Does JetBlue offer Military Discount?

Jetblue is a popular low-cost flight provider in North America. Therefore, airlines always ensure an excellent flight booking experience for passengers. That is why Jetblue offers exciting flight deals to customers. JetBlue Military Discount is one of the best examples of this. Under this, Jetblue offers gratitude to passengers serving in the military by offering them the best discount.

People at JetBlue understand the importance of family vacations in the life of a military servant. Therefore, the JetBlue Military Discount code ensures a comfortable and affordable journey for them.

Hence, if you are a military servant or a veteran, you can plan an unforgettable holiday with your family.

Exclusive Military Discount on JetBlue Flight tickets

Under the VetRewards offer, JetBlue offers 5% off on all flights. Therefore, military passengers can fly to over 85 destinations in the United States of America. In addition, Veterans also get the following services free of cost:

  • Wider legroom
  • Free meal
  • Free beverages
  • And lots of entertainment throughout the journey.

Offer of JetBlue: JetBlue pays respect to the veterans with a special 5% off VetRewards. Along with this, passengers can carry up to 2 bags for free. Apart from this, there are no blackout dates to avail of military flight discounts.

Who is Eligible to Use the JetBlue Military Discount Code?

Military personnel on active duty/ex-military veterans/their dependents(spouses and children) are eligible to redeem the discount offer.

Note-: Apart from military discounts, JetBlue Airlines offers flexible date changes and cancellation policies to military servants.

How to Get JetBlue Airlines Military Discount?

Taking advantage of JetBlue military discounts on air tickets is easy once passengers prove eligible for it. Further, passengers can do it in multiple ways. However, they need to follow a step-by-step process:

Redeem discount code through the website

  • Visit JetBlue Airlines official website.
  • Next, please fill out the form with all the necessary military details and submit it.
  • On successful verification, passengers will get a discount code to redeem the offer.
  • Further, while booking JetBlue flights, passengers can use the code to make the payment.
  • However, passengers can use the promo code, irrespective of the mode of booking(Offline or online).
  • Hence, the Military discount of JetBlue is paying exceptional homage to Military servants.

Redeem discount code through phone

  • Dial JetBlue customer service number at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Press the key to choose a language
  • Next, the passenger selects the concern, and a representative will pick up the call.
  • Further, request the agent to book with a military discount code.
  • Similarly, the agent will guide the passengers through the booking process
  • Lastly, passengers make payment and get confirmation.

JetBlue Military Discount on Baggage

Along with 5% off VetReward on booking JetBlue flight tickets, Military personnel also get benefits for baggage. Under this, Passengers can check in baggage for free. However, baggage waiver applies in two categories:

When personnel travel because of duty: Under this, military personnel can carry up to 5 bags along with the dependent bags free of cost. However, they need to show the travel order on check-in.

When personnel travel for vacation: Under this, military personnel can carry up to 2 bags along with dependents’ bags free of cost. Also, show their military ID at check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does JetBlue offer⁢ military ‌discounts?

Yes, JetBlue offers 5%off on fares of all JetBlue flights in over 85 countries. And there are no blackout date restrictions.

Q: ⁤Who is eligible to redeem ‌the JetBlue military‍ discount code?

The people who are eligible to redeem the military discount of JetBlue are the following:

  • Military personnel on active duty
  • Ex-military veterans
  • Their dependents(spouses and children)

Q: How much discount does JetBlue offer to military personnel?

JetBlue offers 5% off on base fares on all flights. However, they need to show proof of ID at check-in.

Q: How ⁣can military personnel get the discount?

Military personnel can get the JetBlue discount by calling customer service or by visiting the website.

Q: Does JetBlue Airlines waive baggage fees for the military?

Yes. JetBlue allows active military personnel to check additional baggage for free. They can avail of the baggage allowance for traveling on duty or for vacation purposes.

Q: Does JetBlue let the military board first?

JetBlue allows boarding to active military people and their families once group A completes the boarding. However, they can board prior to general boarding.

Q: Do veterans get free TSA PreCheck?

Veterans get the TSA PreCheck for free when they have enrollment in the program. Also, they can avail of it if they have privileged travel reward cards. Contact JetBlue to learn more.

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