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Asiana Airlines Reservation (OZ)

Asiana Airlines Reservation Number +1-860-370-4608

Asiana Airlines ReservationsHave a relaxed and comfortable air journey with Asiana Airlines. The airline is one of the most popular and second-largest air carriers in South Korea. It provides scheduled passenger and cargo flight connectivity to 90 destinations, including important cities in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China. People can easily make Asiana Airlines Reservation from the official website of the or offline by contacting the reservations-desk of Asiana Airlines.

If you want to get your hands on the affordable flight deals and discounted fares, then visit through the official website of Asiana Airlines. The website features all the running deals and discounted fares offered by the airline. If you are planning to book flight tickets to/from South Korea, Asiana Airlines Reservation can be the best choice you make. You can easily find flight connectivity to your desired destinations.

Why Book Flight tickets with Asiana Airlines?

When you are planning to travel somewhere from/to air connectivity, there are several reasons that you should choose Asiana Airlines. We have mentioned a few points due to which Asiana Airlines has become so popular among travelers.

  • Make Asiana Airlines Reservation and get flight tickets at low fares, and reach your desired destination without making a huge impact on your pocket.
  • Asiana provides flight connectivity to popular holiday destinations.
  • The airline has a Comprehensive Network Connectivity.
  • Have a hassle-free time with the airline because of all the customer-friendly policies.

Booking Made Easy by Asiana Airlines Reservation

Depending on the convenience of the customers, Asiana offers multiple ways through which people can book their flight tickets. Book your tickets manually from the Asiana Airlines official site or mobile app, or contact the reservations-desk directly and make booking offline.

Moreover, there are situations when you might need to make changes to your Asiana Airlines Reservation. So, Asiana allows you to make desired changes in your booking without having any hassle time. Check out the process to manage the booked itineraries from the official website of

Asiana Airlines official websiteProcess of Manage Asiana Airlines Reservation

  • Open the Asiana Airlines official website, i.e., 
  • Now, you need to access your booking from the “Find My Trip” section available on the page.
  • Click on the “Find My Trip” tab available on the page and provide the required details to open your itinerary.
  • Enter Booking Number, Departure City, Arrival City, Boarding Date, and Last name in the required fields. Then click on the “Find My Trip” button available to access your Asiana Airlines Reservation.

Further, follow the on-page prompts to make the desired change in your itinerary. Please note that making any upgrade may require you to pay the applicable charges.

Asiana Airlines Phone Number Details :

Asiana Customer Service Phone Number 1 (800) 227-4262
Asiana Reservations Number ( US ) +1-860-370-4608
Asiana Flight Booking Number +1-860-370-4608
Asiana Airlines Reservations +1-860-370-4608
Asiana Customer Support Number  1 (800) 227-4262
Asiana Baggage Phone Number  +1-860-370-4608
Hubs Gimpo International Airport
Incheon International Airport
Gimhae International Airport
Focus cities Jeju International Airport
Alliance Star Alliance
Subsidiaries Asiana IDT
Air Busan
Air Seoul
Fleet size 86
Destinations 90
Parent company HDC Hyundai Development Company
Headquarters Osoe-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul


Asiana Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Being one of the most popular airlines in South Korea, Asiana provides flight services that are considered as one of the best in the sky. The onboard services offered to the passengers during the journey are designed while keeping the traveler’s comfort in mind. Please note that the in-flight amenities offered by Asiana may change as per the Asiana Airlines Reservation fare type and travel route of the patrons.

  • Passengers traveling in the First Suite Class are offered an extra seat for their companion. These passengers are also provided with a personal mini-bar, so have fun.
  • In-flight lighting, power supply system, seat control system, SMS, and satellite phone are some of the additional amenities offered in the cabin.
  • Relish the classic combination of Western and Oriental cuisines, and don’t forget to savor the collections of the world’s best wines enough to satiate your taste buds.

There are many other amazing in-flight services offered by Asiana Airlines. Make Asiana Airlines Reservation and experience a blissful journey on Asiana flights. In case you are not sure about the services included in your flight fare, you can contact the airline and ask an airline representative.

How to Get Cheap Flights on Asiana Airlines?

Want to travel the world without costing a fortune? If yes, then book cheap flight tickets with Asiana Airlines and enjoy your journey with ease. With the advent of the internet, fetching air tickets at affordable fares is no longer a challenge and everyone can easily do the same without any hassle. Below are mentioned some of the easiest ways with the help of which you can easily make Asiana Airlines Reservation with Asiana airlines com burning a hole in your wallet. 

  • Be flexible with the journey dates

Well said by someone – Stubborn mind gets nothing! This fact clearly fits here as if you are not flexible with your dates, then you might not get flight tickets at an affordable price. Check out the fares for the entire month and book the flight ticket on the day when it is available at the lowest fare. Never get stubborn on one day or date in order to minimize your travel expenses.

  • Book air tickets in advance

The golden rule to fetch cheap flight tickets with Asiana Airlines is to book the flight tickets in advance and take the early-bird discounts. There is a simple fact to understand that the more you show urgency, the higher fares you’ll have to pay. Therefore, get your Asiana Airlines Reservations as early as you can and save to the maximum. 

  • Use Incognito Mode while searching for the flights

Have you ever noticed that every time when you search for flight tickets, the price automatically increases? Well, this is because of the searching mode. All airlines save the cookies in order to remember your search and get to know about your preferences. To avoid this, you are advised to go for the incognito mode while looking for the flight options. In this way, your previous searches won’t be stored and you will get the latest price every time you search for the flight. 

Immediate Professional Assistance by Asiana Airlines

Get all your flight-related queries resolved in no time by contacting the customer services team of Asiana Airlines. Whether you need an expert’s help regarding Asiana Airlines official site or worried about check-in, the designated airline representatives will be happy to assist you. So, connect with the customer service team immediately whenever you face any flight-related issue. Check out the helpline number on the official website of Asiana Airlines.

