How Can I Select a Seat on Volaris?

Volaris believes that passengers should choose the facilities as to their comfort. That is why the airline allows passengers to make Volaris seat selection. So, when you book a flight on Volaris official site, you can book a seat on your selected flight. You can choose your preferred seat from there. But is it necessary to assign a seat? And what is the seat assignment fee for flight bookings?

Many passengers have questions regarding the seat selection process. All the answers are here in this blog. So, after reading this, you will get to know:

  • Seat assignment policy of Volaris
  • Types of seats on Volaris
  • When you can select seats
  • Different ways to get seats
  • The procedure for seat selection
  • Seat selection cost
  • Add, remove, or change seats on the itinerary.
  • Terms and conditions for specific seats (Exit row seats)

How does Volaris Seat Assignment Work?

Volaris Airlines have a very basic structure to assign seats. The airline gives the facility for travelers/passengers to assign seats:

  • At the time of booking
  • Within 24 hours of booking without any extra charges
  • After 24 hours of bookings with some additional fees
  • Before check-in and printing of boarding pass
  • After check-in (at high change cost + any fare differences)

The above facilities are available online and offline. You can use the official website of Volaris or the mobile app to log in with your flight credentials and get a seat on your flight. Also, you can check with airline staff via phone call or at the airport to select, add, or remove seats. All passengers are also eligible for any upgrade and downgrade in cabin class on Volaris flights.

How do I select a Volaris seat after booking?

No worries if you have skipped the seat assignment process while making the flight reservations. You can log in to your Volaris account and make any changes, selections, or cancellations of seats. Or, if you don’t have an account, just put your flight details in the ”Search flight option.” You can then check your flight and make the necessary adjustments.

You can make things more organized and easy by downloading the Volaris app. You can add or remove seats on mobile apps. The procedure is almost the same:

  • Launch Volaris airline’s mobile app
  • Login into your account or skip the login
  • Search your existing flight by entering your flight details
  • You can select your flight and go to the ”More option.”
  • Then, locate the ”Make Seat selection” tab.
  • Further, select your desired seat and make the payment.

You can also contact the airline representative to include a seat in your flight bookings. Or, if you want to make flight reservations at the airport, Volaris staff will best assist you with seat reservations.

How do I choose my seat at the time of booking?

As previously discussed, Volaris allows all passengers to assign themselves a seat. And the first method to have your seat assigned is a selection of a seat at the time of flight booking. So, follow the steps below to get your desired seat on Volaris:

  • First, go to the official site of Volaris Airlines.
  • Then, click on the ”Book a flight” option.
  • Further, fill in all the details for a suitable flight to your destination.
  • Next, select a flight from the options available and proceed further.
  • Then, you can add your details to continue with your flight bookings.
  • Afterward, you will have to select a seat from the seat map.
  • You can click the option, ”Select seat,” or a similar phrase.
  • Now, you can check your airlines Volaris seat map, which will allow you to get a seat.
  • Your available seats will reflect on the screen in a different color than already reserved seats.
  • Select the seat, check the amount payable, and include the seat in your itinerary.

The process is easy as you must choose a seat and pay the relevant fee. After payment, you will get your flight tickets and booked seat number on your registered email address.

How to choose seats on Volaris airlines?

It’s never too late to choose a seat on Volaris Airlines. You can pick a seat at the time of flight booking or after completing the reservations. You will get the option to either select a seat or skip the seat selection process when you book a flight. And if you have an existing flight booking, log in to your Volaris account and start the seat selection. You can also add or remove extra seats after checking in online.

Also, you can choose a seat when you check-in at the airport. But, you will get limited or no options to select a seat. And that’s why the airlines often provide you with a seat at no extra seat selection cost.

Volaris Seat Selection Policy 

You can make better decisions once you know some important details of how to select seat on Volaris. The first rule for seat selection is the earlier you book, the better your chances of getting your preferred seats. It will help you get the maximum options to pick a seat from the aircraft seat map. And passengers who make last-moment flight bookings have few or no options available.

These things are pretty obvious, so now let’s look at the other rules:

  • Passengers can book extra seats only if that is available for reservation.
  • You can pick a seat during flight bookings, after bookings, and before departure.
  • One must confirm their seat assignment before printing the boarding pass.
  • You must pay extra charges if you ask an airline representative to select seats after printing the boarding pass.
  • You can skip the seat selection process; the airlines will make you sit wherever possible.
  • You can use that seat for free when you get the side seat empty after departure.
  • There is always a chance to get free-of-cost seat reservations on Volaris Airlines during check-in.
  • Not all passengers can be seated on exit row seats, and there are some set rules to operate in any emergency.
  • According to the aircraft’s emergency gate rule, only eligible passengers are allowed to sit in the exit row.

If you are a passenger with special needs and want seating arrangements according to you, contact Volaris Airlines. You must give detailed instructions and the necessary documentation to request the airlines about your needs.

