Does Aeromexico offer Group Travel?

Are you a fan of travelling with a group? If you’ve been dreaming of exploring your favorite destination, the Aeromexico group travel option is worth considering. Choosing this feature to save more money on your travel expenses.

AeroMexico tries its best to provide discounts and cheap flights for passengers. The airline understands that travelers prefer a hassle-free travel experience. If you’re interested in reducing travel costs by making multiple flight bookings. This blog gets to know about Aeromexico group booking guidelines, fees & procedure booking details.

A complete Guidelines on Aeromexico Group Travel:

If you book an Aeromexico flight, you should know the Aeromexico group Travel Policy. The terms and conditions for Aeromexico Group Bookings ensure a smooth booking process but come with specific requirements:

  • Group travel is applicable when 10 or more passengers travel together on the same itinerary.
  • “Same itinerary” means that all group members’ destination, origin, date, and time must be identical.
  • Bookings must be made through direct channels only.
  • Passengers can initiate the group booking by contacting the official group reservation number.
  • The Aeromexico group travel rates remain valid until the ticket is issued.
  • Passengers should check the contract for the specified validity date.
  • Upon receiving a quote from the airline, passengers have a 72-hour window to provide a positive acceptance response.
  • If this timeframe is missed, a new quote must be requested from the airline.
  • To successfully request Aeromexico group travel, passengers must make the minimum guarantee in a single transaction, as multiple transactions will not be accepted.

How does Aeromexico Group Travel work?

AeroMexico provides group travel, allowing passengers to reserve flight tickets for multiple passengers in a single booking. By choosing the Aeromexico group booking option, customers can take advantage of the convenience of booking for a larger group in one go, along with the potential benefits and offers of this collective booking feature.

Here’s how group travel with AeroMexico works:

  • Single Booking: AeroMexico allows passengers to book flight tickets for all group members in a single transaction.
  • Minimum Group Size: To qualify for group bookings with AeroMexico, your group must have at least 8 members.
  • Advance Request: It is necessary to provide the name of your group when you have at least seven days remaining before the scheduled flight departure.
  • Name Change Flexibility: AeroMexico offers flexibility in making name changes for group members. Moreover, make these changes before the flight’s departure date.
  • Deposit Requirement: There is a deposit requirement of $50 when booking group travel with Aeromexico.

How to Make Aeromexico Group Travel Reservations?

Aeromexico offers a user-friendly booking process through its official website. Alternatively, you can simplify the booking task by calling Aeromexico Reservations. It’s worth noting that Aeromexico’s reservation number is also available for those who prefer booking over the phone, providing flexibility in the booking process.

  • Navigate to the official Aeromexico Airlines website and access the flight booking section.
  • Then, choose your preferred trip type from the options available.
  • Further, provide essential travel details such as departure and arrival locations, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Then, click the designated button to indicate your preferred travel class and initiate the flight search.
  • Browse the available flights and select the one that aligns with your requirements and budget.
  • After selecting your desired flight, proceed to the payment stage.
  • Then, complete the payment process by entering the necessary payment details.
  • After successful payment, you will receive the flight tickets in your registered email inbox.

Advantages of Group Booking with Aeromexico Airlines:-

  • Huge Discounts: Engaging in group bookings often comes with attractive discounts. While regular flight bookings might be costlier, group bookings offer useful savings, making it a financially beneficial option.
  • Time-Saving: Group booking lets you secure more than 9 tickets or even more in a single transaction, saving lots of time compared to booking each ticket separately.
  • Discount Coupons: Aeromexico provides a range of discount coupons and special deals exclusively for group bookings. These coupons can further enhance your savings and make the booking more budget-friendly.
  • Make Booking Process Simple: Group booking with Aeromexico is amazing & convenient to make the reservation process very easy & simple. Instead of handling multiple bookings individually, you can use a single source to reserve all the tickets required for your group.

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