American Airlines student discount

Are you a student and planning to travel with American Airlines? If yes, then you should know about the American Airlines student discount to save big. It allows you to enjoy your flying journey at an affordable cost. Students who are 12 years and above need to provide a valid I.D. card to avail of student discounts on all domestic flights.

Further, students can save on American Airlines flights through their Student ID number when booking. You must be a full-time student and show a valid student I.D. by the college/ university you are attending to get a special student discount with American Airlines. Book your A.A. flight ticket with a student discount without wasting your time and save more. Keep reading to learn more about A.A. student discount policy, the eligibility criteria, & more.

What exactly is the American Airline student discount? 

Students can enjoy various flight deals and discounts on your AA reservations. You can save up to 10% to 20% on your American Airlines student discounts. The student discount is generally available for travelers aged 16 to 25 while age restrictions may vary. Students must provide their school name and student IV to the airline at the time of reservation to avail of the discount. 

Procedure to book American Airlines flight with a student discount 

Here are the steps to confirm your flight at a reasonable cost with a student discount.

  • Navigate to the official website of American Airlines. 
  • Go to the Student Universe to get a discount for students. 
  • Verify your eligibility to avail of the discount on A.A. 
  • Enter the required details when you are eligible. 
  • Set the filter to get the best student discounts. 
  • It will narrow down your search and fetch the results.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to purchase the tickets.
  • Provide the required documents requested by American Airlines. 
  • You must pay the applicable cost through your desired gateway. 

Note: You can also use the American Airlines promo code student while making a reservation to reduce the ticket cost. 

Who is eligible to get a student discount American Airlines?

The students who are more than 16 years old and doing full-time education such as the uni, high school, and sixth form, are able to use the student discount. You are also eligible to avail the discount when you are studying for an apprenticeship. All you have to do is register and verify your student status to acquire the access of multiple student discounts. 

What are the guidelines for the American Airlines Student Discount Policy?

American Airlines has designed some guidelines for students who wish to use the American Airlines student discounts with ease. Read all the below points carefully: 

  • Students will get up to 10% – 20% additional discount. 
  • You can request this discount directly by the official website of American Airlines or call the customer service team of the airline. 
  • Besides, you must ensure that the institute is registered and certified with A.A. 
  • It is good to join the AAdvantage program to get a student discount from American Airlines. 
  • Moreover, it allows students to get flight tickets at discounted rates and special deals. 
  • Similarly, the loyalty program will also enable you to get fresh deals for the A.A. discounts. It helps to make the flying journey fast and simple.

Perks of American Airlines Student Discount 

If you use the student discount by A.A., you will be able to enjoy various perks that make your journey more enjoyable such as the American Airlines promo code student discount. Go through the below points to learn additional for the same. 

  • This discount allows you to save huge money when you study in the U.S.A. 
  • You will obtain more advantages when you arrange travel for a group of up to ten or more students. 
  • Students can also reserve the seats of their choice before the travel date but it depends on the seats availability, destination, and the category of airfare.
  • Moreover, passengers have the chance to hold their flight reservation for 24 hours prior to making the complete payment. 
  • Students can save up to 10% to 20% on your booking with American Airlines when they are eligible to avail the student discount of the airline.

American Airlines Education Foundation Scholarship 

American Airlines Education Foundation aims to care for their team members by awarding them up to $2,500 scholarships to their children. The first generation of college students is able to get a one-time award of $1,000. Similarly, the foundation chooses the scholarship recipients depending on community service, financial need, leadership, and academic achievement. The education foundation provides up to $1 million as a scholarship to 430 students in 2023.   

Can I earn AAdvantage frequent flyer miles with a student ticket?

Yes. Students can eastern the miles based on the cabin class of the flight they purchased, such as the American Airlines standard published fares. Similarly, the number of miles you earn for a flight is based on how much you spend on the flight ticket. So, grab the best discounts & amazing student deals for flight flies in the U.S. & to international destinations. 

College Discounts on American Airlines

AA also offers additional discounts tailored to the college students in addition to the Standard student discount. Likewise, these discounts are applicable to multiple scenarios such as the group reservation, special circumstances, specific routes, etc. 

You must check the American Airlines official website to connect with their customer service team to explore these student discount opportunities. United Airlines is one of the few North American airlines that offer any kind of student discount that is worth a second look at.

Tips for Students To Fly Affordably

Do you wish to fly with American Airlines at affordable rates? Then, you must take a closer look at the below points: 

Join AAdvantage Program: American Airlines allows the students to join the AAdvantage college student program which is designed especially for the college students. You will also get access to best deals and discounts that will make your travel more budget friendly.

Registered for A.A. Student Discount: It is good to register yourself to use the student discount to save big on your flight reservation. Moreover, the registration process is easy and leads to savings also on your travel expenses. 

Listed in an American University: Book American Airlines flights for up to 5 to 20% discount when you are a student under a listed & certified American University to fly within your budget.

Information On American Airlines Promo Code & Coupon Codes

Students can also search for the promo codes & coupon codes on the official website of the airline. The airline updates these codes regularly that enables you to enjoy huge savings on your American Airlines reservations. Ensure that these codes are subject to change by the airline. So, it is good to check the main website to avail the updated promo codes and discounts. 

Note: You can dial an American Airlines phone number at xxx-xxx-xxx to get assistance with the coupon codes and discounts.

Best Student Award By American Airlines

The Valedictorian is an academic title for the student with the highest performance of a graduating class of an institute. This award criteria depends on the extracurricular activities, performance of students in studies, punctuality, and participation in other activities. Mostly, the AA student award is provided to the Academic topper of the year every year. 


American Airlines student discount is very useful, especially for the students. It is necessary to learn about the eligibility criteria to avail of this discount. This guide will allow you to take full advantage of student discount opportunities. 

For more information, you can visit the A.A.’s official website or directly call the customer service team. Protection Status