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Selected a vacation spot, but unsure about which airline to go with? Look no further and book your tickets with American airlines Book Flight as soon as possible. Now you must be thinking, why only American Airlines? So, let’s look at why choosing American Airlines as your travel partner is beneficial in every way.

When it comes to airline reservations, travelers always seek two things: budget and comfort—understanding the needs of travelers, the American airline knows how to keep its customers happy.  The airline is low-cost and provides award-winning customer service. Furthermore, offers various deals and discounts that suit travelers preferences and budget.

Continue to look for the best deal on the airline’s official website to obtain the best price on time. However, you may contact aviation experts to get the best pricing for your journey. Call American Airlines booking phone number and speak with the airline’s executives directly.

In-flight Amenities of American Airlines

Travelling with American Airlines is going to be a worthwhile experience for you owing to the amenities and facilities you will be offered online. You will be treated with customized and exclusive boarding experience, free entertainment, complimentary snacks, spacious seats, and much more. Let’s explore these incredible services.

  • On most of American Airlines flights, you are allowed to stream TV shows, music, movies, and more to your phone, tablet, and laptop. You are not even required to purchase the on-board Wi-Fi, just download the American Airlines mobile app on your device. Go for American Airlines flight reservations and leave all your boredom away. American keeps updating its entertainment content in different languages and genres.
  • If you are a guest of First Class, then you have access to various unparalleled amenities such as amenity kit, more privacy, fully-flat bed, flagship lounge, and much more. 
  • The airline offers different travel classes so passengers can choose as per their budget. 
  • In addition to these in-flight amenities, some other facilities are also offered on ground like easy check-in, 24/7 available customer service, hassle-free booking procedure, etc. You can anytime call on the American Airlines booking phone number +1-860-590-8822 to seek guidance related to the airline services.

Passengers who are going to travel with American Airlines will definitely have a pure blissful flying experience. The airline is an epitome of sheer luxury; choose it as your travel partner and have an enjoyable flight. 

Other Services offered by American Airlines

American Airlines provides passengers a plethora of added facilities that includes a web check-in facility that can be done online within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. Additionally, the Airline also provides the facility to check flight status online so that you don’t miss your flight.

Moreover, travelers can reap the benefits of the 24/7 prompt customer service by calling on a dedicated American Airlines contact number. At any instances, when the passengers require urgent help, they can seek advice from any AA representatives by dialing American Airlines book flight phone number. Upon calling on the dedicated American Airlines reservations phone number, you will be connected to one of the customer service agents and your concern or query will be addressed within no time.

Additionally, the passengers can also avail many other exclusive services if they choose this eminent Airline to transport themselves to their desired destinations.

Those who are amateur and need expert help to book a flight; they would be able to get their flight booking done at quite nominal service fee. Exclusive American Airline reservations phone number is available for round the clock booking assistance.

Fly To Your Favorite Destination With American Airlines Partners

American Airlines schedules its flight tickets to more than 350 destinations across 50 countries; however, there are several places where this airline still doesn’t fly owing to the connectivity issues. So, if American Airlines doesn’t fly to your desired destination, then make bookings with American’s partner airlines and enjoy your journey without any hassle. The airline has partnered with several other trusted airlines to improve its connectivity as well as the customer service. Some of the airline’s partners are listed here for the flyers’ sake of convenience. Go through the list and then make American Airlines book flight accordingly.  

How to Make American Airlines Book Flight Reservations Online?

However, booking tickets with American Airlines is simple and can be done from the comfort of your own home. Even if you have alternative options, the airline’s official website and mobile app are the best and most convenient ways to complete your reservation.

We are certain that you will have no problems purchasing and confirming your tickets. Still, if you do, you can contact US airline representatives directly via American Airlines book flight phone number.

American Airlines Reservations Online via Official Site

Follow the steps below to finalize your reservation without a hitch:

  • Visit the official American Airlines website and click on the “Find flights” link on the homepage.
  • To begin, decide on the sort of vacation you want to take. 
  • In the “From” area, type the origin city or airport. In the “To” field, type the destination city or airport. 
  • Include the number of adults who will be traveling.
  • After that, choose the date you wish to travel. 
  • Now, input the total number of children that will be traveling with you. 
  • Once you’ve completed all of these fields, click the “Search” tab. 
  • Your screen will display a list of all available flights. Choose the best option and book an American Airlines flight.
  • The airline will send you a confirmation email once your reservation has been confirmed.

Note – Follow this step-by-step method for easy reservation. While reserving manually is extremely straightforward, connect to the airline by reservation number if you want expert help. The specialized US Airlines mobile app is also at your fingertips to collect all of the important information.

American Airlines Reservations Online via Mobile application 

Now make reservations with the mobile application at the tip of your fingertips. The American Airlines reservation team allows passengers to book a flight at their leisure via the American Airlines mobile application. Let’s look at the possible mobile app steps to book.

Passengers can book through a mobile app using their registered email credentials.

  • Decide on the trip category.
  • Fill out the passenger’s information under the reservation section.
  • Specify the date(s) for the scheduled trip(s).
  • To fly with American Airlines, choose the appropriate choices.
  • Take advantage of the discounts and special offers to make your trip both affordable and pleasant.
  • Choose the services or special assistance you would like to choose during your journey.
  • Use the smartphone app to complete the transaction.
  • You will get a ticket confirmation message/ mail via provided mobile number/mail address during registration.
  • To manage your trip itinerary, go to the American Airlines Manage Reservation area of the mobile application.

