Spirit Airlines Vacations Packages

Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages : All inclusive Deals

When planning a vacation on special occasions, Spirit Airlines is a budget-friendly option. The low-cost airline will help you save money and enjoy traveling with family & friends. So, you can get more details on Spirit Airlines vacation packages and choose one that suits you. 

Spirit Airlines offers vacation packages that include flights, hotels, and cars. You can combine the facilities as per your requirements. So, you can have- Flight + hotel, Flight + car, or Flight + Hotel + car. Also, Spirit Airlines vacation packages save up to 30% when you bundle your flight, Hotel, or car. Follow the read further to know more details.

What are the Benefits of Spirit Vacation Packages?

There are many airlines similar to Spirit that offer vacation packages. So, what stands Spirit Airlines out of the crowd on vacation package features? Have a look at the benefits you will get on Spirit Airlines vacation packages:

  • Easy to check and customize available packages : Spirit Airlines has user-friendly ways to provide passengers with self-booking facilities on any flight booking. So, as you open the webpage of Spirit Vacations, you will get all available packages categorized accordingly. Also, there is a search bar to help you find the package according to your preferences. 
  • No hidden charges : You can get all the details once you choose the vacation package that suits you. The charges are mentioned in front of the services included in the package. 
  • Great savings on flight bookings and extras: Spirit Airlines offers up to 30% off on all vacation packages, whether it’s flight + car, flight + Hotel, or flight + car + hotel. 
  • Easy to book and pay : The vacation package reservation process is as easy as one-way flight bookings on Spirit Airlines. Also, the airline offers multiple options and enough flexibility for passengers to complete the payment.
  • Additional benefits for frequent flyers and Free Spirit members : Earn 500 Free Spirit points every time you book directly on Spirit by adding your Free Spirit account at checkout. Also, passengers will experience more flexibility and dedicated customer service. So, there will be fewer restrictions on changes, cancellations, rebooking and refunds. 

How to Book a Vacation Package on Spirit Airlines?

To book a vacation package on Spirit Airlines, visit the homepage of Spirit Airlines. There, you will get to know all the available options for vacations. Have a look at the steps below to search for the package that suits you:

Using the Spirit Search Tool

  • Search for www.spirit.com on a suitable web browser. 
  • Then, accept all cookies to proceed further with the website.
  • Click on the ‘Bundle & Save’ option at the top of the page. 
  • Now, select the type of package you are looking for from the drop-down. The available options are Flight + Hotel, Flight + Car, and Flight + Hotel + Car.
  • You can fill in your departure airport, destination, departure & return dates, and number of passengers and click the ‘Search Vacations’ option. 
  • If there are no search results, try editing the departure airport or travel dates. 
  • You will get a list of available options.
  • Choose the one package that suits you and follow the prompts.

Book Vacation on Exclusive Deals

  • Open spirit.com > Bundle & Save, then find the Exclusive vacation deals page.
  • Click that option, and you will land on another page.
  • Here you must fill in the required details to find your trip. 
  • Or, scroll down and click on the packages from the options available on the page.
  • You can choose the option that suits you and continue with the booking process.

Contact Spirit Airlines for Vacations

  • Find the contact details from the ‘Help Centre’ page on Spirit Airlines.
  • Dial the number 1-855-728-3555 and call Spirit Guest Relations.
  • Follow the instructions on the IVR automation and reach out to airline staff.
  • When the call connects, ask the airline representative to book a vacation package for you.
  • Share your preferences and budget to help the agent find the best package for you.
  • After selecting the package, make the final payment.

Available Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages 2023-24 include:

Spirit Airlines Beach Vacation packages

All beach lovers can explore the destinations popular for beaches. Beach vacation packages can include flights, hotels, and rental cars. You can find packages for destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and America. One can visit the Spirit Beach Vacations page to discover all the available options.

Family Vacation packages

One can customise Spirit Airlines family vacation packages to meet the needs of every family member. It includes flight tickets, rental cars, hotels, and fun activities.

City Exploration Packages

Bundle your flight and Hotel to enjoy wonderful cities with up to 30% savings. City exploration packages include sightseeing, flights, cars, hotels, and group tours.

All-inclusive Packages

All-inclusive vacations include all the essentials in the booking price, such as accommodation, food, drinks, activities, and entertainment. Some all-inclusive resorts have kid’s clubs that offer activities for different age levels.

For more information, visit the official site of Spirit Airlines and check all the ‘Bundle & Save’ vacation packages.

Spirit Airlines Vacations: All Featured Destinations

Spirit Vacations is the one-stop destination to find amazing holiday packages at a budget-friendly price. This offers different getaways for all sorts of travellers, be it the adventure enthusiasts, escorted or independent travellers or honeymooners, and a lot more.  So, what are you waiting for? Book your itinerary with Spirit Airlines now and enjoy the experience that is right for you. Check the list of bucket-worthy destinations that you can select while booking your upcoming trip. 

  • Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Cancun

Best-known for its beaches and world-class resorts, the Mexican city of Cancun is an idyllic destination for those who are looking to explore the rich traditions while enjoying the luxury to the fullest. It boasts beautiful beaches and thus attracts beach bums from every nook and corner of the world. Get the best deals on Spirit Airlines Vacations to Cancun and enjoy a quality holiday for less. 

  • Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Denver

Nicknamed as the Mile High City, Denver is one of the leading tourist destinations to explore in the United States. It sits at an elevation of exactly one mile above the sea level and encompassed by the wide range of Rocky Mountains. From art galleries to museums to adventure places to beer scenes, this destination has everything in store for all kinds of travelers. Plan your trip to Denver with Spirit Vacations and enjoy a comfortable stay with add-on perks.

  • Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages to Tampa

Famed for world-class museums and rich culture, Tampa is the most sought-after destination located along Florida’s Gulf Coast. This perfectly mixes the family-friendly activities with the fun nightlife so that travellers of all ages can enjoy it here. Customize your holiday package with Spirit Airlines and spend your money on memories and not on travel expenses. 

Spirit Airlines Promo Code & Coupons

Want to save money? If yes, then make the use of promo codes and discount coupons while booking Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages and turn your dream into reality. These promo codes are the best way to save money on the flight tickets but keep in mind the fact that these promotional codes are available only for a certain duration of time and you need to apply them within the deadline. Once the date has been passed, these codes and coupons become worthless. Also, these codes are restricted and subject to specified dates, fare types, destinations, and flight tickets. It is important to know all terms and conditions about Spirit Airlines promo codes before using the same to avoid any further huste. 

Travelers are advised to follow the airline on the social media handles so that they can easily get to know about the latest deals and offers along with the price drops. You can also subscribe to the airline’s newsletter for the same and get important mails directly in your mailbox. 

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