your employees remain incredibly happy throughout the travel.

Meeting group:

With the help of the JetBlue group meeting program, get precise support and plan your corporate event/meeting without any hassles. Get complete flexibility and individual attention on the board so that your group doesn’t face any problems.

Jetblue Airlines group travel guidelines:

Do you wish to travel in a group for the preferred journey? Then, you must be aware of the necessary Jetblue group travel policy before reserving the trip. Below are the rules that you need to consider for the same:

  • Jetblue group travel is available for a minimum of 10 travelers on the same journey.
  • When you reserve 120 days ahead of the scheduled departure, then fare quotes are available for up to two weeks.
  • The fare quote depends upon the travel dates and the time for the quotation.
  • All the payments for the reservation containing fees and deposits are only collected in US dollars.
  • You must provide the traveler’s information upto 30 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Once you make the deposit and request the flight cancellation, the airlines forfeit all the money.
  • They issued the seats for the non-refundable deposits of $50 per seat upto 30 days prior to the flying.
  • In the transatlantic reservations, the non-refundable deposits can be $150 per seat.
  • Name changes are permitted with a fee of $100 per name at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Procedure to reserve Jetblue group travel:

Jetblue works with the passnegers best satisfaction on the travel. Therefore, one can request for the Jetblue group travel through the several options given below.

Jetblue group travel on the web:

  • To begin, get the official site of Jetblue Airlines at
  • After this, proceed to the booking handle from the home screen.
  • Choose the group booking option to get the details.
  • With this, you can find the relevant information about the group itinerary.
  • At there, find the group booking form where you must get the essential details.
  • Give the passenger’s contact information and the group name.
  • Select the type of group and the number of travelers.
  • Provide the trip information like type, travel dates, and destination.
  • Also, you can mention the trip preferences, if any.
  • When you tap on the request group travel option, get the details.
  • With this, give the price quote, if any, and complete it.
  • Jetblue will share the confirmation about the request submission in your mail.
  • In a few hours, someone at jetblue will reach out to you for the group travel as your preference.

Please note: all the passengers in the Jetblue group travel are not eligible to do the flight check-in online, via mobile app, or at the kiosks. They need to proceed to the airport ticket counters and talk to the agents for the boarding pass. 

Group booking on the phone call:

Apart from the online procedure, you can also get a group reservation with customer service on the phone. Look at the steps of how it works.

  • To make a group reservation, dial the phone number of the Jetblue group desk at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-888-538-2583). 
  • Once you choose the suitable button, your phone will be allocated to the experts.
  • They can help you with the group reservation for your destination.
  • You can reach the experts from Monday through Friday between 8 am to 7:30 pm ET.

Features of Jetblue group travel:

If you wish to fly as per your preferences, you can choose the group reservation. Jetblue provides multiple features for getting the group flight with them, as follows.

Low prices:

When you try to search for a single booking or fewer passengers, you need to pay a separate or higher amount. With the help of group reservations, you can save your money and find the best budget-friendly prices.

Various facilities:

In the group journey, jetblue allows you to get multiple facilities and services on the board. Thus, you can enjoy the whole journey and reach the destination comfortably.

Preferred seating:

Airlines always make sure that your group sits together on the board so that you don’t face any problems. Every passenger wants to get their seats next to the travel companion so that they don’t get bored on the trip.

Extra bags:

Group bookings are eligible for the extra bags to take on board for free. Airlines allow you to customize the itinerary and the requirements prior to the scheduled departure.

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With the above information, you can get clarification about the group journey, so that you can avail the discounts. Passengers can lower the fare to fly under an affordable budget. Airlines always ensure that you get all the things that you want on the journey. You can interact with the airport agents or the crew members about Jetblue group travel to avoid any issues and make a memorable trip. Protection Status