Manage Booking Process of American Airlines

Booking your tickets with American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, is so simple that anyone can do it without the help of a professional. All thanks to the website’s simple user interface, making it efficient enough for anybody to utilize.

Nothing compares to buying your flight tickets with the world’s largest airline. The airline offers the most affordable flight tickets option along with a safe and pleasurable journey. It provides a flexible flight reservation option and allows you to use your money by offering various budget options as per your preferences. 

The airline also provides the option of making changes to your current tickets without any additional effort. Yeah, yeah, you read that right! In case your travel plans change, you may make changes to your bookings. Just make a few clicks and make the adjustments you want.

  • Go to the American Airlines official website and click on the “The Trips” tab on the homepage. 
  • Now fill in the needed information, such as the passengers’ first and last name and booking reference.
  • To get your reservation, click on the “Find reservation” option.
  • Following that, your current reservation will appear on your screen. Make whatever adjustment you wish to your American Airlines manage to book. 

What is American Airlines Check-in Policy?

Want to get your boarding pass with ease? If so, then read the information about the check-in ways offered by American Airlines to facilitate the passengers. You can opt for several check-in options such as online check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in. All of these methods will help you in getting your boarding pass so that you can board the plane without any hassle. Get to know about the same and make your reservations accordingly. To avail help in the check-in process, give a call on the American Airlines book flight Phone number.

  • Online Check-in

Gone is the time when check-in used to the tough process as now are the days when this can be done on the swipe of your fingertips. American Airlines also offers the online check-in facility for the convenience of passengers with the help of which they can easily get their boarding pass. This is the easiest and the most comfortable method to check-in for your flight. Passengers are permitted to check-in online between 24 hours and 45 minutes (90 minutes for the international flights) prior to the scheduled departure of flight. In order to complete the online check-in process, you need to enter the passenger last name,  passenger first name, and Record Locator. For more information, connect with the American Airlines Book Flight Number +1-860-590-8822 now.

  • Mobile Check-in

Yet another for the tech-savvy passengers is the mobile check-in. All you need to do is download the mobile app and get the flight check-in done in less than no time. This app is available for free, and you can easily get the same from the app store. Once you are done with the check-in, the airline will get the e-boarding pass instantly on your phone. 

  • Airport Check-in

If you wish to opt for the traditional way, then go for the airport check-in and get your boarding pass with ease. If you wish to avoid queues, then you can use kiosks check-in option as well. The check-in timings may vary from one airport to another. If you are traveling within the US, then the check-in will be over 45 minutes before the flight take-off, and if you are traveling to the outside US, then you can check-in up to 60 minutes before the scheduled take-off.

Use any method and check-in for your flight after confirming your American Airlines booking. 

What are American Airlines Fare Classes?

American Airlines has something almost for everyone in its service list. The airline has various cabin classes with varied service options available, depending upon your American Airlines reservations class-fare. Let’s take a look at all the cabin classes American Air has. 

Economy Class:

Economy classes have three different variations, including Basic Economy, Main Cabin, and Main Cabin Extra. You will get plenty of baggage allowance that increases with the increase in your class-fare. The economy-class cabins of American Airlines are studded with in-flight entertainment systems to provide you with an awesome flight experience. Flyers will receive added benefits such as complimentary snacks and drinks with or without alcohol. You can also opt for seats with extra legroom.

Premium Economy Class:

In the Premium Economy of American Airlines reservation, the service gets better with an increase in price.  You will be able to access fast-track security checks, priority boarding, and a premium flying experience in the cabin. 

Business Class:

Enjoy a premium flying experience from the moment you enter the airport. The services include complimentary fine dining, a selection of award-winning wines and beers, and a seamless internet connection that keeps you connected with the world even miles high in the air.

First Class:

First Class cabin offers a 5-star treatment from the moment you set your foot at the airport till the end of your journey. Enjoy easy security checks, priority check-in, and early access to your luggage. The airline offers an amenity kit to each flyer for an exquisite experience.

Tips to Get American Airlines Cheap Flights:

In order to get cheap American Airlines flight tickets, follow some steps mentioned below:

  • Always travel during the weekdays; especially flight tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Make advance bookings for your journey.
  • Travel when the tourist season is a bit low. 
  • Use your earned credits at the time of your booking.
  • Watch out for available discounts and deals.

American Airlines Contact Number Details

American Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-860-590-8822
American Airlines Book Flight Number +1-860-590-8822
American Airlines Customer Service Number +1-860-590-8822
American Airlines Baggage Phone Number 1 (800) 535-5225
American Airlines Special Assistance 1 (800) 735-2988
American Airlines Group Reservations 1 (800) 433-1790
American Airlines Disability Assistance Number 1 (800) 735-2988
American Airlines Refund Status Email [email protected]
Alliance Oneworld
Fleet size 965
Destinations 350
Parent company American Airlines Group
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Find the Details of American Airlines Flight Schedule & Status?

Gone are the days when arriving at the airport too early was required in order to obtain real-time flight information. The advent and advancement of technology altered the entire situation. Your flight’s live location tracker can assist you in getting all necessary information about your flight’s schedule and status.

American airlines also inform their customers about the correct location of their flight so that they may schedule their departure to the airport accordingly. It’s a simple and uncomplicated procedure that may be completed in little time and with minimal effort. American Airlines flight schedule can be easily updated with the following steps:

  • Go to the American Airlines website.
  • Go to the navigation bar and select the ‘Plan Travel’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Flight Status’ option on the right-hand side.
  • There are two ways to look for flight status: cities and flight numbers. 
  • If you opt for the first option, you will find a menu of options. Then, along with the Journey Dates, you must input the Source and Destination Airports.
  • If you opt for the second option, you must enter the flight number and the Journey Date. 
  • After submitting information, click the ‘Search’ button to obtain real-time updates on the flights’ exact position from the comfort of your own home. 

