How do I Check a Reservation on KLM?

Many people travel with KLM airlines to different parts of the world. In order to travel to different destinations it is important that people know the process of booking the tickets Online. Also, the people must know to check their reservations on the KLM website. In this article we will have a look at the process to check your reservations with KLM airlines and also to make some changes in them if required.

Process to Check Reservations

The process of checking your reservations with KLM reservations is simple. The step by step process is given below:

  • First you have to open the website “” on your computer.
  • After opening the website, you should first log in to your account with KLM. The account must be already registered for the Log in to be successful.
  • After logging in, you should go to the “My Trip” segment of the website. Here in the “My Trip” segment, you will get the list of all the trips and flights that you have booked with KLM.
  • On clicking each trip, you can get the details related to the reservations of each of these flights.

Thus, the above is the simple process to check your reservations with KLM. All you need to know is the login and password of the account with which you have booked the ticket. A laptop or computer with an internet connection is also required for this purpose.  In order to check your reservations, you can also follow the above steps on your smartphone also. You will require an active internet connection on your smartphone as well to follow this process.

Changes to the Reservations made with KLM

It is also possible to make changes in the trips or flights booked with KLM reservations. You will be required to log in to your account on KLM website and then you can go to various trips through the “My Trips “segment. After selecting the trip, you can make changes in the trip based on your preferences. You can change your seat class from economy to business class by this process. It may require extra charges to be paid, which can be paid through your credit card or debit card. There are many other changes that can be made in your trips like changing of the date of travel or having some other extra services at the time of the travel. These all can be availed in turn of the extra charges paid to the airline company.


It is easy to know the status of your reservations with KLM booking. The KLM airlines is one of the best airlines that you can opt for. They provide many deals and offers to the customers on different occasions to book cheap tickets. They are known to provide quality services to their passengers in seat classes. You can also book the tickets online without any hassle and can check the status of your reservations at any point of time later. Call Now +1-860-370-4608.

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