How do I Book Alaska Airlines Group Travel Flights?

Do you love traveling with your friends and family? Indeed, it is the most memorable way to explore a new destination. Alaska Airlines group travel helps you discover your dream destinations along with your loved ones. In this blog, you can have a complete overview of the group booking feature of Alaska. It will enable you to make your travel plan swiftly and hassle-free:

Guidelines to Alaska Airlines Group Booking Policy:

When arranging group flight bookings with Alaska Airlines. It is important to follow the specific terms and conditions. Check out the Alaska Airlines Group Travel Policy in detail:

  • A group should consist of a minimum of ten or more passengers.
  • While on group booking, refunds are not guaranteed.
  • They are subject to specific conditions.
  • You must notify the airline at least eleven months before the intended reservation date.
  • All reservations must fall within this timeframe.
  • If you’ve made a group reservation but need to make changes, you can modify your booking.
  • Alaska Airlines allows name changes for free if done 72 hours before the flight departure. If the name change occurs within 72 hours, a name change fee is applicable.
  • Changes can be made to the base fare of Alaska Airlines flights, excluding taxes, security charges, or additional fees. However, when additional fees are applied, changes may be limited.
  • In case of flight cancellation, you may not qualify for a refund. You could receive flight credit for the outbound travel within a year from the date of issue.

How to Purchase Alaska Airlines Group Travel Tickets?

For group travel with ten or more members, securing flights with Alaska Airlines is a clear process. Here is a summary of the general steps to follow for an Alaska group booking for better clarity.

Steps for Alaska Airlines Group Booking:

  • Visit the official Alaska Airlines website in your web browser or by installing the Alaska Airlines mobile app.
  • On the website, navigate to the group booking page.
  • Further, you will find a group booking form on this page; proceed to open it.
  • In the group booking form, provide the details of each passenger within your group.
  • Once you have completed the form, click the submit button.
  • After receiving your request, the Alaska Airlines group booking team will reach out to you promptly.

How to Modify & Manage a Group Reservation?

In certain circumstances, you may need to either cancel or modify your flight when dealing with Alaska Airlines group bookings. You have the flexibility to handle these changes individually or collectively. Here are the steps for Alaska Airlines manage group travel:

  • First, visit the official Alaska Airlines website.
  • On the homepage, use the search box to look for “Manage group bookings.”
  • Then, enter your group I.D. and confirmation code, then click ‘Search.’
  • Suppose there are any change or cancellation fees.
  • Then, you can make the payment using your credit card or through an online transfer.

Types of Alaska Group Travel:

Travel Together

When a group of 10 or more individuals chooses to travel on the same Alaska Airlines booking, they have the opportunity to receive an Alaska Airlines group travel discount by reaching out to the Alaska Airlines group travel helpdesk.

  • There’s no requirement to provide a deposit for booking group travel to ensure everyone can fly together.
  • Passengers benefit from a fixed fare base, which remains consistent throughout their journey due to a special agreement in place.
  • Passengers can freely change names as many times up to three days prior to the flight’s departure.
  • Alaska Airlines does not impose a ticketing fee. Also, passengers can take advantage of advanced seat selection options.

Separate Travel

If you’re a group of 20 or more people with the same destination but departing from different cities, Alaska Airlines offers the convenience of booking your flights together as a group.

  • The airline extends discounts on the lowest available fares when making the booking. To access even better discounts, you can acquire a discount code by reaching out to the Alaska Airlines group travel phone number.
  • With this code, you can proceed to make your bookings.
  • You have the option to reserve your flights online using the provided discount code, or you can engage a travel agent to assist with the booking.

Charter a Whole Flight

Alaska Airlines provides the option to reserve an entire flight, allowing you to personalize your air travel experience. Charter flights are particularly beneficial when you’re organizing travel for a large group heading to the same destination.

  • You have the flexibility to arrange your flights to align with your preferred schedules and adjust the timings according to your wishes.
  • With a charter flight, you secure the entire aircraft for your group, enabling you to travel according to your chosen schedule.
  • You can include all the essential elements in your itinerary, from pre-selected menus to preferred seating arrangements and more, ensuring a tailored and comfortable journey.

Enjoy Discounts and Benefits of Alaska Group Travel

Passengers opting for Alaska Airlines group reservations, whether for domestic or international destinations, can take advantage of various benefits, as detailed below:

  • Customized Travel Plan: Each passenger is provided with a customized itinerary for approval. The airlines take into account the preferences specified during the registration process.
  • Get Exciting Discounts: Travelling together on various occasions can help you save money. Alaska offers exciting discounts on group travel.
  • Book tickets in Advance: Customers have the opportunity to benefit from advance purchase options, as itineraries are booked or issued prior to 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each attendee.
  • Budget Friendly: The service allows for budget control, where a requested flight itinerary is done with the desired budget. Then, the itinerary is submitted to the customer for approval before the final booking.


In summary, the Alaska group trip feature simplifies trips with family or friends. Additionally, you can organize a boarding group, ensuring a smoother and improved flight experience with the airline. So, make your Alaska Airlines Group Travel reservation today and enjoy the exciting advantages it offers.

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