Infant Policy of Spirit Airlines

With a person of over 15 years of age, one lap child is allowed per Spirit Airlines reservations. If the infant is less than seven days older and is traveling with a life support system or incubator, the airline might refuse to take the kid on board.  People traveling with lap kids and children in car seats cannot sit on seats near or behind the emergency exits and even in the front row. 

The airline might charge an extra amount for your infants depending on your destination. You can also try and add a lap child at the time of making your Spirit Airlines Reservations. Infants and Children cannot occupy a seat having inflatable seat-belt. 

A Paying Flyer is allowed to carry an infant over seven days old and less than 2 yrs old in their lap on Spirit Airlines Flight. However, it is highly suggested by the airline to purchase a separate seat for your kid and carry them in FAA-approved car seats to secure their safety. Spirit will allow you to have one stroller and one car seat complimentary as checked baggage for each kid traveling. 

For more info related to babies and their travel policy, please do not hesitate to ring the helpline number of the Spirit Airlines reservations department. If you still facing some problems with infant Policy then you are free call Spirit Airlines Reservations at +1-860-370-4608.

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