How to Change my LATAM Airline Flight?

Well, missing & cancellations are among the basic things while booking a flight. However, the Latam airlines allows passengers to change flights or reschedule flights just because of your names, dates or same day flight changes. The Latam change flight policy & process allows you to make convenient flight changes & enjoy your trip. 

Here, the passenger will get to know about the different ways to modify or make desired changes to their pre-booked flights along with the other essential information.  

What is the Flight Change Policy of Latam Airlines?

If you need to change your flight with the airline, then it depends on the type of changes you wish. Although, the other parameters can be fare type, destination, time to change & other things. So, you can go through the below steps that can assist you with the flight change policy:

  • If you are flying with the Latam Airline, then the passengers can make their flight changes within 1 hour before the flight departure. 
  • However, for an international booking, the flyers can try to change their flight 1 hour 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.  
  • Moreover, if you make the changes within 24 hrs of the flight booking with the Latam airline then there will be no charges. 
  • Suppose the flight gets late for more than 3 hrs, all you can make free changes. 
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind, you can make the changes if you have booked a flight from the official Latam airline website. 

How do I Change my Flight with Latam Official site?

The airline provides the 24 hrs flight change facility to make free changes to your flight. But, the interesting part is to know about the flight change process. However, if you are boarding a flight with Latam, then travelers can go through the below steps to make a flight change:

  • Get access to the Latam airline’s official website.
  • Then, go on my trips on the homepage. 
  • Here, enter your flight ticket number along with the passenger’s last name. 
  • After that click on the change flight or reschedule the flight option.
  • You need to choose a specific part to make a change. 
  • Moreover, choose a new travel date & submit it.
  • On the other hand, you need to pay the change fee along with the fare difference ( if necessary)
  • At last, you’ll receive a confirmation on the registered email. 

How can I Change a Latam Flight via a Mobile App?

If you have booked a flight with the Latam airline, then it provides you with all the services that you can try to book at your fingertips. However, the main motive is to provide convenience to worldwide travellers. 

So, If you are unable to change your flight with the airline via the official website then it’s possible through an official application:

  • Download & install the official application of the Latam Airline.
  • On the app look for my trips section.
  • However, get your booking by entering the mandatory information. 
  • Here, go through the whole list & make the changes as per the requirement.
  • Now, provide the new details & receive the flight change confirmation.

Does Latam Airlines allow You to Change a Flight Date?

Well, Latam change flight date is a part of the airline flight change policy. However, the airline always understands your relevant concerns & tries to assist you with various services. So, here you’ll come across the different points that allow you to change the date while you have booked a trip with Latam Airlines:

  • The passengers have to make a flight date change request in advance. 
  • However, there are some locations where you can’t make changes to your travel dates. 
  • One of the most essential things is your trip’s fares should allow you to make the changes to your flight date. 
  • Moreover, you also need to pay a fare difference that’ll be based on the difference in the fare. 
  • On the other hand, you can try to postpone the travel date within 24 hrs. of the scheduled departure. 
  • For more details, below are the type of fares that allow for the travel date change:
  • Black
  • Platinum
  • Black Signature

How Much you need to pay a Latam Flight Change Fee?

Are you not sure about your travel plans or may need to change the flight? If this is the scenario then, it’s better to know about the Latam flight change fee. Apart from that your flight change cost will depend on your type of booking. However, you can find out the cost to change a flight below:

  • If you wish to avoid the Latam flight change fees, then call on Latam official number within 24 hrs. 
  • Moreover, if you need to change your domestic bookings then you need to pay around 30 dollars. 
  • It’ll be the same cost to change the regional flights. 
  • On the other hand, the international flight change cost will be $40
International routes Ticket change fees Fare refund fee
Between South American nations USD 75 USD 100
Between South America & US  USD 200 USD 250
Other international flights  USD 150 USD 200

How to Change my Latam Flight by Miles?

If you are registered under the airline’s frequent flyer program, then flyers can try to change their flight via miles. However, this allows you to avoid the Latam flight change fee & redeem the points for further use:

Now, if you want to change your domestic flights through the miles then you can read the below points:

Place                                                                             Redeem miles

Peru                                                                               5,700 miles

Ecuador                                                                         2,4,00 miles

Brazil                                                                              6,000

Columbia                                                                        28,00 miles

Chile                                                                                5,700 miles

The other part refers to changing an international flight:

Place                                                                              Redeem miles

Flying between South America & US                              23,400

South American countries                                               9,400

Other foreign destinations                                                18,800

How to Redeem your Miles with Latam Airlines?

Latam provides you with credits in the form of miles to make changes to your booking. But, the important thing is to know about the eligibility criteria for the miles redemption & below are the steps:

  • The first point is that the Latam pass tickets have to be used for redemption. 
  • Although, the tickets shouldn’t be near  the expiry date. 
  • Moreover, you have to make the flight change request before the scheduled departure. 
  • Apart from these, it’s mandatory to pay the difference in fare. 
  • If you need to upgrade the seats through the miles, it’s mandatory to request in advance. 
  • You can only change the flight through the redeemed miles. 
  • Moreover, you can execute the changes for commercial purposes. 

How to make a flight change & rebook it for later?

