Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade

Passengers often struggle to get seats that recline for a comfortable inflight experience. And to solve this issue, many opt for Spirit Airlines seat upgrade options to get better seats. Once you upgrade, there are lots of things that come with comfortable seating. It includes free snacks, one added carry-on, and inexpensive pricing on available upgrades.

There are many ways you can upgrade after checking the availability. This blog will discuss the best ways to upgrade seats on the popular low-cost Spirit Airlines.

How to Upgrade Seats on Spirit Airlines?

There are different ways to upgrade seats on Spirit Airlines. First, you must check the availability of big front and Exit row seats. The following are the ways to upgrade:

Online using the Spirit website or mobile app

  • After booking flights, use the ‘My Trips’ section on the website and mobile app of Spirit Airlines.
  • Access your flight bookings using the PNR number and other related info.
  • Now, select the flight segment on which you want to upgrade seats, Big Front or Exit row.
  • Choose the ‘Add or change seat’ option and check for upgrade availability and eligibility.
  • You must fill out a form to request the number of seats you want to upgrade on your flight bookings.
  • Then, follow the prompts and complete the payment to confirm your changes in flight bookings.

Upgrade at the check-in counter

  • Ask for upgrades at the check-in counter before printing the boarding pass for flight departure.
  • The airline staff will inform you about the available seat upgrade options.
  • Choose from Big Front seats or Exit row seats as per your preferences.
  • Follow the instructions of the airline staff and pay for the upgrade.
  • Then, the airline agent will print your boarding pass to proceed with flight departure.

Use Spirit Airlines seat upgrade bid

  • Bid for the price using Plusgrade’s SeatBid system.
  • Log in with your flight booking details on the Spirit Airlines website or mobile app.
  • This site will help you to see if your flight is eligible for an upgrade using your flight booking details.
  • After checking the availability, fill out the bid request form.
  • The airline will notify you within 48 hours of the bid request or before 2 hours of departure.

Contact Spirit customer service for an upgrade request

  • Use Spirit Airlines’ customer service number 1 (855) 728-3555 to request an upgrade on call.
  • Follow the automated instructions on the IVR to connect with an available airline agent.
  • Choose the language from the given option you want to continue with
  • Once the call connects, the airline staff will change your flight bookings.
  • Request the airline expert to upgrade seats on your Spirit reservations.
  • Share your preferences and make the payment to confirm the changes.

Regardless of the method you use to get an upgrade on Spirit Airlines, it’s a must to have the flight booking details. Also, the upgrade charges may differ depending on when and where you upgrade Spirit.

Spirit Airlines Upgrade Choices/Options

Spirit Airlines has different options to upgrade your seat depending on your preference and need. Spirit, being a low-cost airline, offers limited and inexpensive upgrades. The upgrade options include:

  • Seats with more legroom placed near the plane’s exit, Exit row seats.
  • Deluxe leather seats with more width and pitch at the front of the plane, Spirit Big Front Seats

Both upgrades will include better amenities than standard seating. One can either pay or bid for Spirit Seat Upgrade. To choose the best upgrade, consider how long your trip is and what makes you comfortable.

How much does it cost to upgrade seats on Spirit Airlines?

The cost of an upgrade on Spirit Airlines depends on the flight route, timing of the upgrade request, upgrade method, payment method, and destination. However, look at the pierce range below to get an estimate of the upgrade fee:

Big Front Seats: Spirit Airlines’ wider deluxe leather seats, widely known as Spirit first class or Big Front seats, cost around $12 – $250 on upgrade. One can reserve the seats after booking or at the airport counter before printing the boarding pass.

Exit Row seats: For Exit row seats, passengers must pay $8 to $50 for available upgrades. Also, one must qualify to be seated in the exit row. There are certain terms and conditions regarding the operation of emergency exits. Read the rules before upgrading to exit-row seats.

Note: One cannot use miles/free spirit points to upgrade seats on Spirit Airlines. The airline only accepts cash payments to confirm the upgrade.

Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines: How to Get the Best Seat?

The best way to get cheap upgrades online is by using the Spirit bidding feature. Spirit Airlines will email you about one to two weeks before departure. The email will include taglines like Don’t miss out on Big Front seats, grab your seats at an even better price, etc. Once you open the email, you will get the Spirit seat upgrade bid option for both Big Front and Exit row seats. On the bidding system, the baiting price is often low, and they could be as cheap as $20. You can bid for the price and get the upgrade easily.

Upgrade benefits for Spirit Frequent flyers:

If you are a Free Spirit Silver member, you can choose your seat for free when you check in for your flight. You can switch to one without paying extra if exit row seats are available. And if you’re a Free Spirit Gold member, you can choose your seat for free when you book your flight, including the extra legroom exit row seats.

How are Spirit Big Front seats better than Exit row seats?

When choosing a seat in Spirit Airlines, the Spirit First Class or Big Front Seat offers an upgraded experience with extra legroom. However, the extra legroom may not be worth the price since it’s only an inch more than the legroom in the cheaper exit row seats. The Big Front Seats are also wider than the exit row seats, allowing more space to move around comfortably.

Additionally, the exit row seats are three seats across, which can make it feel more cramped than the Big Front Seats. So, if you’re looking for a more spacious and comfortable seat, the Big Front Seat might be worth the upgrade.

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