Different Types of Volaris Seating Option with fare classes

Volaris has four seats/fare classes, Premium, More Space, First-off, and Standard. All the fares have their benefits and are suitable for different needs. So let’s begin with the sequence of the best seats on a Volaris plane:

  • Volaris first class seats ~ Premium

Premium seats are placed in the first rows and are considered one of the most comfortable cabin classes. Passengers who choose premium seats will get extra space for legroom and carry-on items. Also, you will have the advantage of priority boarding and first exit upon arrival. Regarding the meals and other added facilities, the airline will serve you first because of your seating location. The number of facilities provided to the premium class is higher than other classes and thus has high charges.

  • Exit row seats ~ More Space

The message is clear from the name itself; you will surely get more space on these seats. These seats are just behind the premium seats of the aircraft. But, the airlines will let you sit in the exit row seats only if you are eligible to operate the emergency exit without any difficulties. Once you can sit, you can enjoy the comfort of extra legroom and space at a lower price than premium seats.

  • Seats that offer priority exit ~ First-off

First-off/quick seats of Volaris are in Row 2, Row 3, Row 4, and Row 5. These rows are behind the exit row and allow the usual space. Also, these seats are perfect for passengers avoiding the middle seats. There are two best things about these seats. One is you will get the advantage of exiting the plane first, and the second is the price of these seats are cheaper.

  • Basic economy class of Volaris ~ Standard seats

Space first-off or standard seats are on the back side of the aircraft. Passengers who need to pick a seat will get a standard seat. There are times when the airlines don’t ask for any seat selection charges from the passengers. So, if you are a money saver, standard seats can be a good option.

Does Volaris charge for Seat Selection?

Unlike many airlines that provide free open seating, Volaris charges passengers to get the seat they want. Passengers must pay the Volaris seat selection fee to complete their seat assignment. The assignment fee for choosing a seat differs depending on your flight, route type, fare class, and seat type. Thus, you will be required to check the accurate price by going through the process of selecting seats on volaris.

How much does it cost to select my seat on volaris?

Travelers who want to try Premium or first-off seats would want to know the volaris seat selection price of all fares. However, as already discussed, the cost differs depending on various factors. That’sThat’s why it’s not possible to give the exact number. However, here is a list of the price range of each fare class to give you an idea about it:

  • For Premium seats in the front rows of the aircraft, the price may range between 28 to 32 USD.
  • First-off or quick seats will cost you around 20 to 30 USD.
  • The cost of More Space Seats in the exit row will be around 18 to 20 USD once you prove your eligibility to sit in the exit row.
  • Lastly, the regular standard seats on Volaris Airlines are the most cost-effective. So, the airline will charge you 14 USD or 15 USD.

Please note that reserving seats online will cost you less than that from the airport. Also, the price for each Volaris seat is per passenger, so you must pay the seat selection fee individually.

Emergency exit row seats: Who can pass the eligibility?

It’s an important topic regardless of which airline you travel with. Every airline has certain rules for passengers sitting on the emergency exit row. Firstly, please note that not all passengers can sit on exit row seats. For example:

  • Minors under 15
  • Pregnant women
  • Customers traveling with pets
  • Customers traveling with babies
  • Customers with any illnesses or medical conditions
  • Customers with any disability (visual, cognitive, speech, auditory, etc.)

So, only choose the exit row seats if you can assist the airline crew in case of any operational emergency on the aircraft. If necessary, you will have to leave the seat during an emergency.

How to change my seat on Volaris?

Volaris provides an option to change your seat selection. Whether you want to upgrade your seat to Premium or downgrade your seats to standard class, you need to:

  • Visit
  • Click on the ”Manage reservations” or the option with a similar phrase
  • Enter the passenger’s name and flight booking number
  • Select the flight and click on the ”Change” tab
  • Then select ”Seats”

A seat map of your aircraft will reflect on the screen. You will then be able to add, remove or change seats. Note that any changes after 24 hours of flight booking are subject to change fees and fare differences, if any.

Does Volaris let you pick your seat?

Passengers who want to know whether they can pick a seat on Volaris Airlines can rest assured. The airlines let you get your favorite seat during and even after flight booking. But you can only choose your flight seating if that particular seat is available. You can check the availability on the seat map of the aircraft you have bookings on. There are many other factors that you must look for when selecting seats. For that, you can go through the volaris seating policy. The policy will help you get your preferred seating hassle-free without anyone help.

How to change the volaris seat after check-in?

Many passengers request changes in their seats after check-in at the airport. The airlines allow you to make the necessary flight changes (including seat changes). You can make the changes online or by asking an airline representative at the airport to do it for you. But, making changes with the representative’s help will make you pay service charges in addition to the change fees and fare difference amount. Also, last moment changes will make you pay more than usual on Volaris.

It’s important to note that when no seats are available to select from, the changes you request might not be possible. In that case, you cannot travel on your pre-reserved seats or cancel your flight bookings.

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