What Happens If You Missed Your Alaska Airlines Flight

Missing a flight can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially when it’s with an airline as reputable as Alaska Airlines. Many times, passengers on Alaska Airlines miss their flight due to traffic and expect a refund for the flight. But you will be a no show if you miss your flight and do not inform the airline on time. According to Alaska Airlines missed flight policy, no show passengers are not eligible for a refund.

So, what will make you eligible for a complete refund? You can get the answer to your question in the missed flight policy of Alaska Airlines. Read this blog to understand the policy and required steps.

What will happen if I miss my Flight on Alaska Airlines?

When you miss your flight due to some XYZ reason, you can continue to travel on an alternative flight. However, your eligibility completely depends on the situation you have during the missed flight. To know in detail, look at the rules of Alaska missed flight below:

  • Alaska Airlines No Show Policy: Passengers who inform the airline that they are about to miss their flight can rebook the next available flight. However, a no show is neither eligible for a refund nor for an alternative flight.
  • Missed flight because of bad weather: If an airline customer misses a connecting flight because of bad weather or a previous flight delay, he/she can catch the next flight.
  • In case of passenger emergency: If you have any emergency or illness, Alaska Airlines can help you rebook your ticket at no extra cost. But, you must pay cancellation fees for any few penalties, if any.
  • Rebook before flight departs: Change or cancel your flight before your original flight departs. Passengers with Saver fare can cancel the flight anytime they want without extra charges but paying the fare difference.
  • No refund for missed flight: Passengers who miss the flight do not qualify for any refund in the original form of payment. But you can get a travel voucher if you have a refundable fare and situation.

For more information about Alaska Airlines missed flight policy, you can talk to Alaska Airlines operators available 24/7 to help.

What is Alaska Airlines No Show policy?

If you have a flight with Alaska and are unable to get to the airport on time, You might skip to inform the airline. In this case, it’s important to know Alaska Airlines no-show policy. The No show policy is for passengers who fail to change or cancel the reservation before flight departure. If you are under this category, the airline will cancel your reservations, and you will not get any refund or credit for future flights. Following are some tips to help you with the situation:

  • Prevent getting a No Show label: You can cancel or change your reservation 60 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight to avoid being a no-show.
  • Be on time for flight boarding: The airline will consider you as a no show even if you have already checked in for the flight but fail to board on time. It will also result in the cancellation of your flight bookings.

So, if you can’t travel due to some changes in the plan, make sure to cancel or rebook your flight bookings. Do it as early as possible or an hour before the departure.

How to rebook a missed flight on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines lets you rebook a flight after you clear all Alaska Airlines missed flight penalties. To change your flight on Alaska Airlines, follow these simple steps:

Rebook flight online using the Alaska website:

  • Visit the Alaska Air website using a safe browser at www.alaskaair.com.
  • Once you are on the website, click on the “Manage bookings” tab.
  • Enter your login credentials, like last name and confirmation code to get your flight booking details.
  • Select the flight you want to change and click on the “Change Flight” button.
  • Choose to book a new Alaska Air flight and click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Any additional fees may apply to your new bookings. In this case, enter your payment information and click on the “Confirm Changes” option.
  • The airline will send you a confirmation mail from [email protected] with your updated booking information.

Steps to rebook flight with Alaska customer service agent

  • Contact Alaska Airlines customer service by phone or visit the help counter at the airport.
  • Provide your booking information that includes the passenger’s name, contacts, and other flight details.
  • If you are a no show, you must tell the reason, and then the airline staff will help you with available options.
  • Give your flight preferences to the customer service agent and find an alternative flight option that suits you.
  • Confirm the rebooking after reviewing the new flight details and any additional charges.


Note: Alaska Airlines has some policies and fees for flight changes, so review them before making any changes.

How Much is Alaska Airlines No Show Fee?

When you have confirmed flight tickets with Alaska Airlines and do not show up at departure, the airline charges a penalty/fee. If the reason for your Alaska missed flight is traffic or oversleeping, the no-show fee can be between $25 – $50. This fee applies to all the fares, including Economy, First Class, Saver, and Main Cabin. However, the amount varies depending on the type of ticket you hold with Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines fee for Missed flight due to emergency

You can get away from any no show penalties in case you miss your flight because of an emergency like:

  • Death or serious injury of a family member or travel companion
  • Injury or expiry of the traveler
  • A documentable event beyond your control
  • Accident on the way to the airport

To qualify for a refund, provide the airline staff with supporting documents to prove the emergency reason for missing your flight. Here’s a helpful tip to avoid this fee: Inform the airline in advance if you’re in trouble and won’t be able to take your flight.


In conclusion, Alaska has ample flexibility for passengers who want to cancel and rebook their flights. Also, the airline expects passengers to at least inform them about any changes in travel plans so their fare value can be restored. You can use your fare for up to a year if you have a Wanna Get Away Plus and Business select fare.

For more such information, you can follow www.onlinereservationbooking.com or contact the customer service team of Alaska Airlines.

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