Passengers can also use the American Airlines App or call the American Airlines Reservations Number to check flight schedules and status. The passenger must update the airline’s status to avoid the unnecessary commotion.

Ultimate Guide of American Airlines Vacations Packages

Do you intend to visit your favorite place and seek a wonderful vacation package that may save you a few dollars? If yes, then go to the American Airlines Vacation Packages and choose a package that meets your requirement for a relaxing holiday.

There are numerous destinations covered by AA Vacations Packages where you may take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of city life without spending many dollars. Los Cabos, Jamaica, Hawaii, Bahamas, New Zealand, California, and many other beautiful destinations are available with American Airlines.

Bookings with American Vacation have several advantages like:

  • Every dollar you spend will make you earn Bonus Miles. 
  • Make a group booking and save a lot of money.
  • Get the best booking assistance.
  • Make reservations with American Airlines Book Flight using your points.
  • Option of Purchase now and pay later.

What is American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

24-hour cancellation:

Flyers will be entitled to a full refund of the booking amount if they cancel their booking within the first 24 hours of its making. The airline will automatically process your refund, even if you cancel your American Airlines Booking at least two days before your actual departure. 

Refund and cancellations:

The airline has different refund and cancellation policies for both paper tickets and online American Airline reservations. Let’s know more about them:

You can put a refund request for your physical tickets using the official website of American Airlines, but you will have to email your flight tickets to the official address of the airline. Your refund will be processed as soon as the reservations team of the airline receives your physical tickets. 

How to apply for a refund?

Passengers can request online refunds using the American Airlines mobile app or official website. There are a few steps that you can follow to access the option.

  • Visit the ‘Manage my Booking’ option.
  • Find your reservation by entering your Booking Reference Number along with the last name of the lead passenger.  
  • Once opened, you will be able to check and retrieve your reservation details and apply for refunds and cancellations.
  • A separate refund request is placed for each reservation.
  • In order to request a refund for your booking amount, you will have to cancel your reservation first. 

How to Cancel an American Airlines Flight?

Want to cancel your flight booking due to any unforeseen reason? Worry not, as American Airlines has a very generous cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your itinerary even at last moments without any hassle. You can cancel your booking from the official site of the airline effortlessly. Below are the steps to do the same.

  • Visit the American Airlines official site.
  • Click on the “My Trips” option on the airline’s homepage.
  • Now, passengers will discover a section, named “Find your reservation.” Give the necessary details to initiate American Airlines cancel flight.
  • Next, enter the first name & last name of the passenger, and booking reference. 
  • Click on the “Find reservation” button to access your booking.
  • Now, click on the booking you need to cancel.
  • Click on the “Yes” tab to confirm it.

With these quick steps, you can cancel your reservation without any difficulty. Before proceeding towards cancellation, make sure to go through the terms and regulations associated with the American Airlines cancellation policy

  • Passengers have 24 hours from the time of initial purchase to cancel their booking for a full refund. Ensure that booking has been made at least two days or more before the departure of the flight. 
  • All the tickets are eligible for a 24-hour cancellation policy. 
  • Group reservations do not qualify for the 24-hour policy. 
  • Passengers are not entitled to get a refund on non-refundable flight tickets except for the ticket that is cancelled within 24 hours of booking. 
  • As per the fare rules, you can use the unused value of your purchase ticket for your future trip. 
  • Call on American Airlines Book Flight to claim a refund on the cancelled flight ticket. Moreover, you can talk to the airline representatives and seek instant guidance. 
  • It may take four to seven days to show the refund in your account. 

You must be aware of these rules before cancelling your flight ticket. 

What is American Airlines Baggage Policy?

With American Airlines, passengers can fly with a decent amount of luggage. The number of allowed baggage varies on the basis of routes and travel class. The standard baggage allowance is expounded below. Make American Airlines Book Flight and travel trouble-free with your luggage.

  • Carry-on allowance

You can travel with one carry-on and one personal item for free. The dimension of the personal item must not measure more than 45 x 35 x 20 cm or 18 x 14 x 8 inches. Keep the personal item under the seat. 6 x 36 x 23 cm or 22 x 14 x 9 inches are the maximum dimensions of carry-on baggage. If the carry-on baggage doesn’t fit under the seat or in the overhead bin, then this needs to be checked. Choose American Airlines Book flight for your travel and fly with the amount of luggage you want. 

  • Checked baggage allowance 

You are permitted to travel with two standard checked bags and up to 10 checked bags are allowed. 

  • Maximum dimensions – 158 cm or 62 inches
  • Maximum weight – 23 kg or 50 lbs for Economy Class and 32 kg or 70 lbs for Business or First Class. 

For any kind of assistance related to the baggage allowance, you can reach out to the airline professionals. If you are from Spain and need guidance in your local language, give a call on the American Airlines Book Flight +1-860-590-8822

What is American Flight Change Policy?

Easy Flight Change Policy is offered by American Airlines to all of its passengers to alter their flight.  

  • On the airline’s home page, select “My trips/check-in.”
  • Choose ‘Find Reservations’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, to proceed with the modifications, click on ‘Change Trip.’
  • If the ‘Change Trip’ option does not appear on your booking, you can contact the reservation department for assistance.

