How do I select a seat on Aeromexico Airlines?

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

Aeromexico is an airline that allows passengers to enter a magical inflight comfort on different levels. While basic fares provide the comfort of cushiony seats and headrests, the premium will add extra legroom to your seat. But how does Aeromexico seat selection work, and what are the various options? Aeromexico is happy to provide passengers with abundant options for finding the best seats. It includes Clase Premier, AM Plus, and Main Cabin Economy.

Usually, an Aeromexico flight has 16 Clase Premier, 18 AM Plus, and 130-150 Main Cabin Economy seats. Clase Premier is the highest fare class, whereas Main Cabin Economy offers next-level services on standard fares. In this blog, we will discuss briefly how to choose your preferred seat in detail. So, stick to the page till the end.

Types of Options Under Aeromexico Seat Map

Clase Premier offers luxurious and spacious Business-class seats with full, flat-bed reclining seats for relaxation. Passengers can enjoy various entertainment services, including TV shows, movies, and music channels. They can carry two check-in bags and store their baggage in private compartments. Additional benefits include priority boarding, easy check-in, and changing seats without additional costs.

  • Complete lie flat recline seats in 2-2 configuration
  • Additional legroom along with leg rest
  • 60 inches seat pitch
  • Priority services

Aeromexico AM Plus seats offer comfortable seating options, increased legroom, and priority boarding and baggage. All AM Plus seats are on the front side of the flights, allowing passengers to exit the plane first. This cabin also offers personal storage options in overhead bins. Also, the airline provides stroller services and additional storage for passengers with special needs.

  • Seats are in 3-3 configuration
  • Additional legroom
  • 34 inches pitch

Main Cabin Economy is the budget option for both Basic and Classic Fare types. Apart from the benefit, Aeromexico does not allow seat selection or changes in this fare class. To set free from such restrictions, one can add ‘Classic fare’ as an upgraded version in the main cabin economy.

  • 1 personal item as a carry-on
  • 2 checked bags
  • Seats arranged in a 3-3 layout
  • Seats are 17 inches wide and 31 inches of pitch

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

  • Aeromexico charges extra for selecting seats in advance, except for business class seats.
  • You can choose seats when purchasing a ticket on their website.
  • Passengers can skip seat selection to save money. But you may end up with a middle seat.
  • If you arrive at the airport early, the airline will assign you a seat for free within 24 hours of departure.
  • Aeromexico will refund you if you pay for a seat but are not assigned one during boarding.

How to Get the Best Seat on Aeromexico Flights?

Aeromexico lets passengers assign themselves a seat till the last moment of departure. Have a look below to assign yourself a seat:

At the time of flight booking

  • When booking a flight online using, you will get the option to select a seat.
  • The Aeromexico seat map will help you to choose a seat from the available options.
  • At last, you can make the final payment for your flight booking along with Aeromexico seating.
  • The airline will send you the confirmation on your registered email.

After flight bookings (through Aeromexico Manage Booking)

  • Passengers with existing flight bookings with Aeromexico can visit the official site.
  • Find the ‘Manage Bookings’ option and enter your flight details there.
  • The system will track your flight bookings and help you access them.
  • You can then go to more options and click ‘Select seats’ or a similar phrase.
  • The seat map will appear on the screen and show the options available.
  • Select the seats of your choice and pay to confirm the seat.

Before Departure

Visit the Aeromexico helpdesk counter at the airport and ask the airline staff about available seat options on your flight.

  • The airline staff will show you the seat map on screen.
  • You can then select seats from the limited options and pay for them.
  • Make sure to select seats before printing the boarding pass.

How much does Aeromexico charge for Seat Selection?

The airline charges an Aeromexico seat selection fee depending on the route, cabin class, fare type, and the seat you choose. Economy class standard seat selection is free on Aeromexico flights. Seat selection costs can be $20 or $30 for premium and main cabin fare classes. However, to help passengers get the seats they want, many discounts are available on the airline’s website.

Passengers who pick seats near the scheduled departure tend to pay more to pick their preferred seats. It is because timing plays a good role in seat selection on many airlines, including Aeromexico. Therefore, it’s best to select seats at the time of booking or as soon as possible after purchase.

The airline will assign seats automatically to passengers who do not assign themselves a seat. Do not worry; the airline won’t charge you for ‘no choice’ seats.

How to upgrade Seat on Aeromexico Airlines?

Passengers already assigned a seat can shift to the next fare class if seats are available for upgrade. You can upgrade to Premier Class or an AM Plus seat. The availability of upgrades and the process for upgrading may depend on the fare class of your original ticket, the route, and other factors. Have a look at the following ways to upgrade seats on Aeromexico:

  • Request an upgrade by calling the customer service reservation department
  • Get in touch with an airline agent at the airport counter.
  • Or, submit a bid form for an upgrade available on the official website of Aeromexico.

How big are Aeromexico economy seats?

Standard/economy seats on Aeromexico are 17 inches wide and have a 30-31 inches pitch. The seats are in a configuration of 3-3 patterns. Also, the size varies from flight to flight. Have a look at the size of some of Aeromexico Boeing below:

  • Boeing 787-8 (788) ~ 31-34 inches in width and 17.2 pitch
  • Boeing 787-9 (789) ~ 35-36 inches in width and 17.2pitch
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8 (7M8) ~ 34 17
  • Boeing 737-700 (737) ~ 31 inches in width and 17 pitch
  • Embraer 170 (E70) ~ 31 inches in width and 17.3

Do refer to the Aeromexico seat map to know the exact size of the Aeromexico seat on your flight booking.

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