How Do I Book Lufthansa Group Travel?

Are you planning a vacation for your family or friends? Then getting the group flights is one of the best options for you. Enjoy the beautiful sunset with your favorite ones by booking Lufthansa group travel for more than 10 passengers. One can get huge benefits when it comes along with the group journey. However, if you are wondering about the way and the manner to get the flight tickets, then you must read this blog till the end. In the given information, you can be aware of the rules, processes, categories, & related advantages.

Easy Steps to Make Group Reservations with Lufthansa

If you choose the Lufthansa for reserving the group trip, then you can surely get the best seats of your choice. Therefore, to make the preferred booking for the group, let’s look at the following methods for the process.

Group Booking Via Official website:

Submit the group request online or get in touch with the customer representative for the individual request in the mail. In addition to this, follow the Lufthansa reservations process for your group using the simple steps below.

  • Click on Lufthansa Airlines official site,
  • Proceed to the group booking handle from the menu on the screen.
  • Get the complete information about the group journey to submit the quotation.
  • Open the group request form to proceed.
  • Provide the personal information of the number of passengers.
  • Enter the country and the address in detail.
  • Now, choose the itinerary information.
  • In that, give the trip destination, number of passengers, travel class, dates, etc.
  • Choose the flexibility and the group name.
  • Provide any special requirements, if any, to complete.
  • With this, provide the quotation, if any, and submit the request.
  • When you tap on the send button, get the confirmation.
  • You will receive the confirmation about the Lufthansa online group booking, and someone at customer service will get in touch with you.

By Phone Call:

Passengers are also eligible for the group reservation on the phone call. Here is how you can reach out to the customer representative for help.

  • Proceed by calling the Lufthansa group booking phone number at +49 69 86 799 799.
  • Hear the on-call voice instructions carefully for help.
  • When you choose the button, you connect with a suitable representative.
  • They can help you to provide the flight booking according to the number of passengers.
  • The customer representatives are open 24 hours a day for valuable advice.
  • Also, you can visit their website for a detailed understanding about the journey.

Does Lufthansa have Boarding Groups?

Lufthansa always ensure that boarding runs smoothly, and due to this, they provide boarding groups to all the passengers. You can find the group boarding number on the relevant boarding pass.

If you do the group travel flight check-in Lufthansa, you are assigned to the same boarding groups to get into the plane together.

Once the priority boarding is done, then group boarding 1 and 2 will start.

Following is the list of boarding groups that you can acquire with Lufthansa for the particular type of ticket.

Group Boarding category  Type of flight ticket 
Pre-boarding Passengers with a disability, hearing issues, unaccompanied minors, and children under the age of 5 with the family.
Priority Group 1 First-class travelers or HON circle members
Priority Group 2 Business class ticket, economy flex, and Star Alliance gold card holders.
Group 3 Economy class has a window seat and other companions.
Group 4 Middle seats of economy class.
or Group 5 Aisle seats of economy class passengers.

Terms & Conditions of Lufthansa Group Travel

When you decide to get a flight reservation for more than 10 passengers, you must understand the necessary rules. Here is the Lufthansa group booking policy that you can read for the fastest reservation.

  • There must be an individual quote for the journey and no obligation quote.
  • To get the group reservation, you must be a minimum of 10 passengers for the trip.
  • You must make the payment within seven days of the flight reservation.
  • The payment is accepted by credit card or direct bank transfer.
  • Provide the complete information about the passengers within 14 days before the scheduled departure.
  • If you don’t provide the names by up to 14 days of the takeoff, your booking will be automatically canceled.
  • Once you issue the group travel documents, then 20 percent of the group is eligible to cancel.
  • Departure and destinations can vary with the partner airlines or network served by other routes.
  • Lufthansa Airlines’ connections can be combined with partner airlines.
  • Flight cancellation and refund are permitted only after the issuance of the flight ticket.

Benefits of Lufthansa Airlines Group Travel:

Getting the group reservation can give you multiple features and advantages. With this, you can get the numerous reasons to obtain the preferred seats of Lufthansa group booking as follows.

  • Flexibility:

One can modify the reservation easily within the stimulating time period at no extra fees. You can enjoy greater flexibility at every possible reservation.

  • Same Prices for all:

In group booking, there is no special pricing for anyone, as airlines provide equal prices for all travelers.

  • Save Huge Cost:

Passengers can save a huge amount on the new flight journey as you don’t need to make the booking group trip Lufthansa Airlines individually. This can be cost-effective as you can avoid paying any extra amount depending on the number of passengers and travel destination.

  • Choose the Pay Later Option:

You don’t need to pay the entire amount immediately, as airlines can make the installment for convenience. For this, split the payment in the installment at the time of booking and choose the uplift option.

  • Free Name Change:

Changes in the name of the particular passenger are free of cost according to the time left for the departure. This is one of the biggest advantages for travelers to board the flight smoothly.

Kindly note: boarding groups are called to get into the plane individually or in sequence. The processing period for the group booking is up to a minimum of seven days. 


To build strong relations and create a bond, group booking is one of the essential parts for every passenger. So, don’t think twice and make the reservation for Lufthansa Airlines group travel to acquire the maximum comfort. The above precise information can help you at every step to make your trip memorable. However, you can get in touch with the customer representative if you find any problem by dialing the toll-free phone number at +49 69 86 799 799 and get assistance.

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