KLM Missed Flight Policy

What happens if you miss a KLM Flight?

Have you missed a flight with KLM Airlines? Well, no one does it intentionally, but there are unexpected situations that make it happen. However, different ways help you to deal with KLM missed flight situations. KLM is based in the Netherlands & also known as the world’s oldest operating airline. However, if you ever miss a flight with the respective airline you can try to rebook another flight. The other part is there are several terms & conditions that you can read below & get help for the missed flight. 

What is KLM Missed Flight Policy?

If you have missed a KLM flight, then instead of panicking, the best thing to read about KLM missed flight policy, where you can go through all the relevant details that can help you with different steps:

  • If the passengers missed a flight with the KLM airlines due to the fault by the airlines, you will be booked on the other carrier. 
  • Moreover, if there is some  technical issue or other problems, then the airline will provide you with a complete refund.
  • The commuters will also get a full refund  from the airline, if you booked a flight under the travel insurance. 

What happens if I miss my connecting flight with KLM?

There can be several reasons for the KLM delayed flight missed connection & the commuters can go through different reasons, that can assist you:

  • While flying to Europe & reached after three hours & it was due to the airline fault then you’ll be paid about €600.
  • However, the refund does not apply on the self transfer flights. 
  • Suppose you arrived late at the airport, due to the airline fault & missed a connecting trip & needed to wait for the other flight So, according to the rules the airline will offer you a new flight that is too free. 

How to Deal with a Missed Flight Situation with KLM Airlines?

The passengers often miss their trips with the KLM airlines for several reasons. However, there are various alternatives given below that can help you in this particular situation:

  • Call Airline Number:

The first step will be to dial the official number 1 (800) 618-0104 & talk with a KLM airline live representative. However, tell them about everything so they can provide you with the best customer assistance as you reach the airport. 

  • Provide a Valid Reason:

The next thing you can do is provide a proper reason for the missed flight with the KLM airline. However, it’s better to carry proof to prove your reason to the airline officials easily. 

  •  Cancel or Rebook Another Flight:

It’s better to cancel the trip & book another flight instead of creating panic during the trip. However, these are among the best options to manage the missed flight situation. 

What happens if you accidentally miss your flight?

If the reason for your  KLM missed connecting flight is due to the delay, or weather conditions, the travelers will get automatically booked on the next flight. However, below are some points to read:

If you miss a KLM flight due to personal reasons:

  • Suppose you missed your flight due to heavy traffic or other reason; then it depends on the type of your booked fare. 
  • Moreover, you’ll get a travel voucher if your travel partner dies. 
  • The other situation is if you meet with an accident for any reason, the airline will provide you with the vouchers for the travel booking. 

Missing a flight due to Airline:

  • You can easily rebook another flight that is flying in the same direction. 
  • However, you can wait inside the KLM airline lounge & wait for your flight. 
  • If you are uncomfortable on the KLM airline’s alternative flight, you’ll get a refund. 

How to Rebook KLM Missed Connecting Flight?

The Dutch airline provides the most convenient methods to rebook your missed flight or KLM flight booking. However, you can access to the official website of the airline & book a flight:

  • Open an official website of the KLM airline. 
  • On the official homepage, look for the my trips option & click on it. 
  • However, provide with your travel related information or sign in to your account .
  • After you booked your itinerary, there you can find a screen that opens. 
  • Moreover, you can click on the rebook button. 
  • Here, you need to provide the required information into the mandatory fields & you can see a list of the available flights.
  • After that, pay the required fee along with the other benefits costs. 
  • At last, you’ll receive a flight booking confirmation on the registered mail.

How to Get Compensation from KLM Missed Flight?

KLM is a renowned airline that offers the cheapest flights & services. However, if there is any fault by the airline, it also provides you with a refund. On the other hand, the same thing gets applied to missed flights with the KLM airline.

However, there are two ways to get the missed flight compensation & below are the steps that can help you to get a refund:

Fill in the compensation form:

  • Access to the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • However, it would help if you pressed all contact options on the site.
  • Customers or passengers must choose the refund option on the new page.
  • Here, you can see the compensation form by the KLM airline.
  • Moreover, select the reason for claiming the compensation. 
  • After that, provide details about the flight in the required fields. 
  • Although, provide the required passenger information. 
  • At last, press the submit button to send your compensation request. 


  • Login to your official email account. 
  • On the top, mention the official email address as [email protected].
  • Scroll down & mention the KLM flight delayed missed connection reason along with the passenger’s information. 
  • Apart from that, provide all the relevant information about the flight, commuters, destinations & other details. 
  • At last, hit the send button. 

Live Chat:

  • Visit the KLM airline’s official website.
  • Now, click on the contact option below.
  • Here, choose quarry & on the next page, select sub quarries.
  • Click on the & on the new page choose a live chat option.
  • However, type your concern about the missed flight & get assistance from the other side.

How much do you need to pay for the missed flight with KLM?

It’s among the main concerns about the fee you must pay if you miss a flight with KLM airline. Before that, some hacks are essential & important to keep in mind. 

However, if travelers miss their flight due to airline fault, then there will not be applicable charges. Moreover, it’ll be considered a “no-show policy if you didn’t board a flight.” Here, the charges will be the same as the fare amount of the flight. 


Therefore, the readers can go through the whole blog where they can find details about the KLM missed flight, policies & ways to rebook. If you have some problem in rebooking flight or any doubts about missed flight then call KLM customer service phone number for instant assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you accidentally miss your flight?

It depends on the airline where you are boarding a flight. However, you may need to pay a rebooking fee. 

Do you need to pay for the missed flight with the KLM airline?

If there is a missed flight situation with KLM airline due to any unavoidable circumstances, then the airline will reebok on the next flight. 

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