How to Book Multi City flights on Turkish Airlines?

Are you planning to spend this vacation in the wonderland of Turkey? Being spread in Asia and Europe, Turkey is the best country to explore the culture of the two regions. Turkey’s sparkling beaches and majestic historical cities are calling you to fulfill your travel desires. Book Turkish Airlines Multi City flights and complete your dream before the year’s end. Enjoy discounted deals on flight bookings.

Easy Way to Book Turkish Airlines Multi City Flights

Looking to reserve multi-city tickets with Turkish Airlines? Then you must know about the different ways to book flight tickets. If you want to know about those methods, please go through the points below.

Online Method to Book Flight Ticket

Turkish Airlines allows its passengers to book flight tickets by sitting in the comfort of their homes. Passengers can easily book a Turkish Airlines flight ticket by visiting its official website or opening the mobile application. If you are still wandering to find out how to book a flight online, follow the below points:

  • Open any browser and type Turkish Airlines.
  • Next, in the result, you will see the Turkish Airlines on the top.
  • Click on the URL. The home page will open.
  • Then, scroll to “Reservations.”
  • Similarly, enter the asked details, such as first name and surname.
  • Further, select “multi-city” from different options.
  • Add flights as per your preference and budget for booking.
  • Remember to select a journey date, fare class, and other services.
  • Apply discount coupon code if possible.
  • Next, choose the mode of payment.
  • Make a successful payment and get the confirmation in your mail.

Note-: Passengers can follow the same process by downloading the Turkish Airlines mobile application.

Offline Method to Book Flight Ticket

Turkish Airlines provides its passengers with a toll-free customer service number: 1 (800) 874-8875. They can reach out to a Turkish representative by simply calling the above number. If you still need to learn how to contact Turkish Airlines, the following steps will be really helpful. 

  • Dial Turkish Airlines customer service phone number 1 (800) 874-8875. Follow the IVR guidelines. 
  • Similarly, press a key to select the language.
  • Further, press a key to select a query like Turkish Airlines multi-city price.
  • Next, a representative will take your call
  • Share the requested details with the Customer service agent.
  • The person will guide you with multi-city ticket booking.

Note-: Turkish Airlines representatives may charge a fee from the passengers to make the booking on call. So, keep that thing in mind before calling the airline. 

How Does Multi-City Booking Work?

Multi-city booking allows passengers to book flights for more than 2 destinations. Airlines consider it a single trip. For instance, passengers can book flight tickets between Antalya, Ankara, and Trabzon and return to Istanbul. Passengers can spend a few days in a particular city. They can relax about flight booking for the next part of the journey. However, this is not possible with connecting flight tickets.

Hence, if you want to explore multiple cities in a budget-friendly way, choose Turkish Airlines multi-city booking. While booking multi-city flight tickets, pay attention to the airport’s name to avoid any confusion. 

Note-: To learn more about multi-city flight reservations, call Turkish Airlines customer service number 1 (800) 874-8875(no wait). 

What are Turkish Airlines Multi City Stopover Flights?

Using stopover features, passengers can opt for multiple stopovers throughout a journey. It is an exclusive facility that airlines provide to enhance the comfort of passengers while on a journey through various cities.

What are The Benefits of Multi City Flight Booking with Turkish Airlines?

If you are planning to book a multi-city flight with Turkish Airlines, know that it provides various benefits to its passengers. To learn about those advantages, consider the points below:

Option to Add Multiple Cities: With Turkish Airlines multi-city, passengers can opt to book flights for multiple cities at the same time. If you want to explore two destinations at a time, choose multi-city bookings. 

Saves Time: Passengers can save their precious time as multi-city covers the flight ticket for the entire journey. With multi-city booking, passengers do not require separate tickets for each part of the journey. It keeps them feeling relaxed throughout the journey. 

Blessing for Business Travelers: For business travelers, Turkish Airlines multi-city booking is a blessing. Airlines allow business travelers to conduct meetings at multiple destinations easily. So, if you are a frequent business traveler, you must take advantage of multi-city deals with Turkish Airlines. 

Book Cheap Flight Tickets: Usually, passengers find it expensive to book flight tickets. However, if they book multi-city fares, they can book it for cheap flight fares. Airlines consider it a separate journey if you book individual tickets for each part of the journey. 

Additional Perks and Benefits: Turkish Airlines provides additional benefits to multi-city flight passengers. That includes priority check-in, free lounge access, and reward points. Passengers can use the reward points to book upcoming flights with Turkish Airlines. 

Option to Book Customized Itinerary: Passengers can select from different Turkish Airlines flights. Also, they get time flexibility, which allows them to book on a preferred date. 

How to Save Money on a Turkish Multi-City Flight?

Multi-city flight fares save the money of passengers. Before booking, they need to keep in mind the following things if they want cheap flight tickets:

  • Date and Time Flexibility: to book cheap multi-city flight tickets, passengers should be flexible on travel dates and times. That will help them book flights on the cheapest day at the cheapest time. 
  • Choose a Nearby Airport: Some destinations have more than one airport. If you are flying to such destinations, choose the nearest airport and cover the further journey with a taxi. This way, you can save a lot on your flight ticket. 
  • Choose Long Layovers: If you are not short of time, you prefer booking long layover flights. Some layovers can be as long as 3 days. It helps you explore a new destination without paying any cost. So, if you are heading for a long vacation, a long layover flight is the best option for you.
  • Skip Checked Baggage: Passengers can save on checked baggage if they have fewer things to carry. Try to fit your clothing and accessories in your carry-on baggage, which is free of cost.

Using the above tips, you can easily reserve a Turkish Airlines multi-city flight. 

Note-: You must read the Turkish Airlines travel requirements to reserve a multi-city air ticket. For that, passengers can either visit the official website or call customer service.


Turkish Airlines helps its passengers to book a comfortable journey through its user-friendly interface. With Turkish Airlines’ multi-city booking, passengers can travel to over 120 countries in the world. Hence, choose Turkish Airlines for a unique booking experience and a relaxing journey.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many cities does Turkish Airlines fly to?

Turkish Airlines flies to over 52 domestic and 263 overseas destinations in over 120 countries. 

What is Turkish Airlines famous for?

Turkish Airlines is famous as the top airline in Europe. Passengers know it for comfortable seats, advanced aircraft, and refreshing meals. Protection Status