Does Sun Country Offer Group Travel Rates?

Yes ! Sun Country offers group rates for 10 or more passengers. However, it depends on the option you choose when booking a group holiday with Sun Country. You get two ways for Sun country group travel such as group flights and group vacations. Both options come with their own terms and conditions. It is a perfect way to travel with your group on the same date. 

Using group vacations you can hold the flight fares, hotel rooms charges etc for the whole group during reservations. Also, you can take advantage of flexibility in name change, deposit, cancellation and earning reward points.  

On booking a Sun Country group vacation, you get personalised pricing for flight, hotel accommodations and transfers. So, learning more about group travel with Sun Country can help you enjoy more on your journey. 

How Do I Book Multiple People on Sun Country?

Sun Country has made the process simple when you want to book multiple people. You can choose from various options depending on the convenience. Sun Country basically provides you with methods like

  • Fill out an online request form or
  • Contact live representative of airline.

Process to Book through Online Request Form

  • Visit the Sun Country website
  • Then, look for the “ Book group travel” option.
  • Click on the above option.
  • Then, a group travel request form will appear on the screen.
  • Provide all the necessary information
  • Finally, click on the “submit” button

Through Sun Country Representative

  • Dial Sun Country customer service number at 651-905-2711
  • Follow the IVR commands to choose a language.
  • Then, press a key that relates to your query.
  • Next, speak with a specialist at the airline
  • Request him to book group travel.
  • Live representative will assess your group needs.
  • Accordingly, the agent will provide the option. 
  • Choose any of the options and get your tickets.

Does Sun Country Offer Group Discounts?

Yes. Sun Country provides a special discount for multiple people when you want to book. Therefore, you can take advantage of Sun Country group travel when you look for multiple seats together. For Example, when your group is traveling for the following purposes

  • Wedding
  • Family Meet
  • Business Meeting
  • Event 
  • Conference etc.

However, you can avail yourself of this discount only when you have 10 or more people in your group. 

Does Sun Country Offer Packages for Group Travel?

Yes. Sun Country provides group travel in two ways. However, first, you need to meet the mandatory requirements. The two options that Sun Country provides include Group Flights and Group Vacations. Let us understand them in detail.

Group Flights: When you are traveling with 10 or more people and need only Sun Country flight tickets, you can avail yourself of the Group Fights option. However, before proceeding further, meet the conditions below:

  • You have at least 10 passengers in your group.
  • Further, you have a plan to visit Sun Country destinations only
  • All passengers are traveling on the same flight same day. 

Group Vacations: You can book a Group Vacation with Sun Country that includes flight, hotel, transfer, etc. However, you need to fulfill the below requirements:

  • You have 20 or more passengers. 
  • Next, you are on a journey to Sun Country Destination
  • Further, your entire group has booked in the same hotel.
  • You have booked a minimum of 10 rooms.
  • Travel dates are similar for all group members.
  • All members are traveling on the same flight. 

How Do I Contact the Sun Country Airlines Group?

Are you facing trouble contacting Sun Country Airlines group? Then, you can use any of the below options.

Online Method:

Sun Country provides you options like email, WhatsApp and online form to contact its agent.

  • Email: You can contact Sun Country by mailing at [email protected]
  • Whats App number: Send a text mentioning your concern at 651-905-2737
  • Online Form: To use this option, click here and submit the group travel request form. 

Offline Methods

You can use this method by calling 

  • Sun Country Reservations at 651-905-2737 and 
  • Sun Country Groups Department at 651-905-2711 

You can contact the Sun Country representative for any query related to group reservations. 

Note: You must contact the Sun Country groups department when you want to book a group flight for 10 people or 20 for group vacations. 


Therefore, regardless of the number of people you are traveling with, Sun Country always has an option for you. However, it is necessary to meet the minimum people requirement for any group booking option you choose. The above information will help you easily book a group travel with Sun Country. Further, you can choose from various ways to contact Sun Country representatives for group booking. Protection Status