American Airlines has a set of policies to make changes to your bookings.

Such as: 

  • The reservation must be booked via American Airlines Book Flight.
  • The voyage must begin from the United States of America.
  • The reservation should not be a part of a group or made using a promotional code, or not an AAdvantage reward.

Get Special Assistance on American Airlines Booking

American Airlines provides additional services to passengers throughout their flights to make the most of their holiday. These services are intended to give travelers a pleasant experience. You may call the American Airlines Book Flight phone number at any moment and order these services quickly and pleasantly.

Special Assistance services include:

  • Wheelchair assistance is available at the airport and during the journey.
  • If you’re traveling with your pet, we can help, but for this, you require to notify the airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure schedule.
  • Request help if you have an audition, vision, or cognitive impairment.
  • You or your personal attendant wish to have a nearby seat.
  • If you are a pregnant woman, you will be given priority seating.

You may easily contact the airline management and receive special assistance for all of the aforementioned services.

How to Request Special Assistance?

Ways to request Special Assistance

Via Call: You may call the airline’s personnel and get them to reserve the unique service for you. You must give the essential data as requested by the airline to avoid any issues. 

Via Website Homepage: You may go to the Manage Booking tab and search for your reservation to add specific extra services to your trip.

American Airlines Seat Selection Procedure:

Depending on your preferences, the airline offers a very pleasant selection process and various options for selecting your favorite seats. There are numerous online and offline techniques that you may employ. 

Let’s have a look:

How to check your selected flight’s available seats?

  • Log in to the official American Airlines website using your account information.
  • Choose your booking class and keep an eye out for the seat selection map.
  • Seats designated in various hues, such as orange, white, green, and blue, will be visible on the map.
  • These colors are used to indicate whether or not a seat is available.
  • The orange color indicates the main cabin seats.
  • The green color indicates the preferred seats.
  • The available seats are shown in blue color.
  • The white color indicates the seats that are not available.
  • At the end of the procedure, you will be required to input the traveler’s name and phone number to choose your seat.
  • The airline launched a seat selection method that allows passengers to choose their favorite seats and rest comfortably.
  • If you cannot do so online, you may choose your seats at the airport or by phoning the airline’s bookings department.

How to Reserve Your Seat on American Airlines

To pick your seats, complete the following steps:

  • Visit the American Airlines website.
  • Select the ‘My Trips’ icon.
  • Enter the passenger’s last and first name, as well as Booking Reference Number. 
  • Select ‘Find Reservation’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the window gets opened, go to the Manage Booking area.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, and you may now choose your desired seat.

American Airlines Group Travel Booking:

American Airline provides you easy group traveling options that gives you a hassle-free flying experience. Here’s How you can do it:

Group Block fares:

  • The service is applicable for a group of more than ten people.
  • You can book your tickets for a maximum of 11 months in advance.
  • You will get one complimentary name change per ticket up to 48 hours before your scheduled departure time.

For Group bookings, it is advised to call the airline’s reservations department for some professional help and updates about any available deals and discounts. 

Meeting and Conference Booking discounts:

If you travel for work purposes, trade shows, and conferences, the airline will provide you with some fascinating discounts. You can call the helpline number for more information.

Ways to Earn American Airlines Miles

It is very easy to earn miles whenever you fly with American Airlines or any of its partner airlines. Different ways to gather these miles are-

  • Earn miles with partners – Members of AAdvantage are facilitated with over  1,000 ways to earn and assemble miles with the airline’s partners. From hotel stays and car rentals to using credit cards and dining out, you can earn miles wherever you want. 
  • Fly to earn miles – Don’t forget to earn miles while flying with American Airlines, one world, and other partner airlines. 
  • Purchase, gift or transfer miles – You don’t have to wait anymore for the journey you have been yearning to take. Purchase miles anytime you want and go on your trip. 

Make AA reservations with these miles and fly without shelling out your dollars. 

How do I Check my Flight Reservation on American Airlines

You can have a glance at your booking through the manage booking option available on the official site of the airline as mentioned above. You can easily have access to your reservation and check it whether you need any changes or not. Some of the modifications that you can make to your booking are-

  • You can easily select your seat to ensure a relaxing and comfortable journey. You are even allowed to change your seat in this section.
  • To cancel or change your flight, use the manage booking option.
  • If you want to request an added service like special meal, extra baggage, or any other ground service, do it here.
  • To correct the spelling mistake in your name or any other contact details, browse to the manage reservation page on the airline’s official site.
  • With the manage booking option, you can watch and share your itinerary with anyone you want. 

In addition to this, you can also make many more other changes to your American Airlines book flight at much ease. 

How to Book American Airlines with Avios?

British Airways Avios points is a good option for award flights of American Airlines. You can easily book your American Airlines flight ticket with Avios by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Log in to your account by entering your ID and password.
  • Click on the “Executive Club,” followed by the “Spending Avios” tab.
  • After this, click on the “Book a reward flight.”
  • Enter the flight details like class of travel, cities, dates, and number of passengers under the “Book with Avios” tab. 
  • To continue, click on the “Get Flights” button. 
  • Pick your favorite flight after double checking the fees and price of award flight. 
  • After that, click on the “Continue” button. 
  • On the next page, add the details of all passengers going on a trip and pay for your flight. 
  • Now, you will see a message on your screen, which will imply that your American airlines booking is confirmed.

What is American Airlines Senior Citizen Policy?

