Frontier Airlines Group Travel

If you are planning a group trip, rather than booking an individual flight, the best thing will be to book a trip through the Frontier group travel process. The airline always provides the most phenomenal or enhanced travel experience in a group. Apart from that, the passengers enjoy plenty of other benefits.

Frontier Airlines Group Travel Policy: Terms & Conditions

Before planning a group trip with the airline, getting familiar with its policy is important. Moreover, these points can help you to make a group flight reservation without any unnecessary trouble:

  • The first thing to keep in mind & is that you can book for ten or more that involve family members, friends & others.
  • All the passengers need to pay the same price for their group.
  • If you are booking a group flight, then it falls under the standard fare booking option.
  • If you have booked a group flight, you can make a free name change for the first time. But, after that, you need to pay the additional charges.
  • In some conditions, the group booking can allow you to hold the reservation until 60 days before the reservation.
  • On the other hand, the airline will charge a non-refundable booking fee for each commuter in a group.
  • However, you can pay that fee during the group reservation confirmation.

What are the Different Benefits of Boarding a Group Flight?

Flying in a group is different from booking separate flights. However, the main benefit is to travel at the minimum fares & book a flight in less time. So, below are the different points that can be kept in mind:

  • The first thing is booking a flight at the discounted rates.
  • However, you can fly with your whole family or friends in the same class & enjoy the trip.
  • Enjoy world-class inflight services.
  • You can enjoy your trip with ten or more members.
  • While flying in a group, you can also earn the frontier miles & each group member will earn their points.
  • However, Frontier Group Travel is the best way to enjoy your trip with your group towards your desired destination.

So, these are some of the best features whenever you book a Frontier airline group flight & enjoy the trip to your desired destination.

How to Book Group Travel with Frontier Airlines?

The Passengers can easily book a group trip with the airline, to save time & money. Moreover, the airline provides several benefits that come along with group flight booking to make the journey more convenient & comfortable. So, below are the different steps to book a flight:

  • The first step is to log in to the Frontier Airlines official website.
  • On the homepage, look for the group travel form & click here.
  • Provide all the passenger details, arrival & departure, and passenger count here.
  • You do need to provide the contact information & the registered email address.
  • After that, press the continue button; after filling out the form, the airline representative will receive the form & share the price quotation.
  • Now, review the whole quotation & book the flight that is under the budget.

Below are the Alternative ways to enjoy a fly-in group with Frontier Airlines.

How do I Contact Frontier Airlines Agents for Group Travel?

To travel as a group, Frontier Airlines offers various benefits on the group booking facilities. You can contact Frontier Airlines group travel agent to know all the facilities you will get on group bookings. Following are the steps to help you reach the agent hassle-free:

  • Visit the official Frontier Airlines website ( and look for a “Group Travel” or “Groups” section.
  • It is where you will find information related to group bookings and contact details.
  • You will get a contact form to request a quotation for a group trip there.
  • Fill out the form with details such as your name, contact information, group size, travel dates, and any special requests or requirements.
  • This form is often the first step in initiating a group travel booking.
  • Once you’ve completed the form, submit it through the website.
  • Provide accurate contact information so Frontier Airlines can contact you immediately.
  • Frontier Airlines’ group travel team will review your request and contact you.
  • They will provide information on availability, pricing, and the booking process.

Contact Frontier Airlines by Phone Number

You can find the airline’s customer service phone number on the official website if you prefer to speak directly with a Frontier Airlines agent. Call their customer service line, and when prompted, select group travel or speak to a representative who can assist with group bookings.

Other Ways to Book Frontier Group Travel Tickets

Are you planning to fly in a group with Frontier Airlines? Then, besides an online booking process, there are several ways to reserve your seats on a group flight. However, Passengers need to provide relevant information & enjoy their trip.

  • Email:

You can also make a Frontier group flight booking by mail by sending all the details like name, contact details, class & dates. However, the airline customer representatives will go through the respective details & book the available flight.

  • Live Chat:

The other ways include connecting a live person at the Frontier airline for a group trip through a live chat option. Here, provide your mandatory details to book a flight. On the other hand, the airline executives will go through all your information & provide you with immediate assistance.

  • WhatsApp:

The passengers can also try to connect with someone in the airline via WhatsApp at 720-902-3969. Moreover, this option makes booking a group flight at your fingertips easier within the minimum time.

Can I book a group flight booking at the airport?

Yes, apart from the online ways to book a flight, you can also book a frontier group travel at the airport. However, please report to the reservation department & tell them about your group details like total passengers, contact details & other things. Well, they will provide you with better assistance.


At last, to get more information about Frontier Airlines group travel journeys you can contact on the official phone number of the airline. The airline representatives will help you to resolve all your relevant doubts or concerns.

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