Asiana Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

How Does the Cancellation Policy of Asiana Airlines Work?

Thinking about cancellation right when you should plan about the joy of your journey can be tiring. However, you can reduce your worries when you book your flight ticket with Asiana Airlines. Cancellation of flight tickets becomes simple when you follow the Asiana Airlines cancellation policy. Therefore, you can know about the options when you need to cancel a trip due to any reason. So, here you will get all the information about the procedure to cancel, refund policy and cancellation fee. Hence, you can save your valuable money with a little awareness.

What is Asiana Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Passengers need to fulfil certain terms and conditions every time they want to cancel their Asiana flight. According to the Asiana cancellation policy

  • Passengers can cancel a flight for free upto 24 hours of booking. It is applicable on refundable ticket / non-refundable tickets.
  • Further, 24 hour policy is not applicable on group travels.
  • Similarly, Asiana Airlines allows full refund when you cancel your flight because of death of a loved one.
  • The airline charge a cancellation fee for cancellation after 24 hours.
  • Similarly, airline does not offer compensation on non-refundable tickets when you does not cancel your ticket within 24 hours.
  • However, Asiana airlines provides travel voucher to purchase a new ticket for 1 year.
  • The airlines allows its passengers full refund in certain situations:

When airline cancel the flight ticket

When a flight is delayed for more than 3 hours and you do not accept the alternative flight.

Note-: To learn more about the policy of Asiana , visit its website or contact its representative.

How to Cancel an Asiana Flight?

Passengers should follow the below process when they need to cancel a ticket before flight departure:

  • Visit Asiana Airlines website
  • Further, go to the Manage booking option.
  • Next enter the booking information like confirmation number, last name etc.
  • Choose cancellation of flight from different options appear on the screen
  • Further, select the flight that you want to cancel and give confirmation.
  • Enter the reason for cancellation in the box and tap on the submit button.
  • Finally, you will receive an email regarding successful cancellation.

Note-: You can call on Asiana Airlines reservation number if you are unable to find a solution through the website. Simply dial the number and follow IVR instructions to get in touch with an agent. Further, the agent will help you throughout the cancellation process.

How Asiana Airlines Cancellation Fee Works?

You may need to pay a fee for ticket cancellation if you purchased your ticket from Asiana. Therefore, it is important to know how its fee works :

Asiana airlines cancellation charge depends on various factors like

  • Date of the flight ticket
  • Date of cancellation
  • Travel Destination
  • Flight route
  • Fare Class

Accordingly, the airline may charge an amount equal to $100 to $400. You may need to pay a higher cancellation fee on international flights.

Note: To learn in detail about Asiana Airlines flight cancellation fee contact its executive. You can also visit the official website.

What is Asiana Airlines Refund Policy?

The refund policy of Asiana allows full refund for cancelling the flight within 24 hours of purchasing a flight ticket. However, at least 4 hours must be left in flight departure.

Similarly, the airline charges a refund fee when they cancel after 24 hours of ticket purchase. Therefore, the airline deducts the taxes and other applicable charges and returns the remaining amount.

Further, passengers’ destinations and which method they use to buy a domestic flight or International affects the refund penalties.

The airline allows cancellation 30 days prior to flight departure.

Similarly, airlines provide the refund in the form of travel vouchers when you cancel the Asiana Airlines non-refundable ticket.

Note-: So, you can learn more about the policy of Asiana by visiting the airline website. You can also contact an agent to know about the refund process.

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How to Claim a Refund from Asiana ?

Passengers can easily get a refund from Asiana Airlines when they cancel the flight ticket. However, they need to follow some simple steps if they are eligible for a refund:

  • Visit Asiana Airlines website
  • Then, scroll to Asiana Airlines refund form.
  • Further, enter all the requested information like contact details, pin code etc.
  • Next, choose the trip type and enter PNR number, origin and destination.
  • Similarly, choose a reason for why you are looking for a refund from the airline.
  • Further agree on the terms and conditions and submit the refund request form.

Note-: You can also connect with Asiana Airlines customer service for a refund request. Further, the representative will provide information on the refund amount.


Passengers who booked their flight tickets and require cancellation should consider Asiana Airlines cancellation policy. The airline provides online and offline ways to cancel the tickets. So, passengers can choose as per their convenience. You can feel relaxed when you reserve your tickets with Asiana and need cancellation due to sudden situations.


Does Asiana have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes. Asiana cancellation policy 24 hours allows free cancellation for 24 hours after the itinerary. After that you may need to bear a fee to cancel the flight.

How long does Asiana Airlines take to process the refund?

Mode of payment can affect the refund processing time.

  • For payment through credit card: 5 to 7 working days
  • Similarly, for payment through cash: up to 20 working days

Can I cancel a flight without losing money?

Yes. You can either buy a new ticket or cancel the flight ticket. However, airlines can ask a charge that depends on fare class, flight distance etc.

Note-: Contact Asiana Airlines agent for better clarification.

What is the number to contact Asiana for ticket cancellation?


You can contact the above number. Protection Status