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Complete Guide on United Airlines Group Travel

Are you planning a trip with your squad or looking for a perfect airline that can help you reach your destination? United Airlines will be the ideal choice for you. With the help of United Airlines, you will get the best deals on group travel. United Airlines also offers various mind-blowing offers, sales, and discounts occasionally to its valuable customers. So if you are in between selecting the best airline for your squad, you can choose United Airlines without any hesitation. But before confirming your group travel ticket from United Airlines, do you want to know more about the group travel policy of United Airlines? Don’t worry! Here in this blog, you will get the full in-depth details. Please read it carefully.

What do you mean by United Airlines Group Booking?

Are you planning for a group trip with your family & friends for a vacation? However, United Airlines group travel will be the best option. It’s a process that helps you to book a flight for up to a group of 8 members & fly to the desired destination.

However, if you fly with a group of 10 or more then the airline offers special fares & other services.

Explain the Benefits of United Airlines Group Travel

If you have booked a group flight with United Airlines, the airline provides several benefits to worldwide passengers. However, below you can find several advantages will flying in a group:

  • The first benefit is to enjoy your trip with your friends & family.
  • The passengers can book a flight at the lowest fares.
  • If you are flying in a group, the airline provides a group travel desk to manage the organization’s booking.
  • Moreover, the airline provides a flexible ticketing system so that you can make changes to the flyer details & information.
  • It also provides the most convenient seating options to make your group trip more fun & memorable.

How do I book Multiple Travelers on United Airlines?

It’s quite an easy process to make a United Airlines group reservations; however, you can read the below steps that allow you to make a hassle-free flight booking:

  • First of all, visit United Airlines official website.
  • Now, you can find the group booking option on the homepage.
  • However, provide all the required passenger information for booking a group trip.
  • After that, choose the passengers to count & along with the adults & children.
  • Conversely, if you wish to add more flyers to the existing booking, it depends on the seat availability.
  • Moreover, after submitting the respective details, you can follow the other instructions.
  • Last, receive the flight booking confirmation in the registered mail.

How to Book a Group Trip in other ways?

If you are not able or have confusion while booking a group at United Airlines, then below are the other ways that can help:

  • Official App:

You can try to install the United Airlines official application, where you can book a group flight at your fingertips. It’s a very convenient way to book & enjoy your United Airlines group journey.

  • Email:

The other step is to send an official email to connect with a United Airlines live person. However, provide all the travel details like your dates of departure & arrival, group members count, and cabin, followed by the other required information.

  • Live Chat:

The commuters can also start a live chat to connect with a United Airlines customer service representative. However, this is another alternative process to get immediate assistance to book a group flight.

What are the Different Groups available on United Airlines?

The United airline group trip consists about three types of groups & below are the essential details related to them:

  • Group 1:

Here, you will find the top group of commuters as global service members, United Polaris first, business passengers & first passengers.

  • Group 2:

The second group holds the flyers with elite membership, mileage, frequent flyer commuters, premier 1k, and premier platinum and gold travelers.

  • Group 3:

This is for flyers with standard priority boarding, airline credit card users & different eligible passengers.

What are the important things to remember while reserving seats on group flights at United Airlines?

If you have plans to travel in a group for your vacations with the airline, then below are some points to keep in mind:

  • The main thing about booking a group flight is that your group should have about eight members.
  • If, there are increases up to 10 or more then it falls under the special category.
  • As per the recent update, an adult can fly along with fifteen children who are 14 years or below.
  • The price you have chosen to pay for a group flight with United depends on the availability while confirming the reservation.

These are among the important points while flying in a group with United Airlines & enjoy your trip.

What is the Check-in Process of United Airlines Group Travel?

The Passengers who wish to know more about the United Airlines group travel check-in process can read the steps below:

  • Your group has to arrive on time to understand & complete the group travel check-in process.
  • Moreover, there are different check-in desks at the airports.
  • The third point says it’s better to arrive at least two hours earlier for domestic departures & three hours for international departures.

Explain the Different Tips & Techniques Related to United Airlines Group Travel.

There are important tips that can somehow influence your group booking with the airline:

  • The size of your group can help you get a much better discount for group flights.
  • However, it directly refers to the bigger your group, the higher the discount you get while booking.
  • However, to get the lowest fares for a group trip, the passengers can choose a specific time & date to get a better discount.
  • On the other hand, boarding a weekday flight can be less expensive than a weekend flight.
  • Apart from that, early morning & late night flights are also less expensive.
  • Finally, before booking a trip, go through the whole research that can help you get several advantages of a group flight.

Terms & Conditions of United Airlines Group Booking

The United Airlines terms & conditions help you to avoid unnecessary penalties while travelling in group reservation:

Once you paid the fare:

As the deposits are non-transferable & non-refundable, commuters need to pay the additional fee if they want to change the date.

If a group booking is made & you need to make the changes:

  • Then pay the change fee for any or all date changes and the fare difference.
  • However, the passengers are requested to pay the required amount within the time & confirm the booking.
  • Suppose the group size gets reduced, then the payments get forfeited.
  • United Airlines has a right to impose a penalty if you cancel the trip or the show situation arises.

Baggage Allowance (checked in) :

  • While making a United group travel booking, pooling of baggage is permitted.
  • The baggage & ancillary costs are not part of a group fare. However, it depends on the payment of the applicable charges.

Group booking payment requirements:

  • If you need to reserve a seat, depending on the seat availability after receiving the deposit & quoted fare, you must deposit 25% of the non-refundable fee.
  • Moreover, if your group fails to pay the remaining amount, your group reservation is cancelled & then you can also lose the deposits.

Payment Deadlines:

  • While making a group booking, within two days of departure on the first travel date, you need to make the full payment to confirm the seat.
  • Meanwhile, if you request a quotation between 8-14 days before, then the passengers need to pay about 50% of the non-refundable deposit within 24 hrs.
  • In case, didn’t make the payment the booking gets automatically cancelled & the deposit gets forfeited.


Therefore, we have provided you with all the information about the United group travel. Moreover, you can dial the United Airlines group travel phone number at 1-860-370-4608 for more information.


Do airlines give discounts for groups?

Yes, the passengers will get the discounts if they have 10 or more members flying in a group. However, you can get through the different rates & get the discounts.

How to get group 2 on United Airlines?

The passengers can board group 2 after pre-boarding & the first group. Here, you can fly if you have a United Premium Silver or Star Alliance silver status.

How to board Group 3-5 on United Airlines?

If you have a basic economy ticket, then you’ll be the last boarding group.

Is it possible to get into an earlier boarding group?

The flyers can purchase priority boarding through My Trips via the official website & United Airlines official Application.

How to Cancel a Group Flight with United Airlines?

If you need to cancel a group trip, do it within 24 hrs.’ of flight booking. However, you can also refer to the United Airlines group travel cancellation policy. Here, the passengers can go through all the parameters & get a hassle-free flight cancellation process.

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