Southwest Airlines Group Travel Policy

Southwest Airlines Group Travel

The concept of group travel refers to a process that allows you to make a group flight booking for ten or more members. Apart from that, the main advantage of Southwest Airlines group travel is to fly along with your friends and families instead of flying solo. These things help to enjoy a fabulous trip.

Southwest Group Travel Program?

The airline group travel program helps you enjoy the trip in a unique way as you get to fly with your own group that offers an exciting inflight experience & several benefits. Moreover, it also provides group discounts, exploring your trip in better ways, communicating with different people & more.

How to Book a Southwest Group Travel Flights?

The airline offers the top deals & exclusive services whether you are boarding domestic & international trips. Moreover, if you are planning a trip with your family & friend groups, then it provides trouble-free flight booking. Now, for your convenience, you can try booking your flight online without arriving at the airport:

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Now, on the site homepage, you can find out different options.
  • However, you see various options such as booking & managing reservations, fares, group travel & other necessary options.
  • Moreover, you need to click on the group reservation & there you need to enter the required information.
  • These are the number of passengers, arrival or departure points & date.
  • Now, click on the search button & you can view the list of the flights.
  • Here, choose the one that fits your budget & move toward the payment page.
  • Moreover, mention the payment-related details & pay the required fare.

What are the Different Benefits of Flying in a Group?

The group travel facility is the best way to enjoy your vacations. But it’s not limited to that; numerous benefits can make your whole trip much better & provide you with an incredible flying experience. However, you can read some points below:

  • Affordable fares:

The main feature is getting the Southwest group travel discount while reserving a group. However, you don’t need to pay extra charges while traveling to the holiday spot.

  • Payment Options:

Southwest Airlines provides you with the most flexible payment methods online & offline. Apart from that, it also has an alternative way to hold the flight booking & complete it later.

  • Name Change:

The airline also provides an unlimited name change service till 72 hrs. before the flight departure. On the other hand, you can rectify the errors like changing the alphabet & the passengers don’t need to pay any amount.

Who can take advantage of Southwest Group Travel?

The group flight reservations program is primarily for those who wish to travel in groups. So, it’s clear that it’s not for any individual booking, but the important part is you need to understand that who is eligible to book a group flight & below are the points to help:

  • School groups
  • Corporate groups
  • Family group
  • Sports Group

Moreover, while booking flights, you can also learn about Southwest Airlines group travel rates or look for the necessary discounts.

What are the different terms & conditions of the Southwest Group Trip?

The main purpose of reading the group travel terms Southwest is to familiarize yourself with the import rules & regulations. However, these can help you to make modifications to your group journey along with various advantages:

  • Size of Group:

Your group should have ten or more passengers to qualify for the group trip. However, these will also help you to get the group rates based on the airline policy.

  • Booking process:

It also informs you about the airline group travel reservation process and the different ways to make the group flight reservation.

  • Name change or correction:

Apart from the above, it also helps you with name changes or correction procedures. Here, it informs you about the essential points while changing the name.

What are the rules for booking a group flight with Southwest?

Traveling in a group is among the best flying experiences for any person. While booking a flight, some conditions are important & need to be kept in mind. However, if there should be ten or more members, only you can book a group flight. If you are one member short, then the airline has the right to cancel the trip.

What is Southwest Airlines Seating Policy?

If you are boarding a flight with Southwest Airlines, it’s important to know about the airline seat selection policy apart from the other services. However, it’s quite easy with any confusion. The other part is it’s easy to read & understand to enjoy a comfortable journey:

  • The first point says the airline does not offer the seats before the time, but the assigned travelers can get the seats as per their groups A, B, or C & the boarding positions start from 1-60.
  • However, your boarding group & your position will probably determine the time you’ll board the plane, followed by the number of seats you can choose.
  • After you board a flight, you can easily select from the available seats.
  • However, the airline always tries to provide the most convenient seat selection feature to avoid seat assignment for the other side.

How can I Check in while Boarding a Group Flight?

The airline always ensures to provide the passengers with a hassle-free travel experience. Moreover, it also assists you with the southwest group travel check-in process that includes easy steps within the minimum time.

  • Confirm reservation details:

While booking a flight, you have to enter all the confirmed information about the worldwide commuters of the group.

  • Access to the website:

You can also visit the official website of Southwest Airlines to complete the entire check-in process. Here, enter all the relevant information & get the check process done.

  • Choose the passengers:

Meanwhile, booking a group trip allows you to choose multiple travelers during check-in.

  • Review everything:

At last, please go through all the details & confirm all the details are correct & submit it.

How to Print Southwest Airline Boarding Pass for Group Travel?

Yes, it’s possible to print the boarding pass, but the main concern is how to print boarding passes for Southwest Airlines group travel. However, for this, the passenger doesn’t need to worry as several options can make things overall much easier:

  • Book via mobile app:

Generally, passengers book a flight through a Southwest official app to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, you can mention all the relevant information about your group & print out the boarding pass from your side.

  • Airport:

Alternatively, print your boarding pass at the airport check-in counter. However, visit the reservation counter at the airport. You need to provide all the travel-related details & they’ll print your boarding pass.

How much do you need to pay to hold the group reservation?

Are you planning a group trip for your vacation or work? Then, boarding the Southwest flight will be the best option. However, it offers multiple inflight benefits to enhance your journey. Before that, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind. The airline charges around $50 per person to hold the reservation.

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