Latam Airlines Missed Flight

Latam Airlines provides low-cost services to travelers as per the travel location. When you get the flight ticket, you can miss your journey due to some unexpected situations. One can get a refund for Latam Airlines missed flight or reschedule the journey.

This problem is very common as you can get stuck in an office meeting or face huge traffic. Airlines understand every situation and, therefore, provide solutions to the relevant issues. When you get to know that you are unable to catch your flight, you must read the below information so that, you can skip any fees.

What to do if you Missed your Latam Airlines flight?

One of the first questions that come to mind after missing the flight is what to do? Following are the rights you can avail or the airlines will compensate you accordingly.

  • In the round trip, if you miss the one-way flight, then airlines allow you to rebook the round trip flight at the same price.
  • In case of a delayed connecting flight, Latam Airlines provides the relevant refund.
  • Sometimes, your next connecting flight can be three hours of more, then airlines accommodate you at the airport.
  • Get back your baggage in case they goes to the cargo so that you can board another flight.
  • You can also get a refund according to the ticket type and travel destination.

Guidelines on Latam Airlines missed flights:

Missing your itinerary can be frustrating as you need to reach to your destination to enjoy the vacation. If you missed your flight, then you must be aware of the relevant terms and conditions for missed flight refund latam airlines as follows.

Flight refund: if you miss your journey due to your own fault, then you cannot ask for a refund. However, refund requests are applicable to emergencies or the sudden demise of a close family member.

Rebook the flight: If you know that you are unable to catch the flight, you must inform customer service at the airline. They can reschedule you to the next available flight or any preferred date of your choice. But if you don’t inform the airlines, then they won’t accommodate you on any other flight.

Connect with travel agencies: Travelers who book flights with travel agencies can connect with them for the necessary solution. They can either give you a new flight or a refund if you are eligible.

Non-refundable flight ticket: If you have a non-refundable flight itinerary, then you are not eligible for the refund. However, you can request the travel credit after deducting the applicable charges or taxes. With this, you can use the credits in future bookings within one year.

No-show: Sometimes, you are unable to catch the flight, and you already know about this. In this case, you must inform the airlines at least 10 minutes before the takeoff. So that airlines can help you accordingly or otherwise, they can mark you as a no-show.

As per the no-show, you cannot get any refund or a new flight subject to the type of problems.

Standby list: Due to the high travel demand, there is some unavailability of the new seats or the flight ticket. Airlines understand this situation and give you the standby list for the journey. If there is any cancellation at the airport at the last minute, then airlines assign you the seats.

How to Rebook the missed flight with Latam Airlines:

When nothing goes well, rebooking is the only option in the missed flight journey. So, look at to the given information on the procedure for rebooking or Latam Airlines missed flight compensation for your destination.

Rebook the flight Online:

One of the fastest and the best modes is to rebook the tickets online on their website. See how it works.

  • Begin by searching the Latam Airlines official site at
  • Choose the Manage your Trips option from the given home page.
  • Provide the confirmation code and the traveler’s surname.
  • When you retrieve the booking, get the flights you have booked.
  • Choose the miss flight and tap on the rebooking option.
  • You must add the new travel dates and search for the available flights.
  • Pick the suitable flight of your choice and the prices.
  • Proceed to the next screen and enter the passenger’s details.
  • Get suitable seats and pay the prices, if any.
  • Latam Airlines confirms the new itinerary for missing the original one.
  • They also send you the confirmation message and the updated e-ticket.

Rebook on the Mobile app:

Sometimes, the online website doesn’t work, and you look for an alternative option. To save your time, use the Airlines mobile app and download the same. After this, just log into your account and get the itinerary. So, follow the simple on-screen instructions and rebook the flight.

Reach to the airport:

If you reach the airport and find that you missed your flight, then you reschedule the same. Reach the airport customer representative at the terminal or inquiry counters. With this, talk to the agents over there and ask for help with the flight rebooking.

Connect with the Customer service:

Also, get in touch with the customer service team and ask for the assistance for the travel. For this, dial the Latam Airlines phone number at 1 866 435 9526 for missing the flight. Once you connect with the experts, you can get help for valuable advice about these uncertain problems.

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Now, you understand all the rules of missing the latam flight and related terms. However, you can visit their website for Latam Airlines missed flight to get the complete details about the refund and flight rebook. Protection Status