Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Were you planning to take your children to your parents for New Year and are now planning to cancel the flight due to some urgency? It’s a great plan for your children to visit their grandparents, so why not send them on the flight? To make this possible, you must inquire about Delta Unaccompanied Minor policy. Delta promises parents the complete safety of their child at least 5 years old to travel as an unaccompanied minor. The terms and conditions come with a few important formalities before making a reservation for a 5+ child.

In this blog, we have mentioned all the important facts & details to help you get the right information on Delta unaccompanied minor flights.

What is Delta Policy on unaccompanied minors?

Only a few airlines offer a facility that allows minor passengers to board the flight without a known caretaker. Delta has taken the initiative to help parents send their children from one place to another safely & quickly on Delta flights. However, all Delta facilities are bound to certain rules and restrictions.

Here are specific rules of Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor policy that one must know before booking a flight for a minor:

  • Delta Airlines considers 5-14-year-old passengers to travel as unaccompanied minors on flights.
  • Children under the age of 5 must travel with an adult at least 18 years. It is because the airline does not allow them to travel alone.
  • Delta unaccompanied minors is a mandatory program for all children traveling without an adult. However, the program is optional for children ages 15-17.
  • Delta Airlines suggests booking nonstop flights for children between 5 and 7. If your child is 8 or older, they can travel on flights with connections.
  • When traveling without parents, minors will require a Travel consent form available on the official website of Delta Airlines.

How does Delta Airlines unaccompanied minor travel work?

Delta Airlines has a special program for kids between 5 and 14 traveling alone. If your child is flying alone, here’s what you need to know:

Booking confirmation depends on the age: Your child must be between 5 and 14 years old to be eligible for Delta unaccompanied minor. Any child under 5 cannot travel without an adult caretaker.

Prepare your child for travel: Make your child clear about what will happen during and after the flight journey. He/she must know who will pick them up on arrival. For a stress-free journey, provide them with lovey and special snacks to carry onboard.

Escort: You or someone you assign must take your child to the gate and stay with them until the flight takes off.

Check-in: You and your child must go to the check-in counter and complete the last-minute formalities. You can stay with the child until an airline staff takes them for flight boarding.

Special lounge available at specific airports: Delta Airlines has a special lounge for children with ample playful activities. The best way to pass the time before the plane arrives for boarding.

Wristbands: Your child will get a special wristband with a barcode that tracks their journey. So you can scan the code and check the location of the flight.

Boarding in Group 1: Minor passengers, senior citizens, and pregnant women get to board in Delta Boarding Group-1 along with elite members. It will make sure your child settles on the seats safely.

In-flight services: Once the flight takes off, the airline crew will provide free snacks, inflight entertainment, extra service as per tickets, and other basic needs of the minor. You can also talk to your child on internet calls available on flights.

At arrival: After arrival, all minors will stay in the lounge and will be sent to the designated person once they come to pick up the child. The airline will inform you of any delay in that person’s arrival using the contact details provided by the airline.

For more information, you can check out the Delta Airlines website. And remember, it’s always a good idea to double-check with Delta for the most up-to-date information about their rules for kids flying alone.

How much does Delta Unaccompanied minor flight costs?

Delta Airlines allows children above 5 to travel alone for just $150 for one-way flight booking. Also, the airline charges an extra fee called the unaccompanied minor fee. This fee is added to the ticket cost and may vary depending on the destination and the number of flights the child has to take to get there.

Contact Delta reservations department for live price information on Domestic and international flight bookings for a minor. Or you can check the price using the search tool on the website and Delta mobile app.

Perks of Delta unaccompanied minor policy

Delta is among the most selected airlines when it comes to the safety of unaccompanied minors. Have a look at the benefits it offers to stay on top:

  • Delta offers an Unaccompanied Minor Program that provides specialized services to guarantee the comfort and safety of children traveling alone.
  • Staff specialized in caring for and flight leaders are assigned to accompany the children throughout their flight journey.
  • Delta’s unaccompanied minor policy is for minors between 5 and 14, but children aged 15 to 17 can also travel alone using this service if desired.
  • Delta’s flight attendants assigned to the minors are trained to ensure the child’s safety and care during the flight.
  • Delta will care for all unaccompanied minors from check-in to arrival by providing a seamless travel experience and constant communication with the caretakers involved.
  • The program for Delta minors includes an adult employee to accompany them, a tracking wristband for safety, a lounge area specifically for kids at Sky Zone, and other special perks to make their travel experience comfortable and enjoyable.


Delta’s unaccompanied minor program is a great option for sending children to travel alone on flights. With a dedicated team of caring professionals, Delta ensures that unaccompanied minors have a comfortable and safe journey from start to finish. From the moment they arrive at the airport to when their designated guardian picks them up, Delta’s unaccompanied minor program offers an enjoyable travel experience for children. So you can consider Delta’s unaccompanied minor program and rest easy knowing your child is in good hands.


Are unaccompanied minors allowed on Delta Airlines?

Yes, Delta Airlines does allow unaccompanied minors on their flights. But they can travel with Delta Airlines under rules and regulations. If a child does not fall under the Unaccompanied Minor policy rules, the airline does not take responsibility for flying the child anywhere and declines his travel.

Does a 16-year-old child only travel with Delta Airlines if he buys an unaccompanied minor ticket?

No, a child of 16 years of age can travel with a basic fare ticket. Delta Airlines allows children aged 15-17 to choose between minor and basic tickets. Still, any child under the age of 15 has to travel with an unaccompanied minor Delta ticket.

How can you book a ticket for your 13-year-old child?

You can call Delta Unaccompanied Minors phone number or make a reservation from their ticket counter. Delta Airlines does not have the option of booking an unaccompanied minor Delta ticket from their website.

How early must you reach the airport to drop off your child?

If your child is traveling alone with Delta Airlines, you must reach the airport a bit early to finish the formalities. If he is traveling domestically, you must be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight takes off, but if he is traveling internationally, you have to be there 3 hours before the departure.

What is the cost of an Unaccompanied minor Delta Airlines ticket?

Delta Airlines let four children travel altogether at a service fee of $150. However, you must get your child an adult ticket in addition to the service charges.

What documents are required at the airport for unaccompanied minor travel?

The person who is coming along with the child to the airport must carry the following documents:

Identification or birth certificate to determine the age of the child.

Details of the person, including his phone number and name, who will pick up the child from the destination airport, and details of the person dropping him off at the airport.

Who is responsible for transferring your child from one flight to another if you book a connecting flight?

A budget staff member of the airline will pick your child up from the flight and take him safely to the next flight.

Can a child below the age of 4 travel alone?

No, Delta Airlines doesn’t let children under 4 years travel alone on their flights.

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