JetBlue Airways Missed Flight Policy

Do you feel pity for your itineraries when missing a flight at the airline alters everything in the right place? It is a common scenario to miss your flight in the rush of busy schedules. However, knowing the policies can save you from frustration. This article highlights JetBlue Missed flight policy scenario and easy method to get solution when you miss a flight at JetBlue such as What to do, No-show policy, delayed flight compensation, and much more. So move to the text below to make yourself learn. 

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight JetBlue?

The airlines register frequent cases when fliers fail to onboard on the flight at the right time. They end up missing their flight because of various reasons such as being pissed off in a traffic jam, unplanned emergencies, Health issues, etc. Whatever the reason you have, you might need to face several possible actions listed here. 

  • The airline will cancel your ticket and initiate a refund upon confirming your unavailability to onboard the flight.
  • In case you fail to inform the airline, your ticket will be put into the ‘No Show’ category. 
  • If you are a ‘No Show’, they might cancel your other bookings for flights and hotels grouped into the same itinerary. 
  • If you missed your scheduled flight, but are on the way to arrive at the airport, they might offer you a seat on the next available flight provided that you have a legitimate reason for delay.
  • If you miss a flight because of some delays caused by the Airlines, you will get compensation for future travel or a seat free of cost on the next available flights. 

What to do if you miss a flight on JetBlue?

Every action comes with some consequences. In your case, if you miss a flight, these consequences can turn bitter if you do not take any preventive measures. Here are some preventive measures you can take after you miss your Flight.

  • Make Inform the Airlines: If you are sure to not board your scheduled flight, do inform JetBlue and cancel your current flight. It will save your eligibility to get a refund against cancellation (if applicable).
  • Switch Your Flight: In case, you are running late for the scheduled flight. Do switch your flight before its departure. JetBlue allows fliers to switch their flight on the day of travel by paying a JetBlue missed flight fee of $75. You can be charged a refundable fee of $25 per person if booked through a representative or Chat, while on the website you need not pay this extra sum of money.
  • List Stand-By: This is the case when you end up missing your flight or looking for an alternate flight to your scheduled flight on priority. With JetBlue, you can list yourself in ‘Stand-By’ only at the airport by paying an additional fee of $75. However, you must note that you can list Stand-By only on the same day of travel and between the same cities for which you have confirmed your ticket earlier.

JetBlue No-Show Policy 

As the name suggests, ‘No-Show’ is the state when you fail to onboard your outbound flight before it is going to depart. It may cause you frequent losses such as cancellation of return flights or other connecting flights with no refund. 

Even if you do not want to be a ‘No-Show’, you must adhere to the JetBlue No Show policies. It can guide you to take the appropriate step if you become a ‘No-Show’ by chance. Here is the list of no-show policies for each type of ticket viz. Refundable and Non-refundable.

For Non-refundable

  • They can reject your refund request If you fail to cancel your ticket before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • However, if you let them know of your unavailability before departure, you can get compensation in the form of vouchers or Travel Credits of the value as calculated by JetBlue or Travel Agency.
  • You can redeem the Travel Credits only for purchasing the ticket for future flights through the website or by calling JetBlue Booking Associate at 1-888-538-2583.

For refundable

  • You can get a full refund provided that you cancel your flight before departure or call the airline before the departure. You must also note that 
  • If you are a ‘No-Show’ with refundable tickets, the status will automatically change from ‘No-Show’ to ‘No Go’.
  • Your ticket must remain in Open status and be good for one year from the date of original issuance.
  • You need to pay a service charge of $50 for a refund if put into ‘No-show’.

How to Rebook JetBlue Missed Flight?

JetBlue is the name for providing a unique travel experience. Therefore, keeping in mind the comfort of its customers, it allows them to rebook their flights. This facility can prove a boon if you missed your JetBlue flight. They allow you to rebook a ticket on another flight at the same price with no extra fee. You just need to go with the easy steps below to rebook conveniently. 

How to Book a JetBlue Multi-City Flights?

Visit through Official Site :

  • Head to the booking page by clicking the link
  • You will find the ‘Manage Trip’ button on the top of the page in the menu bar, click on that. 
  • Find your flight by logging into your account or by entering your last name and ticket number.
  • Go with the option to rebook. and Fill in the details such as Confirmation number, Flight number, Travel Date, Your particulars, etc.
  • Cheers! You are safe now from the nightmare.

By Calling JetBlue Customer Service

JetBlue provides multiple channels to connect with JetBlue Customer Service. You can connect with them either through Live Chat, WhatsApp, or dedicated call numbers for your region. Here are the steps you can follow for your convenience to get in touch with them. 

Get Live Chat

  • Access the JetBlue contact page through the link
  • You will find multiple options along with some ready-made searches. 
  • Click on the text link labeled as ‘Start a Chat’ or click the chat icon at the right bottom of the page. 
  • It will open the chat box with some suggested searches already present there. 
  • Explore the options and continue with your queries.

Through WhatsApp

  • Go with the same steps as discussed for Live Chat. 
  • After you get to land on the contact page, extend the drop-down ‘WhatsApp Chat’.
  • Here you will get the link labeled as ‘Connect us with WhatsApp’. It will redirect you to the WhatsApp page of JetBlue.
  • If you are accessing the link on your computer, you must have WhatsApp web logged in in another window.
  • Initiate a chat and explore the results within its capacity. 

 Through Call

  • Get in touch with JetBlue Customer Service at 1-800-538-2583 (for USA).
  • Choose the number if your region does not fall in the United States. They have multiple numbers available for various regions.
  • Follow the instructions (necessary to communicate properly), during an IVR process if applicable. 
  • Connect with the representative and tell them your concern.
  • Calm down! They will hear you with heart so speak patiently. 

JetBlue compensation for delayed missed flight connection

JetBlue offers compensation in the form of credit points if a flight is delayed or canceled because of them. Go through the below table to grasp the compensation amount for delays.

Delay Time Compensation
2 Hrs or More
  • You can rebook a ticket on the next available flight with no extra charge
  • Refund on your request
3 Hrs or More
  • A meal voucher of $12 including taxes and fees
  • If the delay time causes you to wait overnight, they will provide you the hotel accommodations in a local airport area hotel to stay 
  • If they are not able to accommodate you, they will arrange for transportation from the airport to the nearby airport or hotel.
3-3:59 Hrs They will credit you $50.
4-4:59 Hrs They will credit you $100.
5-5:59 Hrs They will credit you $150.
6 hours or more They will credit you $200.


You require a strategic understanding of JetBlue T & C to mitigate the potential consequences of missing a flight. You can reach customer service through multiple means and ask for a refund or compensation. However, if you think rebooking a flight at JetBlue is a better option, do it immediately by calling the airline representative. Protection Status