Does Air India Provide Student Discounts?

Life as a student may be challenging in India as they have to travel from one place to another. That may put a burden on their pocket. Students can save up to 25 percent of basic economy fares using Air India student discount booking. Air India took this initiative to help students.

Hence, if you are a student and looking to book flights, you will get everything on how to save big while flying with Air India, including terms and conditions.

Air India Discount Booking Policy 2023

  • Air India offers a discount to students studying in India and have valid ID proof from eligible institutions.
  • Similarly, students can avail of discounts of up to 25 percent for traveling within India.
  • To get the concession, students should book a ticket in one go for one way, round trip, or multi-city.
  • In addition, students have been using this discount since november 2022 and can continue using it up to upcoming notice.
  • Student discount codes are applicable to all types of bookings: one-way and round-trip.
  • If passengers cancel or rebook the flight, then charges and refunds will depend on the particular cabin class.
  • Similarly, passengers can not make changes to their tickets after booking.
  • Apart from this, students need to show their valid ID card as and when required. So, keep your ID card handy to avoid any inconvenience throughout the journey.
  • In case of a non-show of valid ID proof, students will get a refund for taxes only.
  • Further, students are allowed to carry baggage up to 25 kg free of cost.

Note-: For the latest discount booking policy, please visit the official website.

Air India Student Discount Deal 2023

Air India is proving to be a great help to students by offering them heavy discounts on flight tickets. Using Air India student discount promo code, passengers can save up to 25% of Base fares on Economy tickets. However, to avail of the discount, students need to provide valid proof of ID and other documents required by the airline.

Who is Eligible for Air India Student Discount?

According to the Air India policy, the student needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The student must be studying in India.
  • Similarly, the minimum Air India student discount age limit is 12 years. Hence, students should be at least 12 years old while looking for student discounts with Air India.
  • In addition, students must have chosen at least one year.
  • Students attending courses with central or state government-affiliated universities or academic institutions

Does Air India Student Discount Also Available for International Flights?


Air India offers student discounts for international flights. Students can avail of discounts up to 50 percent on fulfilling the requirement.Air India is the best option when planning to study abroad and book cheap flight tickets.

To learn more about the Air India student discount International, students can call Air India customer service. The airline agent will provide every guidance the passengers need.

How Much is Air India’s Student Discount Baggage Allowance in 2023?

Air India allows students baggage up to 25 kg. There is no cost for that. Therefore, students can pack their bags accordingly. If in any case baggage exceeds the limit, passengers need to pay the applicable fee.

To avoid the fee, passengers must go through the baggage rules on the official website. Apart from that, they can also contact Air India customer service. The Air India executive will guide the passengers on what includes in student discount baggage allowance.

How to get a Student Discount on Air India?

Students can avail of Air India Discount in two ways: Online and Offline. However, know the process well before booking the discount flights.


  • Visit Air India’s official website
  • Enter the travel details like date of travel, destination, arrival, etc.
  • Next, tap on the “Book now” option.
  • Similarly, check for the student discount code and put your valid student ID number.
  • Further, choose the flight ticket as per your preference.
  • Next, make the payment
  • Get the confirmation in the email or text.


  • Dial the Air India customer service number. For the correct number, visit the official website.
  • Listen to the IVR instructions for choosing a language
  • Further, press a key to choose the discount code
  • Similarly, enter the student ID number using a keypad.
  • Furthermore, a concerned person will take your call and assist you with further process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I show a soft copy of my student ID?

Yes. You can show the soft copy of the student ID card. However, you need to show the hard copy if personnel ask at the airport.

Does Air India give extra baggage for students?

Yes. Air India allows students additional baggage allowance. To skip the charges, students should keep the baggage under 23 kg. Above that, it may attract charges. To learn more about the baggage allowance, contact Air India customer service.

How to get the maximum discount on Air India flights?

  • Book early
  • Compare flight fares on different dates
  • Avoid booking tickets on weekends
  • Use the cheapest mode of payment

Note-: To learn about the latest discount offers, contact Air India customer service. Protection Status