Once you are retired from work, there is no better option than going on a world tour. Cross some popular places off your travel bucket list by actually visiting the places you always wanted to see and witnessing the surreal and splendid beauty of what the world holds for you. Age is just a number, and it should not stop you from discovering the hidden wonders of the universe. Leave your worries to American Airlines and fly to your favorite destinations.

The airline has some exciting discount options on flight tickets for people over 65 years of age. Use the advance search option at the time of making your  American Airlines booking, turn on the ‘Senior (65+)’ option in the drop-down menu to get exceptional rates.  

Offers and deals are subject to continuous changes. American Airlines posts live ticket fares on its pages. Before opting for a discount, please check the eligibility and validity of the offer beforehand.  You can call the airline’s reservations department and know about the American senior citizens discount policies of American Airlines reservations for more detailed info.

What is American Airlines Pet Policy?

It is not out of the common public knowledge of how traveling with the pets and emotional support animals might be necessary for some passengers. That is the reason why American Airlines has made some pet-friendly travel rules and regulations to make it easy for everyone to fly with their domestic pets. Due to the ongoing massive amount of customer requests, the airline has stopped checking the pets as of now. 

In contrast, by following some rules and fulfilling some requirements, you can bring your pets and emotional support as a carry-on option on your flights. If your pet is larger than the carry-on size then you might as well have to carry your pet in the cargo. 

Check your pets as Carry-on Baggage:

American Airlines has some specific size limitations for your pet that will result in the decision of how the airline will accommodate your pet onboard. Some destinations do not allow you to travel with some specific pet species and breeds, so it is better beforehand to inquire about the pet policies by calling the American Airlines reservations department’s helpline number.

The airline allows you to travel with household cats and dogs, except for a few breeds, but you will have to inform the reservations department about the same in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. 

Carry-on pets:

The airline permits the allowance of one pet kennel per person as an alternate to carry-on option. 

What is American Airlines Children and Infant Policy?

Traveling with children or infants and worried about the guidelines? Well, in that case, all terms and conditions are given here for the travelers’ sake of convenience; you can go through the same and get your American Airlines book flight now with ease. Here are mentioned some important points that you need to know about the same. 

  • Travelers need to present the age proof of the child up to 18 years of age. 
  • The airline allows only one diaper per child. 
  • Children of age 2 years or older need to purchase their own seat at an adult fare. 
  • Children under 5 years of age are not allowed to travel alone on American Airlines flight.
  • American Airlines accepts infants as young as 2 days old. However, a physician-approved certificate is required if you are traveling with the infant who is 7 days old or less. 
  • To facilitate the infants, American Airlines offer bassinets on the first come first serve basis. If you need the same, then you will be required to contact the American Airlines Phone Number as early as possible. Please note that these bassinets are not available in the First and Business Class.
  •  According to American Airlines’ infant seating policy, the infant can either be seated on the adult’s lap or on the safety seat approved by the FAA. if you infant travel on the seat, then you will have to purchase the flight ticket at an adult fare.

American Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy: 

Children traveling alone:

To ensure the safety and an enjoyable trip experience of your child, the airline keeps it mandatory for children between the age of 14 to 5 years traveling alone to use the unaccompanied minor services of the airline. This service is optional for children in their late teens (from 15 to 17 years old).

The AA charges a fee of USD 150 as an unaccompanied minors service fee (taxes are extras). Besides, the price also covers any additional siblings traveling. 

Unaccompanied minor service includes:

  • Early boarding to your kid in order to give them enough time to meet the flight attendants and get settled.
  • For Connecting flights your children can enjoy the ‘Kids Only’ lounges at hun cities.
  • Assigned airline professionals to guide and escort your children throughout their journey and then deliver them to the authorized adult, picking them up. 
  • Onboard assistance is available for your child when needed.

How to prepare for travel?

If it is the first time traveling alone for your child or he has traveled alone before, it is recommended to talk with them about the trip and the whole process. Tell them to be assured and that they can trust the airline for any needed help.

Food and drink service:

The food and beverages are limited services, so it is advised to pack additional snacks like chips, cookies, and sandwiches for your kid to have a safe and healthy flight experience. For connecting flights, you can pack additional food items.

Please note the following pointers before the travel:

  • Tell your kid to ask for any needed help from the uniformed staff members at the airport.
  • Provide your children with essential phone numbers in case of an emergency.
  • You can pack books, games, snacks in a small carry-on bag.
  • Attach the required contact info and an ID card on your child’s carry-on bags and luggage.
  • Pack the charger and headphones in the carry bag, and charge the electronic devices fully.
  • Make sure that your child can cooperate with the airline staff.
  • Please provide your kid with any needed medications in case of any health-related issues that might occur.

Benefits of the American Advantage Program:

AA Advantage is the best loyalty program with endless possibilities. You can earn miles each time you fly with American Airlines reservations and use them for:

  • Purchasing flight tickets for more than a thousand destinations globally.
  • Flight Upgrades
  • For making car rentals and reserving hotels.

Earn miles:

You can also earn miles when flying with any of our airline alliance partners for your travel.

Make Hassle-Free AA Special Assistance:

Get special assistance for your trips:

You can request special assistance at any point in time, make your easy travel arrangements and special requirements by calling the helpline number at +1-860-590-8822, or using the airline’s online website.

Request special assistance for your American Airlines booking:

Book special flight assistance at the time of filling your passenger details online. An individual airline person will be assigned to you for any needed help with your American Airlines booking.

Request wheelchair service:

Request for wheelchair assistance in the hour of need, and If you have any vision, cognitive, developmental, and hearing impurity, you can request additional services. 

