Southwest Airlines Group Travel Policy

Wish to travel to your desired destination with your family, friends, or loved ones? You must book Southwest Airlines group travel through the official website/contact the customer service. Southwest Airlines Group Program offers discounted airfare only for the passengers travelling in a group. 

Similarly, this program is a great way to travel with your friends, family, and office colleagues. It is budget-friendly and time-saving when booking flights for passengers under one reservation.  Read the complete blog to learn more about group reservations.

What is the Southwest Airline Group Travel Program?

Suppose you are travelling with a group, then this group travel program is for you! This program offers affordable fares, various payment options, and more perks. One of the best advantages of booking group travel tickets is that you can book tickets at unmatched rates. 

Types of Travel Under Southwest Group Bookings

There are two types of groups available to make reservations for Southwest Airlines group travel. Go through the options below to learn them:

Business Travel 

Southwest Business Travel makes it easier to book flights for up to 25 or more people on the same itinerary. Passengers with business travel are able to enjoy multiple benefits for conventions, meetings, conferences, events, and more. 

  • Book the meeting in your channel of choice. 
  • Make a name change request up to 24 hours before the travel time.
  • Get the discount and receive amazing incentives.
  • Control and delegate permission to other users of your corporate office. 
  • Bulk requests for up to 50 meetings at a single time. 

Group Travel

Travelers can book group travel when they are travelling as a group and all the passengers belong from the same origin to the same destination. It is the best option for sports teams, extended families, school groups, and more. With this, you can enjoy various discounts and flexibility to make your journey more affordable for each passenger. 

  • No hidden charges for reservation, ticketing, etc. 
  • Change the name unlimited times up to three hours before the travel time. 
  • Get the tour conductor ticket for free for each of the 29 group tickets bought. 

Note: Passengers with groups get access to special Southwest Airlines group travel discounts on the official website/contact the customer service team. 

How to book group tickets on Southwest Airlines? 

There are multiple modes available when it comes to booking your reservation online and offline. Both the methods are easy to use and enable you to book your flights with ease. 

Group Reservation Online 

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Enter the required information in the group reservation form.  
  • It may include the surname of the passenger, desired destinations, travel date, etc. 
  • Attach the required documents if needed. 
  • Click on the Submit button available at the bottom section. 
  • You will get a response from the airline about your reservation. 

Group Reservation Offline

Travelers can also get in touch with a live person on a phone call and request them to complete group reservation. They can use the Southwest Airlines group travel phone number at xxx-xxx-xxx and speak to a live person. You must share your preferences about your booking and make the applicable payment to confirm your journey. You will get the confirmation through the airline by email or phone number. 

Note: Travelers can also book group vacations for multiple purposes such as  destination weddings, corporate outings, Bachelor parties, family reunion, weekend getaways, etc. 

Benefits of Southwest Group Travel Booking 

Travelers will be facilitated with various perks when booking a group with Southwest. Some of them are described below: 

Multiple Payment Gateways: There are different payment options available for the ease of its passenger to pay for the reservation. 

Zero Extra Fees: Southwest does not charge any fee for ticketing, reservation, or change. 

Unlimited Name Change: Passengers are allowed for the unlimited name changes at least 72 hours before the travel time. 

Earn Tickets for Round-trip Travel: The airline offers one tour conductor ticket for free of charge for every 29 group tickets bought by the passenger.             

Eligibility to Make a Southwest Airlines Group Reservation

Travelers must meet an eligibility criteria to book themselves on southwest airlines group travel program. Check out the below points to learn more: 

  • You must have up to ten or more passengers in your group travelling to the same destination to book a group flight on Southwest Airlines. 
  • Every group booking must have a leader who will act as the speaker of the entire group. 
  • Flyers must pay up to $50 per passenger in advance to book a flight for a group. 
  • It is crucial to make the payment only through a credit card. 
  • Group passengers can make the name changes on Southwest for free up to 72 hours before the travel time. 

How Southwest Airlines Group Program Works?

This program offers flexibility to the passengers that makes their travel easy, affordable, and fun. Here’s how it works:

Submit Deposit

Passengers can pay $50 per passenger as a deposit amount to hold their reservation after the completion of group booking. Southwest Airlines permits credit cards only as the approved form of payment to pay the deposit value. However, you can call xxx-xxx-xxx over the to pay this amount over the call. 

Pay Final Amount

Travelers can pay the complete amount over the call through a credit card/PayPal/or UATP before the date of the final payment due date. It will be applicable only when you have already provided a complete list of the names of passengers.  

Book Southwest Airlines Group Vacations 

Southwest Airlines permits its customers to book vacations that remove the hassles and the headache of coordinating vacations for small groups. This program offers the flexibility of independent reservation with any contract. You can enjoy the benefits of special promotion code discounts, various in-flight amenities, etc. with a group of up to 5 rooms.

Moreover, you can carry baggage for free with Southwest Vacations. Members can even earn Rapids reward points for their next trip. Passengers can also add early bird check-in to flight reservations when it is available for automatic check-in. 

Who can avail the benefits of Group Travel?

People looking to travel together in small groups who want to make their journey more satisfying by enjoying the companionship of their loved ones, colleagues, or friends must avail this option. 

Some of such passengers can come in the form of: 

  • Religious Groups
  • School Groups
  • Family Groups
  • Sport Groups

Wrap Up 

Southwest Airlines group travel offers the flexibility to make your journey inexpensive, convenient, and enjoyable. Passengers with group reservations also get to enjoy a bundle of benefits while travelling. Use this option if you are travelling with a group of at least ten or more people who come from the same origin to the same destination. Make a call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to speak with a representative who specializes in group travel arrangements. 

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