Southwest Wanna Get Away

Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away

So, are you looking to plan a trip? Want to fly with Southwest Airlines? Good Choice! If your choice is Southwest Airlines to fly to your desired destination with your family and friends, this blog will offer you the best details and information about Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away. With Southwest Airlines, you will get cheap tickets and also you will get various offers and discounts on different dates and timings. 

The Airlines have its specific fare, “Wanna Get Away,” which offers cheap flight tickets to its global passengers. So if you want to know more about this particular fare type, then be with the blog, and also, you can call southwest airlines reservations number to get better insights into this fare. 

About Southwest Wanna Get Away 

Southwest Airlines is now offering four-seat fares: Wanna Get Away Fares, Anytime Fares, Southwest Business Select and Senior Fares. “Wanna Get Away” fare is the most affordable flight service offered by Southwest Airlines to its travelers. This amazing fare helps passengers to save a lot of money while flying with Southwest Airlines. Yet, this fare is not refundable! Apart from this, you will get approx. 6 points for every spending (in Dollar) with Wanna Get Away fare. You will also get a lot of different advantages from this fare during the flash deals. If you plan not to spend more money on your travel, Southwest wanna get away flights will be the best choice. 

Benefits of Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away Flights

Here are the benefits of Wanna Get Away fares of Southwest Airlines that can encourage you to book this fare:

Have a look,

  • Affordable Price

Wanna Get Away fare on Southwest Airlines is the cheapest flight ticket. Passengers can save a lot of money when traveling on this fare. Sometimes, you can get the fare below the $40 mark. This can be the best option to fly to your destination without burning your pocket.

  • Huge Savings

Booking cheap flight tickets will lead you to save a lot. Thus, Wanna get Away fare of Southwest Airlines will be the best option for anyone to save a huge booking amount. This is the most budget-friendly ticket fare of Southwest Airlines.

  • High-end Customer Services

Southwest Airlines offer high-end airline service to their passengers. Travelers will get the best travel experience at an affordable price range. Passengers can upgrade their seats, change their seats, board, select seats, etc. Also, they can enjoy tasty in-flight meals and other in-flight entertainments on Southwest Airlines. 

Steps to Book Southwest Wanna Get Away fares

Here are the steps that will you make your seat booking in Wanna Get Away fares of Southwest Airlines:

  • Step 1:

The very step you need to do is, you have to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. Well, you will get the best deals on booking round-trip flights or one-way flights. To initiate the booking procedure, you need to fill in the required details like arrival & departure city name, departure time & date, and fill in the number of passengers. Lastly, click on the search button.

  • Step 2:

Now, you will get to see the list of available flights of your mentioned date and timing. Here, you need to select the flight that suits your budget and requirements.

  • Step 3:

After selecting the ideal flight, to book the Southwest airlines wanna get away, you need to choose the Wanna Get Away option. After choosing the wanna get away fare, you will see the pros of booking. You will also receive rapid reward points from Southwest Airlines.

  • Step 4:

After clicking the Continue button, you will be on the next page that showcases your trip and its price details. Check it carefully, and if you want to make any changes to it, you have to click on the modification button. Lastly, click on the continue tab.

  • Step 5:

You need to fill in all the person’s details like the name, gender, Date of Birth (DOB), and other essential information. In the end, pay for your booking and confirm your ticket in the Wanna Get Away fare of Southwest Airlines. You will receive an email or SMS that includes the ticket and all other details of your booking and payment. 

You are also free to connect with the experts to get help in the booking procedure. 

Let’s talk about Southwest Wanna Get Away Refund!

  • If travelers have some issues and don’t want to fly after booking the Southwest Airlines ticket, they have to do the cancellation procedure before 10 minutes of the scheduled flight departure.
  • You will get your refund in the form of funds that can be used in the future to book your future tickets from Southwest Airlines.
  • You can also cancel the Wanna Get Away fare online and also you can call southwest airlines reservations number to initiate the cancellation procedure. 
  • You need to provide your booking cancellation number, name, ticket number and all other flight ticket details to use the travel funds. 

To get more details, you can connect with the customer support representative. You will find them 24/7 available to help you with your booking, refunds and cancellation issues.

Working Procedure of Southwest Wanna Get Away Calendar

With the Wanna Get Away calendar’s help, you will get notifications of upcoming and ongoing flight ticket deals. If you are flexible with your flying dates and timings, then you will get amazing deals and discounts. If you are the one who is willing to fly anytime in the week, then you may get a discount of around $49 from Southwest Airlines. According to the calendar, you can also call the customer support representatives to get the best deals on southwest wanna get away flights.

Pros and Cons of making Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away booking

It is a fact that whether you purchase any flight tickets, you will undoubtedly get some pros and cons. It goes with Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fare also. Well, most importantly, the Wanna Get Away fare of Southwest Airlines is not precisely a basic economy travel class. The valuable passengers of Southwest Airlines can still be allowed to check-in with two bags without paying extra charges. 

The passengers of Wanna Get Away Fare will also get the same facilities as Anytime Fare passengers, like having A-group flight boarding. With this travel fare, you will earn fewer Rapid Rewards points than other travel fares of Southwest Airlines. Also, the passengers are allowed to change their flight whenever they want. But, the valuable passengers of Southwest Airlines should keep in their mind that the flight ticket price gets increased as the travel date gets closer. Also, the Wanna Get Away Fare is non-refundable, but you can still cancel your flight ticket without paying any extra charges. 

Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away Fees

As you already know, this Fare of Southwest Airlines is the lowest ticket price or deals offered to the valuable passengers or consumers of Southwest Airlines. Even with the lowest price of a ticket on Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fare, the passengers will get a high-end flying experience with amazing in-flight services and facilities. As a general survey, you will find no difference in the flight ticket price between this travel class and Anytime Fare. But sometimes, on routes and travel days, the price varies a lot. 

If you want to know the price difference between Wanna Get Away fare and Anytime fare, you will find out that it could be less like $11 or can be more also. It depends upon the routes, destinations and travel days. The most important things about this travel class and Anytime Fare is the refundable system and flexibility. You need to know which travel fare offers flexibility and a refundable facility. 

Cancellation and Change Policy: Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away

Coming with the straightforward answer, one can not refund Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fare. There is no refundable system on this travel fare. That’s why you should only book this travel fare on Southwest Airlines when you are 100% sure of your travel times and dates. Because if you want to change your mind, you will not get your money back. But, you can change your flight ticket date whenever you want for free. 

The change policy of Southwest Airlines allows valuable passengers to take advantage and change their travel dates to find the best deals in future. As mentioned above, you will not get any refund on Wanna Get Away fare, but you can get the credit that you can use for your future travel with Southwest Airlines. But the condition is that you need to cancel your flight ticket on Southwest Airlines 10 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.

Baggage and Carry-on policy: Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away

If you are travelling on Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fare, you will be allowed to take two check-in bags for free. The proper size of check-in bags on Southwest Airlines is 10*16*24 inches and the maximum weight of the check-in bags should be 50 pounds. If the baggage is overweight or oversize, then you will be charged $75 per bag. You will be charged $60 per bag on a round-trip on a normal flight, but you can fly with Southwest Airlines and save your baggage charges. 

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