American Airlines COVID update:

Proper Sensitization:

American Airlines is hosting proper sensitization sessions to maintain the sobriety of the passengers. Your well being and safety is the utmost priority of the airline. 

Travel flexibility and Fee Waivers:

The airline has extended its offer to waive amendments fee on all existing and newly made reservations in a definite period of time. Please visit the airline website to read more.

Please Note:

  • You might have to pay the price difference at the time of rebooking. 
  • Can change the city of origin along with the destination as part of this scheme.
  • You can use your ticket anytime before 31 December 2121; however, this validity might be less for some tickets.
  • If your ticket is expiring between March 1 – December 31, 2020, You can apply for the refund of your unused tickets and even use it towards your future plans. 

Changes in your Plans:

  • You can make changes to your booking once your amendment fee is waived. Cancel your reservation online and then rebook whenever you feel ready. This policy is also applicable to Basic Economy fares.
  • You will have to pay the price difference between your last paid amount and newly updated fare to rebook your flight. 
  • Reach out to the American Airlines reservations department to know more about the policies related to the rescheduling of your flight tickets.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you might have missed your flight. Don’t worry; we’ve all been in a similar scenario at some point in our lives. If this is your first time missing a flight, you should familiarize yourself with American Airlines’ Missed Flight Policy.

American Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world for managing its passengers’ needs. This is why American Airlines has enacted a slew of policies to help its passengers in their tough times. The airline has a missed flight policy that might help travelers who have missed their flights.

  • If you miss your American Airlines flight, American Airlines will rebook you on another airline within two hours.
  • You can board the following American Airlines aircraft as a standby passenger without paying any penalties or fees.
  • If you miss the final American Airlines flight, you will be able to catch the first American Airlines flight the following day.
  •  You may also call the American Airlines reservations number to speak with a customer care agent.If you have missed your American Airlines flight,
  • If you miss your trip due to an American Airlines delay of more than three hours, you will get $700 in compensation.

To rebook your American Airlines flight ticket, go to the airline’s official website or contact the airline’s customer service department.

After entering your booking number and last name, go to “My Trips” to find your flight ticket on the airline’s official website. You’re free to alter your flight now. You must provide your reservation number and last name to rebook your flight only through customer service.

American Airlines Last Minute Flight Deals

Well, everyone wants to get the most affordable American Airlines flight ticket. So, the last-minute flight deals can be the best way; you can get the cheapest American Airlines flight ticket. Some amazing and easy tricks can lead you to get American Airlines’ last-minute flight deals. So, if you want to know about then follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Firstly, you need to dial the American airlines phone number when you want to get your hands on American Airlines’ last-minute deals. The customer service executive of American Airlines will indeed help you get the best last-minute deals.
  • Also, you can use the vouchers, coupons, travel points, and promotional codes to get American Airlines last-minute deals.
  • You can also get last-minute deals through the American Airlines official website. You need to visit the deals and offers section on its official website and get the best offers to get the cheapest or most affordable American Airlines flight ticket deals.
  • There is also another way that can lead you to get the last-minute American Airlines flight deals. You can use the layover American Airlines flight to travel to your desired destination. It may take you more time to reach your desired destination, but it will help you spend less on your American Airlines flight ticket. 

Apart from these points, you can dial the American airlines contact number and speak with the customer service representative of American Airlines to get all details about the best deals, offers, discounts, and sales. The dedicated team of customer service executives will offer you all the details required to get your hand on the cheapest American Airlines flight ticket. 

About American Airlines

History – Founded on 15 April 1926, American Airlines commenced its first operation on 25 June 1936. It was started in 1930 through a union of more than small eighty airlines and it originated from two organizations that are Colonial Air Transport and Robertson Aircraft Corporation. Now it has become very popular among passengers owing to some incredible services. Go for AA reservations and make the most of your journey. 

Headquarters – American Airlines headquarters is maintained in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. 

Hubs – The following are the main hubs of American Airlines.

  • Washington-National
  • Philadelphia
  • New York-LaGuardia
  • Phoenix-Sky Harbor
  • New York-JFK
  • Miami
  • Dallas/ Fort Worth
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago-O’Hare
  • Charlotte

Fleet size and destinations – American Airlines has a fleet size of 874 and it operates its flight services to 350 destinations. Just select your favorite destination and make American airlines reservations to fly affordably to your dream destination. 

CEO and President – The current CEO of American Airlines is Doug Parker. He also holds the position of chairman of the airline. Robert Isom is the current president of this air carrier. 

Employees – As of 2020, 133,700 employees are working in American Airlines. 

Present – American Airlines is considered as one of the renowned airlines in the aviation industry. It connects you with the rest of the world. Confirm your American Airlines manage booking flight and you will never face any dull moment during your flight. The flight attendants will take care of your every need and concern. Even if you are searching for the last-minute cheap flight deal, you can get it without any additional efforts. American has won multiple awards due to the amenities and services it offers to its passengers. 

Code Share Members

Along with mainline airline service, American Airlines also operates scheduled flight service under a codeshare agreement with several airline companies, including international and domestic air carriers. Here is the list of Codeshare partners of American Airlines.

Destination Served by American Airlines

American Airlines flies to more than 80 domestic destinations that include Anchorage, Phoenix, Tucson, Ontario, Fayetteville, Los Angeles, Fresno, Little Rock, Huntsville, and Oakland.

It also serves almost 83 International airports across the world that includes Saint John’s, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Toronto, Shanghai, Munich, Athens, Sydney, Dublin, Buenos Aires, and others.

