American Airlines Seat Selection Process, Fee

Are you planning to fly with American Airlines soon? Then, choosing a seat must be your first preference. Therefore, American Airlines seat selection ensures that you get your desired seat in no time. You can either get it for a selection fee or complimentary, depending upon your Aadvantage member status. Further, passengers automatically get a seat while American Airlines check-in at the airport. The airline offers you an option to hold a seat while making a reservation. However, you can still select it when you forget it while making a reservation.

Therefore, before choosing a seat with American Airlines, understanding its seat selection policy is important. So, the information below will guide you to learn more and make a better decision.

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

Choosing a seat is always a good idea when you want to have a wonderful boarding experience. However, it can turn worse if you do not know about American Airlines’ policies for selecting a seat. So, it is better to know them in advance. Go through the below points if you want to learn about the seat selection policy of American Airlines.

  • All types of passengers can choose American Airlines’ preferred seats for a fee.
  • However, AAdvantage members get the complimentary seat option depending on their status.
  • Similarly, basic economy fare passengers can not get a seat for free.
  • Further, the airline automatically assigns a seat for free at the time of check-in.
  • Similarly, the airline makes every effort that you sit with your companion. However, there is no guarantee for that.
  • Next, the seat selection fee depends on the type of seat and flight distance.
  • The airline charges a cancellation fee if you cancel a seat after booking.

Policy for Families traveling

  • The airline searches for seats together and automatically assigns them to passengers if they are traveling with children below 15.
  • Similarly, airlines try to assign a seat to at least one adult next to children, even if not possible.

Note: Contact American Airlines’ phone number (1 (800) 433-7300) to learn more.

How Seat Selection Works in American Airlines?

It always keeps you in a better position to complete the American Airlines seat selection process while booking. It allows all the passengers to select a seat and pay for it at the time of booking. The sooner you select a seat, the better option you get. However, there are some other things that can impact your seat selection on American Airlines. Go through the points below:

  • With American Airlines, you can select your seat during booking or before your flight.
  • The airlines allow seats subject to availability.
  • When you look for a preferred seat, then book as soon as possible.
  • You can pay extra for a seat with extra legroom or in a specific location.
  • Frequent flyers or premium cabin travelers may have additional seat selection options.
  • Along with seat selection, you will get various facilities depending on the type of seating you book on your flight.
  • When you skip the seat selection process, American Airlines selects seats for you according to availability.

How Can I Check Seat Availability with American Airlines?

It is true that you can book American Airlines preferred seats easily. However, it is subject to availability if you will get your favorite seat or not. So, if you want to learn how you can check the available seats on American Airlines, then follow the below steps.

  • Go to the American Airlines website or install the AA mobile app.
  • Next, choose the cabin class and flight route
  • A seat map will appear on the screen
  • Further, check if the desired seat is available or not.
  • Airlines mark the unavailable seats with (X) icons.
  • Enter the passenger’s details
  • Then select a seat as you like and make the payment if applicable.
  • Further, receive the confirmation to your email ID.


Contact American Airlines customer service at 1 (860) 370 4608 or 1 (800) 433-7300 to learn about seat availability and booking.

How Can I Select a Seat on American Airlines and its Process?

Once you check the seat availability, the next step is to book the seat. Therefore, American Airlines provides online and offline ways to reserve your place at different stages of booking. The information below will help you to learn more about them.

Seat Selection- At the Time of Flight Reservation

The airline entitles you to select and book a seat at the time of reserving a flight. Therefore, you can either use the American Airlines seat selection online process or offline process.

For Online via Website or App

  • Visit the American Airlines website or open a mobile app.
  • Browse for different flight options
  • Further, you will see a seat map.
  • The seat map consists of Main Cabin Extra seats, preferred seats, and available seats in different colors.
  • Select a desired seat and make payment.
  • The airline will add it to your flight bookings.

For Offline via Phone

  • Dial American Airlines reservations number: 1 (800) 433-7300
  • Listen to IVR guidelines
  • Select the appropriate prompts
  • Then, a representative will attend your call.
  • Further, share your booking details
  • AA representatives will book the seat for you if available.
  • Share card details for payment and receive confirmation

Assign Yourself a Seat After Booking

To assign yourself a seat after booking a flight with American Airlines:

  • Go to American Airlines official website:
  • Scroll to the “Manage bookings” section
  • Then, enter your flight booking details.
  • Go to the seat map option with prices.
  • Further, enter the seat number in the empty field of seats.
  • Finally, make the payment and receive confirmation.

Note: Contact AA customer service (1 (800) 433-7300) when you need help regarding seat selection.

How much does an American Airline Seat Selection Cost?

You must be looking to select a comfortable seat on an American Airlines flight. However, the airline charges a fee for that. The seat map shows the American Airlines seat selection fee when you click on a particular seat. The seat assignment fee depends on factors like

  • Fare type,
  • Timing of seat selection
  • Flight route

Accordingly, the seat selection cost starts around

  • Standard economy seat starts from $9
  • Business class seats start from $20
  • Premium seats go over $160

It is always a good idea to check the specific costs for your flight before you book.

Note: Passengers can log in to their account to view the selected seat at any time.

What Are The Seating Options on American Airlines?