While travelling with the Latam for the first time & if you are not satisfied with the current booking or due to some reasons, you need to book a flight for later than it’s possible & below are the essential points:

  • Get access to the official website of the Latam Airline.
  • Now, choose my booking on the homepage & enter the last name along with the booking reference number.
  • On the next page, you can find the flight booking details & here choose the one that you need to change. 
  • Click on the change flight option & enter the new travel dates. 
  • Here, choose the preferred flight from the available flight list & pay for the change fee if needed. 
  • At last, you’ll receive a confirmation in the email to change your flight. 

Latam Same Day Flight Change Policy

Suppose, you have booked a flight with the latam airline & due to some unavoidable reasons, you need to make a flight change on the exact day. So, for that you need to know about the latam same day flight change procedure:

  • Visit the Latam airline’s official website.
  • On the homepage, look to manage my trips.
  • However, provide all the relevant information such as the booking reference number, and last name of the traveller along with the other important details. 
  • As you get your flight booking details, here go to the date section & there mention the new dates. 
  • Moreover, if the flight change is for the same day then you don’t need to pay the extra cost. 
  • At last, receive the confirmation on the registered email. 

Latam Name Change/Correction Policy

Have you booked a flight with Latam Airlines? But later, you remember that you entered the wrong name. However, it can happen by mistake, but the Latam airline has a name correction or change policy where you can go through the different steps to make the necessary changes:

  • The first point says only one passenger can change a name per booking.
  • Now, you are requested to submit the supporting documents for a legal name change or add a middle name, last name, and first name. 
  • Apart from that, Latam Fidelidade Award bookings are not allowed for name change requests. 
  • You need to book a new flight with a new ticket number followed by the booking reference once the airline name change request gets approved. 
  • Moreover, the travel date change, time, and destination do not come under the name change. 

How can I change my name on Latam airline ticket?

Whenever you book a trip with Latam Airlines & if you enter the wrong name, no problem. However, the airline provides you with an online name change procedure where you only need to provide the correct information about the trip & get things done. 

So, below are the different steps that can help you to make an online name change:

  • The first thing will be to visit the official website of Latam Airlines. 
  • Now, on the homepage on the upper side, you can look for the my trips option.
  • However, click on it. 
  • On the other side, click on it & there you can find an option to manage my trip. 
  • Moreover, the passengers can type their registered email address & click the send button. 
  • After that, provide the other information & continue.
  • Moreover, the next step will be to press an edit button to make the required changes & corrections.
  • You can correct your name here per the airline name change policy. 
  • Travellers may need to pay the applicable name change or correction fees. 
  • At last, you’ll receive an email. 

Can I make the name change with the Latam Airline on the phone?

Yes, if you need help making the name change online, you can also do it through a phone call to the official number 1 (866) 435-9526. Here, please speak to a live person from the airline & provide them with all the information to get the name change assistance. 

How much is the fee to change your name on a flight ticket?

If you entered the wrong name while booking a flight with the Latam Airline, it assists in changing your name within 24 hrs for free. But, if you surpass the time limit, then you need to pay the applicable charges. 

Moreover, you can go through the below table where you can find easily find out the name change fee for different reasons:

Name Change Requests  Fee for Domestic change Fare Difference International change fee Fare Difference
Spelling mistakes 200 Yes 250 Yes
Inverted names Not permitted Not applicable 250 Yes
Inverted name field Not permitted Not applicable 250 Yes
Omitted or Missing first name Not permitted Not applicable 250 Yes
Omitted or Missing last name Not permitted Not applicable 250 Yes
Duplicacy for first & last name 200 Yes 250 Yes
Legal name change  200 Yes 250 Yes
Correcting names by adding suffix & prefix 200 Yes 250 Yes
Modify passenger type 200 Yes 250 Yes

Latam Reschedule/ Rebooking Policy

Latam has a simple & easy to understand policy for the scheduled flight change process. However, it does not have any complicated parameters that can obstruct while making your desired changes in your flight.  

Moreover, you can go through the below points that can be helpful:

  • The travellers can try to change their flight till 1 hour before the scheduled departure for the domestic flights. On the other hand, for the international  flights you are allowed to make the changes about 1 hr & 40 minutes before the departure. 
  • However, you can try to change your Latam flight for free within 24 hrs. 
  • Moreover, after 24 hrs if you wish to change a flight with Latam then you have to pay an applicable fee. 
  • These charges start from $30 & depend on the destination & route. 
  • If your flight is delayed for more than 3 hrs or gets cancelled due to any reason, then make the free flight changes.
  • The most important thing is, you can try to change a flight if you have booked it from the official latam airline website. 

How to Contact Latam Airline for Flight Change?

Well, dialling the official number 1 (866) 435-9526 of the Latam airline seems to be the easiest option to speak with a live person. Now, if you wish to connect with the airline from a specific destination then you can go through the list below:


Argentina 08003459410
Chile  600 526 2000
Uruguay  000 4019 0223
Cuba  1703 621 7414
Brazil  0300 570 5700
Costa Rica  25397432
Germany  0 800 627 0976


However, you can try to connect through these contact numbers & speak to a Latam real person. Here, you may be asked to provide a few details about the trip & get assistance for the date change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to an already booked flight?

Yes, it’s quite possible to make the changes to an already booked flight. But, you may need to pay the cancellation fee depending on the airline. 

How to change my flight date for free?

Meanwhile, if you have booked a flight & if your travel plans have been postponed & you need to change your flight then you can do it within 24 hrs. 

Can you make a same day change with the Latam airline?

Yes, it’s quite possible to make a same day flight change with the airline. As, you need to mention your travel date, origin along with the destination. Protection Status