How to Book Air Canada Multi City Flights?

Air Canada offers various services to its passengers, including multi-city flights that allow customers to book flights to visit multiple destinations on a single itinerary. It is easy for people who wish to visit several cities without having to book separate flights for each destination.

With Air Canada Multi-city, passengers can easily plan their trip and change their bookings according to their travel needs. This blog provides all the information about how to make the bookings and what the requirements are on Air Canada.

What are the Benefits of Air Canada Multi city flights?

Air Canada has had this facility of multi-stopover flights for years and is an expert in handling different flight bookings. Passengers who opt for Air Canada flights are more likely to give a positive rating to the airline’s facilities. Look at some of the benefits you will get on Air Canada multi stop flight bookings:

  • Cost-effectiveness

You don’t have to search anymore for flights with good prices, especially on Air Canada Multi city. The airline offers cost-effective flight bookings for groups, vacations, and passengers who want to fly to many destinations in a single reservation.

  • Saves time

Booking flights for more than 1 destination individually can take a lot of time and effort, and your time is very valuable. So, when planning to visit different stopovers, get a multi-destination flight that will connect different segments.

  • Flexibility in travel reservations

Suppose you want to make some changes after booking a multi stop flight. In this situation, many airlines charge a fee to let you make changes and cancel bookings. Air Canada has different rules for this and charges no fees or less than others.

  • Options for layovers

When booking a flight, most people might notice the number or range of destinations the airline provides. Air Canada offers a variety of options for layovers around the world.

The perks of Air Canada flight bookings on Multi City are still ongoing. The airline’s agents are available 24 hours a day, and you can get details by saving the contact information from the Air Canada website.

How to Book Air Canada Multi City?

The Air Canada flight booking process is as simple as booking a one-way or round trip. You will have to choose the option Multi city and follow the steps given:

Online booking process

  • Open the main site of Air Canada and look for the ‘Book a flight’ option. 
  • Then, you need to choose ‘Multi city’ instead of’ Round trip’ or’ One way’ for the type of flight booking.
  • Now, fill in all the blanks that require the details of your flight bookings that are suitable for you.
  • After completing the details, search for the flights and choose the one from the options given.
  • You will receive the complete details of your flight booking and extras. After you recheck everything, you will receive the confirmation of your flight.

Tips for booking: Book a flight at least 30 days before the scheduled departure to get inexpensive flight bookings. 


How many segments can I include in Air Canada Multi stop bookings?

With Air Canada multi city, passengers can book flights to up to 6 destinations. After filling out the details for the first segment, you can add another segment and continue adding destinations until your flight booking has 6 destinations.

Can I change my itinerary after booking?

Air Canada allows all passengers to change or cancel bookings at any time. To manage your flight bookings, go to the ‘Manage bookings section’ or one can contact the airline staff.

How many flights can I take on United multi stopover?

With Air Canada, passengers can book flights to up to 6 destinations. That means you can add up to 5 connecting flights and add more places with the help of a separate reservation.


In conclusion, Air Canada Multi-city flights are a convenient and cost-effective option for people looking to visit multiple destinations on a single reservation. With flexible layover options, managing bookings online, and helpful airline staff, Air Canada Multi-city makes planning your trip hassle-free. Consider booking with Air Canada Multi-city for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. For further information, stay in touch with our blog posts.

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