American Airlines provides different types of seats to passengers depending on the flight and class of service they choose. Below is a detailed explanation of American airline seats.

AA Basic Economy Seats

The most common seats are standard economy seats that offer basic amenities and a comfortable experience for short to medium-haul flights. The passengers can enjoy

  • Free snacks,
  • Soft drinks and
  • Inflight entertainment, etc.

Premium Economy Seats on American Airlines

AA also offers premium economy seats that come with

  • Extra legroom
  • Wider sitting area
  • Flexibility
  • Head resting point and
  • Space to stretch your legs.

That is what makes the journey more comfortable.

Passengers can also enjoy

  • Soft drinks,
  • Delicious meals,
  • Alcoholic beverages,
  • In-flight entertainment,
  • Free wi-fi, etc.

Business Class Seats

American Airlines has business class seats that offer a luxurious experience on shorter-haul flights. These seats offer the following amenities.

  • Lie-flat beds,
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Direct aisle access,
  • Individual entertainment systems
  • Gourmet food and beverage options.

Business class seats are one of the best options when flying a short-haul international flight.

Main Cabin or First Class

American Airlines offers first-class seats on select aircraft. The Main Cabin has the most luxurious and comfortable seats on the flight. These seats come with additional amenities, such as

  • Extra legroom
  • Free baggage
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Free wi-fi
  • Priority boarding

Note: Passengers can choose from the above options and make the payment on the official website. Also, they can contact the American Airlines representative when they find any issue.

When Can I Expect A Refund of Seat Selection Fees from American Airlines?

Usually, American Airlines does not refund seat selection fees. However, you can expect a refund in the following situations.

  • The airline refunds the fee when passengers choose to upgrade seats to business or first class.
  • When passengers pay extra to get another seat on a similar flight.
  • Further, when passengers cancel flights within 24 hours after reservation.
  • When passengers cancel a ticket and rebook a seat on the new flight.
  • Similarly, when an airline cancels a flight or
  • Flight is delayed, and passengers do not get the same seat on another flight.

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What if I Skip Seat Selection on American Airlines?

Passengers who are traveling alone or don’t have any seat preferences can skip seat selection. You will automatically get a seat at the American Airlines check-in counter. It will also help you save American airline seat selection charges. However, you may not get your desired seat.

Therefore, select a seat while reserving a trip if it is important to you. Seat selection enhances your travel on long-haul.

How to Select a Seat for Free on American Airlines?

You can consider the below points if you want to select a seat for free:

Avoid buying the basic economy fare:

Getting yourself a basic economy fare will reduce your chance of getting a free seat selection.

Become an Advantage member:

If you are a member of American Airlines’ loyalty program or other partner airlines’ elite status programs, you may be eligible for a free seat selection. You can get an extra-legroom or free preferred seat only if you have used miles to pay for the seat assignment or are an elite status member.

Get yourself a Main Cabin ticket:

If you purchase a Main Plus ticket, you can select a seat for free.

Let American Airlines select seats for you: 

If you wait until the economy cabin is full before checking in for your flight, American Airlines may assign you a free seat. You can check your reservation on AA’s website to see your seat assignment.

You can choose your seat during or after booking your flight. To avoid paying extra, skip American Airlines seat selection and get a seat at no charge after you check in.

Can You Upgrade Seats on American after Purchase?

Yes. American Airlines offers several ways to upgrade your seat. You can enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying flight experience.

Therefore, you can use your AAdvantage miles or pay cash to upgrade your seat.

One can also bid on an upgrade available on your flight using the Upgrade Bid option or use systemwide upgrades (SWUs).

Aadvantage elite status members can earn complimentary upgrades, and small-business program members can upgrade their seats as well.

To find out if upgrade seats are available, log in to and look for the ‘Systemwide upgrades’ link. If you don’t see any upgrade seats available when you book your flight, American Airlines will waitlist your request and try to accommodate your upgrade request as soon as possible.


In conclusion, selecting a seat on American Airlines is completely your choice. Comfort lovers are likely to select seats, whereas money savers can skip seat selection. However, you must not regret skipping American Airlines seat selection, as the airline staff will anyway assign you a seat. Also, you can get an upgrade using the bidding system or adding a promo code.

For more information and updates on American Airlines policies for seat selection, contact its customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pick My Seat on American Airlines?

You can easily pick your American Airlines seats through the My Trip section on the homepage. Type your name and other booking information. Further, select your seat from the available one. Choose the seat in advance if you are specific about your place.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

First, you should visit the website. Open the seat map and choose where you want to sit. The airline assigns adjacent seats to your companions.

Is paying for seat selection worth it?

It’s completely upon you. You will still get a seat if you skip the seat selection. However, it may not be your preferred seat. Therefore, you can avoid choosing a seat and secure money for the journey.

How long before a flight can you choose a seat?

You can select a seat for free 24 hours prior to departure after check-in opens. However, the airline assigns you a seat if you have a basic economy ticket.

What are the best seats on American Airlines?

Always go for the Main Cabin Extra Seat, especially when you are buying an economy class ticket. You can find them on the rear section, which gives you additional leg space.

How much does AA charge for seat selection?

American Airlines provides standard seats for free, except when you purchase basic economy fares. The airline can charge from $9 to over $160 for extra leg space on a long-distance international flight. Protection Status