Top 5 Airlines Travel from USA to Europe

Planning to get a much-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of life? If so, then get your tickets booked now and fly to your favorite destination with much ease. Planning for a vacation is easy but picking the best airline option to fly with surely isn’t. With innumerable options available out there in the market, it might be challenging to pick the best airline to make booking with. To facilitate the travelers, we have mentioned the 5 best airlines to travel from the USA to Europe. All of them are bestowed with the modern luxuries and allow you to fly at the most affordable price. 

Top 5 Airlines to make Bookings With

Before you book the flight ticket for your next trip, it is imperative to know about the best airline options that offer you easy flight bookings. 

1- Lufthansa Airlines

Let’s unveil the list of the best airlines to travel from the USA to Europe with the very famous Lufthansa Airlines. It is a German Airline that has been operating since the early fifties. This airline has been operating from more than 60 years and thus well-versed with every single need of the flyer. It is providing top-notch services to the visitors and is ready to take every practical step to make their journey interesting. Lufthansa Airlines is one of the few airlines that offer flights to almost all countries in the world. It is serving more than 193 international destinations to ease the passengers worldwide. In addition to this, Lufthansa is considered as the safest European Airline to fly with. 

2- Turkish Airlines

The second most famous airline to fly with is none other than the Turkish Airlines. One of the prominent European Airlines, this flag carrier offers flights to over 300 destinations, but half of them are in Europe. It has been embellished with Europe’s Best Airline Award six times in a row. Keep in mind that this airline is one of the most popular European Airlines and thus bestowed with all essential and luxurious amenities to make you feel like home.

3- Swiss International Airlines

Yet another option on the list is the Swiss International Airline. Just like Lufthansa, it is one of the safest airlines to make bookings with and has indulged in no fatal accidents from the last 17 years. As this is a Swiss Airline, thus it is pretty close to being perfect. Endowed with sheer luxury and comfort, this airline allows you to complete the journey in the lap of opulence; however, the more the facilities, the higher is the price. It is one of the expensive airlines in the world to fly with but you can get deals and offers if you make bookings in advance. 

4- American Airlines

How could one forget to mention American Airlines while listing out the best airlines to travel from USA to Europe? Actually, it is the perfect option to opt for if you are flying from the US to Europe. Just like other options on the list, it is also known to be the safest air carrier to fly with and you can book your seats with them without thinking twice. It offers a decent baggage policy to facilitate the travelers and thus allows them to carry a perfect amount of luggage along with them. 

5- United Airlines

Last but not least is United Airlines. One of the major American Airlines, this flag carrier boasts a wide domestic and international network, including cities in the US and across all six continents. They always keep passengers security at the top and thus ready to go the extra mile to achieve the same. It is fully packed with all lavish amenities and exceptional in-flight services to make the flyers’ journey comfortable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your seat on any of the above-mentioned airlines and fly to your destination in the lap of comfort and luxury.

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