How to Change Flight with Singapore Airlines?

Reservation of flight is always the first step when you plan a journey. However, there may be times when you need changes in your trip. Therefore, Singapore Airlines Change Flight allows passengers to choose a different date, time, and destination even after completing the reservation.

So, if you reserve your flight tickets with Singapore Airlines, then know about its flight change policy. Here, you will receive all the information you need to know.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Policy

The airline change policy applies to all the tickets purchased from airlines. Therefore, it does not take responsibility for tickets purchased through travel agents. So, buy a ticket from authorized centers only.

Similarly, the Airline allows free name change within 24 hours after booking. However, there must be 7 days before departure. This rule is applicable to all refundable / non-refundable tickets.

After 24 hours, Singapore Airlines charges a change fee that differs from the

Ticket type

Flight route


Change time

Similarly, you need to pay the fare difference for the excess amount. However, you will get travel credit if the new fare is lower.

Note-: you should read the Airline’s terms and conditions carefully while changing a flight.

How To Make Changes in Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket?

Passengers, most of the time, encounter situations that require them to make changes to their flight tickets. However, they need to know about the alternatives to make changes to the reservation. So, you can easily make changes to your flight ticket when you book it with Singapore Airlines. Here are the different methods that you can use.

Flight Change Through Website 

  • First, visit the Singapore Airlines official website.
  • Scroll to Singapore Airlines manage booking.
  • Similarly, provide flight details that require changes.
  • Next, click on the search.
  • Further, different flight options will appear.
  • Then, look for the change flight and reserve a ticket matching your needs.
  • Finally, make the payment and get the confirmation by email.

Note-: You can follow the same process on the Airline’s mobile app. Follow the guided process and make the payment if required.

Change Process Through Phone Number

Airlines also assist with calls when you need changes to your travel plans. Therefore, passengers can contact Singapore Airlines on its customer service number. Simply follow the IVR process and talk to an executive. Further, make the payment, if applicable. Lastly, check your Singapore Airlines flight status by signing into the website.

Note-: Passengers can make changes in travel date, time, and destinations. However, they need to follow the flight change policy.

Make the Change at the Airport

Airlines allow passengers to change their flight tickets at the airport. So, locate a nearby airport when you do not get a solution through the above means.

Go straight to the Airline’s help desk and share your concern with the representative.

Provide him with all the necessary travel details and make the payment for the fare difference.

Finally, you can receive a hard copy for change confirmation.

Singapore Airlines Change Flight Fee

The airlines allow free-of-cost change for 24 hours of purchase. However, it is possible only when 7 days are there for departure. So, the Airline may demand a fee for changes after 24 hours.

Similarly, the change fee differs from the fare class.

  • Fee for Economy: $75
  • Similarly, the fee for Economy Flexi: n/a
  • Fee for Premium Economy: $100
  • For Business: $200
  • For First class:$500

A person with a flexi-fare itinerary can make changes up to 2 hours before departure. However, fare differences may apply to them.

Note-: You can directly talk to an airline associate to learn more about the fee for a new flight.

Can I Change my Travel Dates with Singapore Airlines?

  • Yes. But make sure that  you follow the certain rules, terms, and conditions to change your flight date:
  • Any person can choose a different date for their flight by visiting Manage Booking on the official website.
  • Similarly, you can avoid fees when you select the date within 24 hours of booking.
  • Further, contact the concerned person when you reserve your itinerary from a third party.
  • Singapore Airlines allows you the same seat and baggage allowance on the new flight. However, it is subject to availability.

Note-: To learn more about Singapore Airlines tickets, visit the official website. Also, you can retrieve the information from an agent.

Process of Selecting the New Date for Your Itinerary

  • Visit Airlines website:
  • Further, enter login details if you are an authorized member.
  • Otherwise, sign in as a guest.
  • Similarly, click on “my trips.”
  • Choose a trip that requires changes.
  • Further, multiple flight options will appear.
  • Choose one from them and enter information like PNR number, name, etc.
  • Select a date to check the plane availability.
  • Finally, pay the fees through credit cards/debit cards.

How Much Does it Cost for a Date Change with Singapore Airlines?

The date change fee differs with the following factors.

  • Previous travel date
  • Destination
  • Travel class you choose.

Usually, the penalty comes between $75 and $300.

Therefore, you can either visit the website or contact the Singapore Airlines Change Flight Contact Number whenever you need assistance.


Passengers who booked their tickets and are looking to make changes can benefit from Singapore Airlines’ change flight policy. Therefore, they can do it through a website, mobile application, or by connecting its customer service. So, you can easily make changes in the date, time, and destination of a flight if you booked it with Singapore Airlines.

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Can we change the date of the flight after booking?

Yes. You can do it by contacting Singapore Airlines customer service or by website/mobile applications. Contact your travel agent for third-party booking.

How can I change my flight date for free?

Airlines allow free date change when you do it within 24-hour of booking.

Can I cancel a flight and change it?

Yes. You can make changes to your flight till 10 minutes before departure. However, you need to follow the Airline’s rules for that.

Can I change international flights?

Yes. However, it is not possible when you have a basic economy ticket. So, you can take the benefit by upgrading your flight to Economy or premium Economy. Protection Status