As of 2018 statistics, the Airline flies to more than 350 destinations along with subsidiaries, codeshare members, and joint venture partner airlines.

American Airlines operates a mixed fleet of 956 Airbus and Boeing planes, which makes it the largest Airline in the world in terms of fleet size.

If you are making up your mind to book American Airlines flights and need help to avail an affordable deal; then you can contact the American Airline reservations directly to seek advice from the reservations expert. The Airline can be contacted through chat, email, and by calling on the dedicated American Airlines reservations phone number anytime around the clock. Moreover, you can also book the flight ticket online by visiting the official website of American Airlines.

Frequent Flyer Program of American Airlines

Are you a regular traveler of the airline?  If yes, then join the airline’s loyalty program to avail maximum benefits. AAdvantage is a special program designed for the frequent fliers. Be a member of this program and earn miles for your future trip. These collected miles can be used later for- 

  • Vacations, hotels, and car rentals
  • Upgrades
  • Flights to nearly 1,000 destinations around the world
  • Other retail products

Initiate American Airlines book with miles and enjoy endless savings. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How to book seats on American Airlines?

Visit the official site of American Airlines and click on the “My Trips” option on its homepage. Enter the recorder and name to proceed further. You can now pick your desired seat to fly comfortably. If you are unable to do it, check later. 

  • How to book award travel on American Airlines?

Passengers can book their award flights by using the miles that they have earned while flying with American Airlines. Redeem the collected miles for your award travel. Go to the homepage and book your award flight seamlessly. 

  • Do I get a free checked bag with American Airlines?

Free checked bags are allowed for co-branded card holders, elite members, and premium cabin passengers. For some particular destinations, checked bag fees will  be waived. 

  • Can I bring  food on American Airlines flight?

Yes, you can bring solid food items in your checked and carry-on baggage. If you are travelling with gel or liquid food items that are larger than 3.4 oz., then make sure to place it in the checked baggage. Confirm your American Airlines reservations and travel with your own food. 

  • How to cancel my American Airlines Reservations?

You can cancel your American Airlines reservation by two easy methods without stepping out of your room via its official website and with the help of its customer service. But before canceling your flight ticket, you should first check out the cancellation policies of American Airlines. 

  •  I have canceled my flight ticket. How can I get a refund?

Suppose you have canceled your American Airlines flight ticket and are looking for a refund. In that case, you need to visit the official website of American Airlines or dial the American Airlines customer service number to take the help of the customer service representative. To know the refund policy, you can visit its official website. 

  • How can I make American Airlines Reservations online through a website?

Well, it would be a good idea to make the bookings from its official website. For that, you need to open its official website and log into your account. Search your desired destination and choose the ideal American Airlines flight. Fill up all the required passenger details and pay the fare to complete your booking. From the official site of American Airlines, you will get the best deals for your ticket. 

  • Does the customer service representative help me book my American Airlines flight ticket?

Yes, the customer service representative of American Airlines will help you book your flight ticket. You only need to dial the American airlines phone number and connect with the executive. You have to address your destinations and your details to initiate your booking procedure. 

  •  How can I connect with the customer service executive who speaks my local language?

If you want to connect with a customer service professional who can speak your regional or local language, you need to visit American Airlines’ official website. Then click on the “Contact Us” page, where you will find the contact numbers based on the regional language. Choose yours and communicate with the representative in your local language. 

  • I want to change my booking details. What are the suitable ways?

There are two easy and recommended ways to change or modify any details from your booking. The first is with the help of the official website and the second is connecting with the customer service through the American Airlines phone number. But, before making any changes or modifications, you need to check out the “Change Policy” of American Airlines. 

  •  I have canceled my American Airlines flight ticket. How long do I need to wait for a refund?

If you have canceled your flight American Airlines by following the cancellation and refund policy of American Airlines, you will only get your refund. Yet, you can get your refund within seven working days in your registered bank account. In the other case, if you have paid cash or cheque for your booking, then it will take a long time to refund the amount.

  •  I want to talk with customer service to add some facilities to my American Airlines Reservations?

You can dial the customer service number and connect with the customer service executive of American Airlines. Then you need to provide your American Airlines reservations number and also address your required facilities or services. Lastly, you need to pay for your extra services or facilities. 

  • I didn’t receive my luggage at the airport. What should I do?

If your luggage is lost at the airport and you didn’t receive your luggage for quite a long time, you need to immediately consult with the baggage control room at the airport and address all the details about your luggage. You need to report a missing file, and then you will get a reference number that will help you get the queries and update about the search process. 

  • What should I do when my American Airlines Reservations got canceled?

If, for any reason, your flight ticket got canceled by American Airlines, then you can raise a request for compensation. You can connect with the customer service representative and address your situation and ask for compensation. If your request is valid, you will receive your compensation as soon as possible from American Airlines. 

  • What should I do when I get damaged luggage?

You should immediately file a PIR for your damaged baggage and can also dial the American Airlines customer service number for assistance. 

