How do I Book Multi City Flights on British Airways?

Explore and Book British Airways Multi-City Flight Ticket

British Airways, a flag carrier in the United Kingdom has served with a dedicated team of thirty thousand people for the last century. It is popular for its fuel-efficient aircraft and keeps on adding new destinations where it flies. Therefore, this airline is the first choice among passengers for multi-city flight booking. So, use our platform to experience your first British Airways multi-city flight. Here, you will get all the information on how to use a multiple-city search tool.

Passengers get immense help in managing their journey through our user-friendly interface. You can even use additional services like

Seat selection

Additional baggage

To learn in detail, go through the information below properly.

What is British Airways Multi-City Flight and Is It Different from A Connecting Flight?

Multi-city Flights allow booking a trip for 2 or 3 places in one reservation. So, no need to make a separate reservation for every part of the journey. Stopover in multiple-city booking gives you enough time to explore all the destinations in the itinerary. However, it is not possible in the case of connecting flights. You get short layovers when you have a connecting flight. So, choosing a Multi-city trip is best when you want to explore more on a low budget.

How Can I Book A Multi-City Vacation with British Airways?

Reserving multiple-city travel is at the fingertips of passengers. The airways provide many options to do it in minutes. So, you can choose the method as per your comfort.


When you want to book and explore flights for multiple destinations in one trip, follow the below steps:

  • Visit B.A. website
  • Next, on the home page, choose from options like one-way/round trip/multi-city flight
  • Further, choose departure and arrival destinations
  • Similarly, enter the travel date, number of passengers, travel class, etc.
  • Tap on “find flights” and take a look at different flights
  • Finally, find great deals to explore multiple locations

By Calling to A Representative at British Airways 

Calling is the fastest way to reach out to British Airways customer service. When you want to book your holiday with British Airways through phone number, follow the below steps

  • Dial the B.A. customer service number at 1-802-500-7022
  • Pay attention to the IVR instructions
  • Accordingly, press the key
  • Press 1 for the current flight reservation
  • Press 2 for flight cancellation
  • Press 3 for flight relocation
  • Press 4 for more information on baggage
  • Press 5 to connect with a live representative.
  • The agent will help you through the process
  • Further, share all the requested details with the agent.
  • Finally, make the payment and get confirmation on your registered email and phone number.

Note: It is advisable to contact the airline in the morning when you can expect less traffic.

Booking Multi City Flights on British Airways App

Passengers can also book multi – centre trips through mobile applications. For that, they need to follow the following steps:

  • Download and open the B.A. app on your device
  • Next, select between one-way / multi-city/ round trip
  • Further, share enter details like the number of passengers,
  • Check for the option to add different airports. You can add up to six flights.
  • Similarly, create a trip by choosing to combine two or more places.
  • Further, make the payment and get the confirmation in your email and phone number.
  • So, this way you can book a personalized multi-center holiday.

Is Booking Multi City Flights Cheaper?

Yes. You can save money by reserving a single trip that includes all the one-way flights for the journey. Further, it saves time involved in booking separate tickets for return flights. This way, you can make the most of every part of your journey. It’s time to relax when you book flights for the entire trip.

Does B.A. Fly Between U.S. Cities?

Yes. The airline provides flight services between the following U.S. destinations:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Washington
  • Las Vegas
  • San Diego and many more

Benefits of Booking British Airways Multi-Centre Trips

When you want to explore multiple cities/destinations in one go, choosing multiple destination holidays is a huge benefit. Go through the following points if you want to learn about those advantages:

Saves time: You can save valuable time when you book multiple flight tickets under one trip. Further, it does not require you to reserve a flight for each break of the journey.

Saves Money: BA offers the best flight deals when it comes to booking a vacation for multiple destinations. You can save a huge amount of money through holidays with this airline.

Other benefits-: It gives you the chance to stay at the partnered hotels.

amount of money


Booking a journey was not as simple as it has become with British Airways multi-city reservations. It gives you a chance to combine two or more places in a single trip. Book a single multi-central holiday rather than paying extra by booking a separate ticket. Visit the website or call its customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do A Multi-City On British Airways?

Yes. You can easily reserve a multi-central holiday on British Airways. Visit the official website and follow the guidelines. Also, you can call its toll-free number.

Can I Make Payment in Instalments to book a multi-city flight on British Airways?

Yes. You can choose from our different payment methods when you book a combined flight ticket.

Does British Airways provide multiple centre holidays for international destinations?

Yes. You can enjoy holiday booking for the following destinations:

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • The UK
  • Ireland
  • North America
  • Caribbean

Is it better to book multi-city flights together or separately?

It is always good and cost-efficient to reserve one trip that includes all one-side flights. You must not waste your time reserving different trips for return flights.

How do I plan a flight with multiple destinations?

You can easily do it by visiting the airline’s official website. Further, go to the “Multi-City” option and follow the guidelines. Contact B.A. customer service when you find reserving a ticket hard. Protection Status