What Happens If You Missed Your Flight United Airlines?

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy 

There might be various situations that are responsible for missing your flight. But you do not need to be worried and panic. Moreover, United Airlines’ missed flight policy aided in these situations and enabled the passengers to rebook their flights. 

Besides, you can rearrange your flight and on the next flight served by United. You must check the seat availability, provide your required details, and then you will be able to book your flight. In the below blog, you will be able to learn the various important aspects of the missed flight policy. 

Highlights of United Airlines Missed Flight Policy

The missed flight policy of United Airlines is designed to assist passengers when they can’t reach the airport on time and miss their flight. The airline understands that the reason can be anything behind missing a flight. However, you must have an understanding of the guidelines of the policy of missing a United Airlines flight. Besides, you must reach the airport at least two hours prior to the departure after missing a flight so that you can board the next flight at the airport. 

Other Guidelines of the Policy are mentioned below: 

  • The airline will assist you in getting to the standby list when the earlier flight is not available at the airport as per the policy rules.
  • In addition, ensure that you need to inform the airline operator in advance of your missed flight. It enables you to acquire the chance of getting another flight to the same destination for free. 
  • United will surely look for ways to get you back on track when your flight is delayed or canceled by more than an hour or you missed a connection.
  • You must check for the alternative flight available at your location as soon as you miss your flight. 
  • Talk to the gate agent, and they will have your name added to the list when you cannot rebook because of the non-availability of flights.
  • Similarly, United passengers can stand by for an earlier flight within 24 hours for free.
  • Moreover, you will obtain a next-day flight booking if your booking was the last one to miss a flight. 
  • However, you must connect with the agent to get any assistance when you have missed your flight if you book your tickets through an agent. 
  • On the other hand, travelers can expect assistance from the airline if they miss their flight due to unavoidable circumstances, and the situations may be strikes, natural disasters, etc. 

What Option Do I Have If I Missed My Flight United Airlines? 

Suppose you reach the airport late due to traffic or other reasons. In this case, the airline may mark you as a no-show and revoke your flight reservation. It may occur when bad weather or traffic delays may be the reason behind your getting to the airport late. You must contact United Airlines customer service if you ever find yourself in these kinds of situations. 

United representatives will help with a United Airlines missed flight due to the capacity to reschedule to another flight so that one can complete your journey. On the other hand, passengers can rearrange their tickets by first accessing the official website of the airline in these kinds of cases.

Check out the below points to have the knowledge: 

  • You need to inform the United customer service or a representative at the airport regarding your missed flight.
  • Explain your situation and provide the associated information
  • They will help you with the same and guide you in getting the best solution. 
  • Besides, the airline may offer you a new flight reservation without paying any charges on the next available flight by keeping in mind your availability and the circumstances. 
  • Similarly, It is possible that the airline allows you to get a standby flight for the upcoming flight when no alternative flights are available.
  • The standby flights allow you to get an open seat on a booked flight, but it is not assured. You may have to wait for a long period. 

How to Rebook A United Airlines Missed Flight? 

If you wish to reschedule your flight and make a new booking, the airline makes it easy to rebook a flight by providing various methods. Moreover, United Airlines will assist you in every step when you need assistance. Look at the below-mentioned ways to rearrange a flight on United. 

Through Official Website 

  • Navigate to the official website of United Airlines
  • Then, move to the My Trip tab on the homepage. 
  • Here, you will find the drop-down menu to move ahead. 
  • Again, click on the My Trip option. 
  • You must enter the correct details that are required by the airline, such as the Booking Confirmation Number and Surname of the passenger. 
  • Select the Select tab to go ahead. 
  • After that, you will be able to get your missed flight information. 
  • Select the flight you wish to rebook and cancel it. 
  • Next, select a new flight for which you choose the preferred dates and time. 
  • Finally, pay the applicable fee to confirm your reservation, and then you will acquire an email from the airline regarding your new reservation details. 

Live Chat Option

Travelers can also chat with a live person using the Live Chat service provided by the airline available 24/7 to assist the passengers. You can get guidance from a United representative when you miss your flight and also inform the airline about your missed flight. Besides, you can chat with a live person to know the current status of your flight. 

Can I Call United Airlines to Rebook My United Missed Flight? 

Yes, you can call the airline at the toll-free customer helpdesk number 1 (800) 864-8331 to find instant help in rebooking your missed flight as per United Airlines missed flight policy.

  • You must give a reason to the agent for missing your flight after calling the airline. 
  • It might be for medical reasons or if a passenger could not make it on time for the check-in due to other issues like traffic jams. 
  • The United representatives will rebook your flight if you are eligible for the same. However, he will ask you to provide some needed information related to your missed flight. 
  • Besides, if a traveler reaches the airport 30 minutes prior to their flight departure, they can directly call customer service to rearrange their flight. 

How Much is the United Airlines Rebooking Fee? 

United Airlines charges a fee for rebooking your flight. Besides, there are numerous kinds of fares offered by the carrier to rearrange on another flight. Moreover, these can comprise the Economy, Premium Plus, Basic Economy, etc. Each category of ticket offers different services. Thus, the United Airlines rebooking fee may fluctuate from low to high based on the given classes. 

Note: It is advisable to inform the airline regarding United Airlines’ missed flight to avoid paying the charges. 

Does United Charge If You Missed Your Flight?

There are two circumstances where United Airlines may or may not be charged a fee by the travelers for a missed flight. The airline will not ask to pay a United Airlines missed flight fee when a traveler follows the rules and notify the airline of your missed flight that you may fail to board your flight. The additional standby fee may not be charged by the airline.  

You will have to pay the charges when you do not inform the airline of the same. You will be marked as a no-show by the airline. It is important to call the airline when you realize that you may miss your flight. 

Important Note: Get in touch with the United Airlines customer service team to learn more about the fee charged by the airline when missing a flight. 

United Airlines No-Show Policy 

It can happen that you will be late for your flight at the airport due to various weather or traffic issues. In this event, the airline presented a United No-Show policy. This is because when the passengers do not arrive at the airport on time the airline will count them as a no-show. Travelers need to arrive early at the airport to comply with the policy and must know the situation after being labeled as no–show. 

Look at the below conditions of the United No-Show policy: 

  • Sometimes, travelers as no-shows have to pay hefty fines.
  • Passengers with fully refundable flight tickets can ask for a no-show when the airline marked it as a no-show. 
  • You must ensure that your request is made for a genuine reason. Similarly, the refundable flight ticket has no extended export period. 
  • United Airlines canceled flights of all your succeeding bookings when you were considered a no-show by the airline. 
  • You will not acquire any refund in any circumstances in case of a no-show when you have bought the non-refundable flight ticket on United. 

How Much United Airlines Charge for No-Show Fee 

Travelers will have to pay a certain amount of fee imposed by the airline when they miss their flight or are regarded as a no-show. The United no-show fee is equal to the value of the ticket. You may need to pay USD 125 as a no-show fee in certain conditions. The price may vary depending on various factors. 

Note: It is suggested to contact the airline as early as possible when you fail to board your flight on time so that you will not have to pay a no-show fee.  


United Airlines operates international and domestic flights that connect passengers to major and minor cities over the globe. So, it may occur that the flyers may skip their flights when they do not arrive at the airport on time. Travelers can call the airline anytime when they need assistance regarding United Airlines’ missed flight policy. 

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