What Happens When I Miss a Flight with Southwest?

Have you missed your Southwest Flight right before the scheduled departure? Then, the policy for Southwest Airlines missed flight is here for your help. It is not a welcoming situation when you miss your flight. Therefore, looking at the uncertainties of life, Southwest Airlines offers its passengers the option to save some or the entire value of their tickets. 

The reason behind a missed flight can be anything from 

  • Accident,
  • Death of a relative,
  • Late in waking up, etc. 

So, Southwest Airlines gives you alternatives such as rebooking in a new flight, or travel credit as refund etc to save you from financial loss. Also, the airline does its best to make you reach your destination in time. 

You can check out the article below if you want to learn more about what to do if you miss your Southwest flight. 

Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy

Are you worried about your missed flight? Then, before you look for options, you need to check out the Southwest Airlines missed flight rules below:

Southwest No-Show Policy: Southwest Airlines considers a passenger a no-show, 

  • If passenger does not cancel or modify his booking 10 minutes prior to departure or 
  • If passengers do not show up at the airport before the scheduled departure. 
  • Also, the airline does not provide a refund for a no-show.
  • However, if you convey the airline before departure or produce a genuine reason for not catching the flight, you can receive a refund in travel credit.
  • Further, Southwest Airlines allows you to use the credit for future travel.

Flat Tire Policy: Under Southwest Airlines Flat Tire policy gives some flexibility to its passengers. If they reach the airport within 2 hours from departure then the airline can give them a seat in the next flight without a fee. 

However, it is possible only when seats are available. 

Other Rules

  • Passengers can rebook them on another flight through Southwest website or its customer service. 
  • The airline may not charge a rebooking fee depending on your fare class. 
  • However, you may need to pay the fare difference, if any. 
  • The airline may refund you for missed flight when it is the airline fault, or you produce a genuine reason. 
  • To learn more please visit the airline website or connect with its agent.

Is There a Fee for Missing Flights on Southwest?

No. You do not need to pay a Southwest Airlines missed flight fee even if you are a no-show. The airline keeps the full ticket amount in exchange for cancellation charges and no additional fee. 

What Does Southwest Airlines Do If You Miss Your Flight?

Southwest airlines rebook you on a new flight when you are unable to catch your flight. However, first, you need to satisfy the agent for a genuine reason. Further, Southwest airlines can also provide you a refund if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. 

So, you can easily rebook yourself on the next possible flight by following below information: 

  • Visit the Southwest airlines official website
  • Check out the rebooking terms & conditions.
  • Further, enter the login information
  • Next, you will get access to your missed flight.
  • Therefore, click on “Delayed/ Disrupted” and 
  • Type the new travel information
  • Lastly, pay for the fare difference, if any, and
  • Wait for the updated mail.

So, Southwest offers rebooking for free through its website or mobile application.

However, you can call Southwest missed flight phone number (1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) when you need assistance during the rebooking process.  

Does Southwest Offers Refunds for Missed Flight?

Southwest Airlines is not responsible for providing refunds for missed flights. The airline returns the amount when you do not catch the flight because of airline mistake. However, to provide its passengers with a smooth boarding experience, airlines provide refunds in some situations. However, Southwest missed flight refund has some requirements: 

  • Southwest provides refunds for only refundable tickets. 
  • Further, the airline gives you an opportunity to earn points on refundable tickets. 
  • So, you can reserve the upcoming flight tickets using those points.
  • Similarly, airline does not provide refunds for nonrefundable tickets. 
  • However, it allows you to get placed on another flight if you notify them. 

Refund Policy for Different Fare Class

When there is a no-show, and you do not cancel your ticket ten minutes prior to departure.

  • For Business Select/ Anytime Fare: You will get a refund in the form of flight credit.
  • For Wanna Get Away / Wanna Get Away Plus Fare: The airline keeps the entire ticket amount.

When you book a ticket using Rapid Rewards Points:

For Business Select / Anytime Fare

  • Airlines will return the points to your booking accounts
  • Similarly, the airline will convert the taxes and charges into flight credit.  

For Wanna Get Away / Wanna Get Away Plus Fare:

The airline does not return the Rapid reward points. 


So, you can leave all your worries when you miss your Southwest flight. The airline gives you alternative options to help you reach your destination in a decided time. Therefore, you can understand the above Southwest Airlines missed flight rules & rebook a flight easily through the website. However, if you face any issues while rebooking a Southwest flight, you can call its representative. 

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