British Airways group travel

Do you want to arrange a group travel for your loved ones? Organize your itinerary with British Airways and make the journey easier. Making the British Airways group travel is always advisable as they provide the best fare for your trip.

Arranging or managing a group reservation of small or large contains a lot of time and organising. But with British Airways, you don’t need to face any problems in arranging the itinerary.

In the given information, you can obtain the advantages and key features about the group reservation.

British Airways group booking rules and regulations:

Before proceeding to reserve the travel, it is crucial to understand the group booking rules. Here are some points that British Airways provides to all its passengers worldwide.

  • In group booking, there must be 10 or more passengers in economy class to fly to the world.
  • To fly to the premium economy or business class, there can be seven or more travelers in a single booking.
  • This must exclude infants traveling under the age of 2.
  • You can make the changes or upgrade the flight journey by paying the subsequent fee.
  • Name changes that apply to the relevant country are allowed for free.
  • You must complete the deposits within two weeks of the scheduled departure.
  • If you want to ensure that your group seats together, you can get the seats as soon as possible and pay the relevant fees.
  • If you wish to add extra bags, you must contact the customer representative.
  • However, for passengers who don’t want to pay for the seats, then airlines provide the seats for free.

What are the guidelines for British Airways group booking payment?

If your number of passengers exceeds by 10, then you can get the group reservation. Following are the relevant guidelines for paying the group charges of your destination.

  • You need to submit the 20 percent non-refundable deposit within two weeks after requesting the group travel booking.
  • The complete price and the payment must be completed within 8 weeks before the actual flight departure.
  • One can pay for the group journey through credit or debit cards, including extra surcharges.
  • If you are unable to make the online payment, you can consult with the customer service team.

How do I make a group reservation with British Airways?

Once you are aware of the necessary rules regarding the group reservation and the payment, then you can make the reservation. Get the procedure to request the British Airways group travel and submit the request using the information below.

Procedure to get group travel online:

  • Get the official site of British Airways at
  • There, proceed to the group travel section from the menu screen.
  • You can see the relevant details for the journey as per your country.
  • Tap on the group travel booking and choose the submit a request option.
  • You can see the group booking form which you need to fill out.
  • Enter the group name and the number of passengers.
  • After that, provide the group passengers information and their leader.
  • Choose the destination, travel dates, travel class, and other details.
  • You need to give the fare quotation for the group journey, if any.
  • Attach the necessary travel documents and submit the request.
  • Get the confirmation mail immediately.
  • Someone at British Airways will reach out to you for the booking completion.

Simple process to contact British Airways group travel

Apart from the online booking, you can also consult the problems with the customer service. To talk to the live person, look at the given process, and make the reservation.

  • Firstly, dial the British Airways group travel phone number at 1-844-209-1281 (toll-free)
  • With this, hear the computerized voice carefully.
  • Once you pick the suitable command, you can connect with the representative.
  • You can discuss the group booking with them and get help.
  • They are accessible 24 hours to provide you with suitable advice.

However, you can also share the group booking information on the customer service email ID at [email protected]. Once they receive the request, they will get back to you in some time.

Benefits of making British Airways group travel:

While reserving the flight journey for your group of 10 or seven, you can engage in the various advantages. Some of them are given below so that you can plan your travel without any hurry.

A dedicated team:

Once you choose the group booking, airlines provide you with an appropriate team on the journey or at the airport. They will look at you throughout the entire trip so that you don’t face any problems.

Small deposit:

You can reserve the journey for two weeks with a small deposit. This can help you to avoid any excess charges at one time as you can pay in an installment or a subsequent time period.

Changes for free:

British airways allows every traveler for the name change without any fees. Before the tickets are issued, you can modify the passenger’s name and avoid any charges for the same.

Priority check-in:

There are proper separate lanes for the check-in for your group. On the boarding pass, you can see the group boarding number. When your number is called, you can proceed with the boarding.

Manage the reservation:

Travelers who are looking for a group trip can manage all the reservations in one place. So, you can track all the details of your trip easily and make changes to them anytime prior to the scheduled departure.

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With the above information, you can plan the group journey in less possible time as per the number of passengers and travel destination. You can enjoy the vacation with your companion and access the special services. They allow to travel domestically or internationally with British Airways group travel with flexible payment. However, if you indulge in any issues, consult with the customer service team and take their advice. Protection Status