How to Use Air Canada Travel Vouchers?

How Does an Air Canada Gift Card Work for Air Travel?

It may frustrate the passengers when airlines cancel their flight tickets. However, passengers can accept compensation or an Air Canada travel voucher to use on the next trip. Further, it gives them safety against loss due to flight ticket cancellation. In most cases, passengers prefer gift cards to refunds. Therefore, you must read the terms and conditions to use the voucher within the validity period. Go through the post carefully if you find it difficult to use the voucher.

Where do I Find My Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Air Canada shares the code in your registered email at the time of booking. The code consists of 13 digits that you can apply at the time of final booking. So, check your mail carefully when Airline cancels your flight ticket due to any reason.

Note-: You can call the Air Canada reservations number if you do not receive the electronic travel vouchers.

How to Use Air Canada Travel Gift Vouchers?

Passengers can use Air Canada travel gift cards by visiting the official website or by calling an agent.

Air Canada Website

  • Visit the Air Canada website.
  • Then, go to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Similarly, go to ” payment option.”
  • Further, you will see an option to apply for a voucher.
  • Type your gift code in the box and click on “apply voucher.”

Note-: Your code may take up to three working days for activation. So, keep that in mind while using it.

Air Canada Phone Number

Passengers can use travel vouchers by connecting the Airline’s customer service. Here is the process that one can follow.

  • Dial Air Canada toll-free number.
  • Follow the IVR guidelines,
  • Next, choose the prompts accordingly,
  • Press the key to choose a language and further your query.
  • Similarly, press the key to talk to a person.
  • Further, share your electronic travel voucher code.
  • Passengers can use that toward the purchase of air travel.
  • Finally, make the payment and receive confirmation in your mail.

Note-: Passengers can not redeem the gift card for the following:

  • Flight passes
  • Group travel
  • Cargo products and services, etc.

The Airline does not take responsibility if you are redeeming a voucher with incorrect information.

Air Canada Vacations

Other Alternatives to Contact Air Canada

Air Canada Mobile App

The Airline allows passengers to use its seamless mobile application to redeem their travel vouchers. They need to download the app and follow the instructions.

Note-: There are times when the Airline does not allow redemption of Air Canada travel vouchers through mobile applications. But you can receive guidance via the Air Canada mobile app.

Air Canada Chat

Passengers can also talk to an agent when they purchase an Air Canada ticket and want to redeem the voucher. Therefore, they can open the airline website and click on the chat option. Further, they can share their concern with the agent.

Similarly, the representative guided the passengers to use a voucher from Air Canada toward the purchase of flight tickets.

Air Canada Terms and Conditions to Know Before Redeeming the Voucher

  • When you book your International travel on Air Canada, the exchange rate will be applicable.
  • Air Canada may not accept travel voucher redemption through a mobile app for future travel.
  • Similarly, contact Air Canada customer service if you lost your gift card.
  • Passengers can also use the voucher for booking hotel itineraries in


Caribbean Islands

Note-: Contact airlines to learn about the present Air Canada terms and conditions.

Does the Air Canada Voucher Expire?

No. Passengers can use Air Canada gift cards and egift multiple times until they use it fully. Also, travel vouchers are fully transferable. So, passengers can transfer the Air Canada electronic gift code to their loved ones. So, this is a benefit for travelers when they plan their future travel.

What If I Do not Accept the Voucher?

Passengers who do not accept the Air Canada travel voucher to purchase the travel options can request a refund. The Airline is responsible for providing the refund in cash, cheque, etc.

Passengers can directly write to the Airline for a refund. However, the process may take time.

How can I Claim the Refund?

The process of requesting a refund can be tiring for you. Therefore, it may require you to submit several documents to process the request. That may take time and energy.

On the other hand, The airlines do not entertain the refund applications much. It continuously sends air travel vouchers to its passengers to book Air Canada vacations.

So, if you booked the travel offered by Air Canada, you can claim the refund through us. We help you claim the amount paid toward the purchase of an air ticket.


You may not want cancellation of your flight ticket for your upcoming journey with Air Canada. However, if you go through such a situation, then the Air Canada voucher comes for your safety. You can use the voucher to book your future journey. So, feel free when you are traveling with Air Canada. You are always in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Air Canada Voucher on United?

No. You can use the voucher only for the purchase of Air Canada flights. Therefore, The vouchers are applicable on

Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Express

Air Canada vacations, etc.

Note: You can also use it for ancillary services offered by Air Canada.

Can Air Canada vouchers be refunded?

Yes. You can get a refund on a flight operated by Air Canada by writing an email to the Airline. However, it may take some time.

Can someone else use my Air Canada travel voucher?

Canada travel vouchers are fully transferable. So, passengers can use it to book flights and Air Canada travel for someone else. Protection Status