Westjet Seat Selection Policy

WestJet Seat Selection allows you to choose your preferred seat in advance. However, the airline provides travelers with the utmost inflight comfort and an easy how-to-select seat on the WestJet process. Apart from that, WestJet Airlines offers an advanced seat selection process, or you can try to book up to 24 hours through the manage booking option.

What is the West Jet Seat Selection Policy?

If you are booking a trip with WestJet Airlines & wish to choose the desired seats for yourself, you should get through the WestJet seat selection policy before that. However, these are very simple points that are easy to understand without any unnecessary terms & conditions:

  • The first step refers to the seat upgrade process that they can do from first class to the upper class.
  • However, you can not reschedule the selected seats from business to economy.
  • On the other hand, you can try to choose your favorite seats during the flight booking, so there’ll be many seats to choose from.
  • The other alternative is to select the seats during online check-in, but that depends on the availability of seats.
  • Now, this is a very important point about the West Jet seat selection duration.
  • You can choose the seats between 24 to 2 hrs. before the scheduled flight departure for the domestic carriers & 24 to 3 hrs. before the international departure.

How to Select Seat while booking a WestJet flight?

Flying with friends & families is full of fun, enjoyment & enthusiasm, but getting your preferred seats on board can uplift your whole moment. The main purpose of travelling is to relax & discover new ways to enjoy the journey on your selected seats.

Moreover, if it’s your first time flying with the respective airline & you want to know everything about the West Jet seat selection, then below are the steps:

  • Visit the West Jet official website from your device.
  • Now, click on the flight option available on the homepage.
  • The passengers must provide the necessary information, like the date and time they wish to fly.
  • Apart from these, you must mention the destination, the number of travelers followed by the type of trip as one-way, round & multi-city.
  • After this, click on the search button & here you can see a flight list.
  • Here, choose the best flight that fits under your budget & look for the seat map to select seats WestJet.
  • Now follow the other instructions to complete the seat selection process & make the payment.

How Much Does WestJet Charge for Selecting a Seat?

The WestJet seat selection fee varies depending on the fare type & seat assignment on the airlines. For instance, choosing a seat with extra legroom might cost a tad more than a regular one. We all know about the different processes to get seats with the airline, along with advanced seat selection tips. But, the passengers should also know about how much WestJet charges for seat selection while booking a trip.

The other thing to remember is that the charges for seat selection during the check-in time are quite higher than getting the seats during the flight booking. So, here are some essential details for you.

While selecting the basic fare class seats at check-in, the cost will be $3.85 – 90. Moreover, the standard seat selection starts from $3.85 to 46. Apart from that, if you wish to sit on the preferred & exit row, the seat charges will be $7.70 to 90 for the basic fare class.

WestJet Seating Options: Ensuring a Smooth Travel Every Time

Everyone has a right to fly & enjoy their trip, but if you have any disability, there are no issues. WestJet always takes care of the passengers & never compromises their quality & comfort. However, some requests need about 48 hrs. of advance notice.

Here are some seating categories offered to the flyer by the airline:

  • Standard seating:

These are offered based on special needs or requirements, flight booking fare & seat availability. However, you must sit in any random location if you didn’t purchase the seats during the flight booking.

  • Additional seats:

If you believe the standard seats can’t fulfill your accommodation requirement, WestJet will provide additional adjacent seats. However, there are some conditions when the airline does not approve your additional seating request:

  • If you need a travel companion without any disability.
  • Moreover, if you need a personal attendant at your destination but not in flight.
  • However, if you are flying in a WestJet vacation package.
  • If you need it can only be fulfilled by our assistance services.
  • Special seats:

If the above two seating options cannot fulfill your needs, commuters enjoy the trip with specific seats at particular locations. However, there are some conditions if you need the specific seats:

  • The passengers can not fly safely without the special seating arrangement or are medically disabled.
  • If they need special seating due to fused or immobile lower limbs.

Apart from that, why can’t you get special seats?

  • The travelers requested extra legroom due to height.
  • If your travel companion is your attendant.

WestJet Introduces New Seat Selection Option.

If you are flying with WestJet Airlines, this is very important information for all the passengers. The airline has launched new seating options for worldwide customers or travelers. However, you have to pay a nominal fee & they can choose their seats during the booking or before 24 hrs. of the flight departure.

Here are the seat selection fee details: you must pay about $10 for aisle, middle, or window seats; apart from that, you must pay about $15 for the seats in the exit rows offering more legroom. However, the guests will choose their seats at no cost with the help of web-check & mobile.

How can I enjoy my trip on the best seats with WestJet Airlines?

The airline is known for providing the most convenient inflight services while on board. However, if you need to learn how to select seats on WestJet flights? Then you can connect with the WestJet live person on the official number 1-860-370-4608.

However, please provide them with all the required information about the trip & get assistance with the seat selection.

Can I get the Preferred Seats by connecting on live chat?

Yes, for immediate assistance with the seat selection, you can start a live chat or communication with the WestJet customer representative. However, tell them your name & flight details. They will go through everything & try to help you with the entire process.

Can I Get the Seats through on check-in with the West Jet airline?

The passengers can try for a WestJet check-in online seat selection through the official website or WestJet application. The flyers can do it through Manage Trips, followed by the reservation code & surname.

What are the Premium Seats on the WestJet airline?

Well, flying on the West Jet airline premium seats refers to flying with utmost comfort & great comfort. However, it offers you beyond your travel inflight experience along with several amazing features.

If you are travelling on an international & long haul flight, there’ll be numerous benefits like touch screen entertainment and easy access to multiple movies & shows. There is a fee for Internet access for all ages of video games. However, to enhance your entertainment experience, the airline offers the best noise-cancelling headphones.

How to grab your seats in advance with the WestJet airline?

No doubt boarding a WestJet flight offers your dream trip to your desired destination. However, the other feature is a WestJet advanced seat selection. Moreover, it helps commuters to book their desired seats in advance.

On the other hand, you can choose the seats while booking a flight or any time up to 24 hours. However, if you don’t make an advance seat selection, you can choose a standard seat without any fee during check-in.

What happens if I avoid the seat selection with WestJet Airlines?

Yes, the customers can skip the seat selection process or do it during the check-in check. If you want to avoid choosing seats, the airline will assign you a random seat anywhere. However, it may not be the preferred row & you need to adjust.

Can I choose the seats at the airport?

The flyers or the travelers who don’t know the online seat selection process or through check-in can search for the nearest airport & report to the reservation department. Here, connect with airport officials to provide your details along with the trip & get your seats booked.

How to connect with WestJet for Seat Selection Booking?

You can connect through the WestJet booking phone number as 1-860-370-4608. Here, talk to the WestJet airline live person and inform them about the trip & number of passengers. They’ll listen & understand your situation, thus providing you with the best customer service.

How to use WestJet Seat Selection vouchers?

If you need to learn how to use WestJet seat selection vouchers? Then, the passengers flying in the Basic fare can use the seat selection voucher before check-in & you might need to pay some fee for the seat selection or change.


Therefore, the above blog provides all the relevant information about booking & choosing your seats with WestJet Airlines. If you are still having some issues related to WestJet seat selection, then contact airline’s customer service phone number.

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