American Airlines Contact Number Details

Details Phone Number
American Airlines Domestic Reservations ( US and Canada ) +1-860-590-8822 ( 24*7 )
American Airlines Booking Number +1-860-590-8822
American Airlines Customer Service +1-860-590-8822
American Airlines Reservations +1-860-590-8822
Call or Email AAdvantage® account service ( US and Canada ) 800-882-8880 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT)
Award Travel ( US and Canada ) 800-882-8880
Car Support and Questions Avis, Budget & Payless  ( Toll free: 800-245-8569 ) technical support ( Toll free: 800-222-2377 )
Hotel Support and Questions Book A HotelBook a Hotel Using Miles
American Airlines Vacations Contact 800-321-2121 Toll-Free ( US and Canada )817-786-4304 (Outside U.S. and Canada – charges apply)
Emergencies Contact U.S. / Canada / Caribbean: 800-901-9150 (toll-free)Mexico: 1-877-809-2766 or 1-800-891-3818Other: 918-669-8977 (charges apply)
Receipts Contact
Refunds Contact
Baggage Contact 800-535-5225 ( 24*7 )
Contact Admirals Club US and Canada : 800-237-7971Others : 817-963-6100Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT)
File a Lost and Found Report
Delayed or Damaged Bags
AA Trip Insurance US Residents Phone Number : 800-628-5404804-281-5700 (Collect)E-mail : [email protected]
AA Trip Insurance Canada Residents Phone Number : 866-520-8831Collect 519-742-9013 ( 24 hours )E-mail : [email protected]
Contact Special Assistance 800-433-7300 (Reservations)
American’s Disability Team Contact 800-892-3624

American Airlines Reservations and cancellations Contact Number Details

USA & Canada

Language Phone Hours (CT)
English 800-433-7300 24 hours
French  800-756-8613 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Spanish 800-633-3711 24 hours
Portuguese 866-824-8717 6 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Creole 800-833-5767 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Japanese 800-237-0027 24 hours
Mandarin Chinese 800-492-8095 24 hours
Hearing & speech impaired Dial 711 to be connected through the National Relay Service 24 hours

Europe and Russia Contact Number Details

Europe and Russia

Country Phone Hours (local)
Austria 01-360-277-3960 German: Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Belgium 070-300-300 (0.15 EUR/minute from landlines) French: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Croatia 020-898045 English: 24 hours
Czech Republic 225-376-447 English: 24 hours
Denmark 82-33-28-95 English: 24 hours
Finland 09-8171-0443 English: 24 hours
France 0821-980-999 ( Service 0,12 EUR / min + call charge) French: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Germany 069-2999-3234 German: Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Greece 21-1181-3884 English: 24 hours
Hungary 1-429-2346 (calling from Budapest) English: 24 hours
Iceland 800-4185 (toll free number) English: 24 hours
Ireland 0818-710-299 (0.08 EUR/minute from landlines) English: 24 hours
Italy 02-3859-1485 Italian/English: Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Netherlands 0900-040-1666 (1 € per call, plus standard call charge) English: 24 hours
Norway 815-62-022 English: 24 hours
Poland 22-584-42-92 English: 24 hours
Portugal 808-20-09-58 Portuguese: Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Russia 495-641-5120 Monday – Friday
9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Spain 912-158-999,
902-054-654 (0,08 EUR/minute from landlines)
Spanish/English: 24 hours
Sweden 0771-200-666 English: 24 hours
Switzerland 0848-289-289 (0.08 CHF/minute from landlines) German/French/Italian: Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Saturday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Turkey 0212-251-1315 Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
United Kingdom 0207-660-2300 or
0844-369-9899 (0,05 GBP/Minute plus phone company’s access charges)
English: 24 hours

Caribbean and Bermuda Contact Number Details

Country Phone Hours (local)
Anguilla* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Antigua* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Aruba 297-582-2700 24 hours
Bahamas* 800-433-7300 24 hours
Barbados* 800-744-0006 or 246-428-4170 24 hours
Bermuda* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Bonaire* 297-582-2700 24 hours
Cuba* 0800-22737 24 hours
Curacao* 599-9-869-5707 24 hours
Dominican Republic* Santo Domingo: 809-542-5151
Toll free: 1-809-200-5151
24 hours
Grand Cayman* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Grenada* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Haiti* 509-2229-6000 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Jamaica* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Puerto Rico 800-981-4757 24 hours
St. Kitts* 800-744-0006 or 869-465-2273 24 hours
St. Lucia* 800-744-0006 24 hours
St. Maarten* 1-721-545-2040 24 hours
St. Vincent* 800-744-0006 24 hours
Trinidad* 868-821-6000 24 hours
Turks and Caicos* 800-744-0006 24 hours

Asia/South Pacific Contact Number Details

Country / Region Phone Hours (local)
Australia 02-9101-1948 English: 24 hours
China 400-818-7333 Mandarin Chinese: 24 hours
English: 24 hours
Hong Kong 3057-9197 Cantonese / Mandarin: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
English: 24 hours
India 0124-417-6700 or 0124-601-4200 Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Indonesia +65-634-98444 English: 24 hours
Japan 03-4333-7675 Japanese: 24 hours
English: 24 hours
Malaysia 03-2053-5120 English: 24 hours
New Zealand 09-308-4014 English: 24 hours
Philippines 02-8524-8625 Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Singapore 6349-8444 English: 24 hours
South Korea 02-3483-3909 Korean: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
English: 24 hours
Sri Lanka 94-11-2475387-9 Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Taiwan 02-2563-1200 Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Thailand 02-634-1030 or 02-634-1031 or 02-634-1032 Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Vietnam Hanoi: 24-3933-0330
Ho Chi Minh City: 28-3933-0330
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
1 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

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It traveled from Chicago to Boston and American Airlines is not new to me. I often fly with the airline and every time I get surprised by watching the improvement in their services. I love this airline due to its friendly staff, comfortable seats, amazing on-board facilities, punctuality, and whatnot. The crew on the flight never fails to amaze me. They have the knack to handle all the difficult situations with a smile on their face. American Airlines is my personal favorite and will always be!

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