How to Check-in for Asiana Airlines Flight?

Have you made Asiana Airlines Reservation and now wondering where to check-in for the flight? Well, in that case, you can easily use different options offered by the airline and get your boarding pass with much ease and comfort. The airline allows you to check-in for your flight online or by downloading the mobile app or by visiting the airport counter. Travelers can select any of these methods and finish the check-in in less than no time. Before opting out for any option, you are advised to go through the guidelines to avoid any further hassle. 

Online Check-in

Wish to avoid long queues at the airport? If yes, then go for the online check-in facility and download your boarding pass in advance. This is the most convenient option to embark on your journey comfortable and effortlessly. If you are flying on the domestic flight, then check-in facility will be available between 24 hours and 30 minutes before the flight take-off; however, if you have made bookings on the international flight, then you need to check-in between 48 hours (24 hours before the flight take-off for the US routes) and 1 hour before the departure of your Asiana flight. 

Mobile Check-in

The next option is to download the mobile app of the airline and get your e-boarding pass easily. The airline’s app is available for free and you can easily log-in with your credentials to access your trip itinerary and to check-in for your flight before arriving at the airport. Asiana Airlines mobile app is available for everyone, be it the Android or Apple user. You can just show the screenshot or e-boarding pass on your mobile at the airport security points and enjoy a hassle-free experience. 

Airport Check-in

Airport check-in is the conventional option to get your boarding pass and this is available for all. You can either check-in at the counter or use the kiosk machine to get your boarding pass. The check-in time varies from domestic to international flights. If you are flying on the domestic flight, then the check-in closes 20 minutes before the flight departure and if you are traveling on the international flight, then this facility ends up to 60 minutes before the flight leaving time. Once the check-in closes, you will be unable to get your boarding pass and thus, respect the deadline and get your flight check-in done accordingly. 

Asiana Airlines Cancellation & Refund Guide Here

Stuck in an emergency and wish to cancel your flight booking? Well, in that case, you can easily opt for Asiana Airlines cancelling and refund guide and get your bookings terminated without any hassle. Asiana Airlines understands the travelers’ concern and thus, allows them to easily cancel their bookings without seeking any expert’s help. However, you are advised to go through the essential terms and conditions associated with it and then head towards this process accordingly. 

  • Cancelling and refund for Asiana Airlines Reservation depends on the fare type you have chosen while making your flight bookings. 
  • Some fares are refundable while others are non-refundable. However, no fare is fully refundable and you will be charged a cancellation fee in the case of refundable fares also. 
  • Travelers can request a refund for the flight ticket up to the expiry date of the air ticket. However, in the case of international tickets, you can request a refund up to 30 days after the expiration of the flight ticket. 
  • Refund for the flight ticket will be issued to the card holder’s account only. 
  • The refunded amount will be made available to you in the original form of payment only. If you have made payment through the credit card, then you will not cash in return. 

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What is Asiana Airlines Baggage Policy?

Before packing your stuff, it is mandatory to know about all terms and conditions associated with the airline’s baggage guide to enjoy a hassle-free journey. 

Asiana Airlines Baggage PolicyCarry-on Baggage Allowance

Travelers are allowed to bring one carry-on baggage in the Economy Class and two pieces of baggage in the Business Class. The maximum weight of each bag must not be more than 10kg. The maximum dimensions of the cabin luggage must not exceed 55 X 20 X 40cm. In addition to this, you can also bring one accessory like a handbag, laptop bag, coat, camera, briefcase, and any such item. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

According to the Asiana Baggage Allowance, you can bring two pieces (for US Routes) of checked baggage in both Economy and Business Class; however, the weight restrictions are different for both classes. If you have made Asiana Airlines Reservation in the Economy Class, then you can carry both pieces of maximum weight of 23kg each and if you are flying in the Business Class, then you can carry both pieces of free baggage of the maximum weight of up to 32kg each. If you are traveling on the non-US Routes, then only one checked baggage is allowed to bring in the Economy Class. The maximum total dimensions of each bag must not be more than 158cm. 

Excess Baggage Allowance

If you exceed the maximum baggage allowance, then you will be charged an excess baggage fee, depending on the number of pieces and the destination to which you are flying. However, the excess baggage size must not be more than 292cm. For the safety of the baggage handlers, the maximum weight of the baggage must be up to 32kg per bag. 

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Asiana Airlines Travel Classes 

Asiana Airlines deals with all sorts of travelers and thus, it offers five cabin class options to choose from, namely – Economy, Economy Smartium, Business, Business Smartium, and Business Suite. These travel classes are loaded with incredible amenities to make you feel like home in the air. Before making Asiana Airlines Reservations, it is important to know about these cabin classes a bit more to make the best choice for your journey.  


Want to enjoy your flight amidst comfort but don’t want to splurge money? If yes, then book your air tickets in the Asiana Economy Class and experience the relaxing trip in the air. Recognized for the superior quality and amazing flavors, this class is an ideal option for the budget-oriented travelers. It is packed with an array of in-flight entertainment options that will never let you bored among the clouds. 

Economy Smartium

If you want to make the smart choice and wish to enjoy an ultimate experience without shaking your budget, then make Asiana Airlines Bookings in Economy Smartium and enjoy comfortable seating options with additional legroom. The best thing you will get to find out here is the overhead bin storage which is expanded to keep extra luggage. 


Wish to experience the ultimate comfort while traveling in the air? If yes, then make your bookings in the Business Class and enjoy your journey in the lap of luxury. In this class, you will get to enjoy tempting Korean cuisines that will surely satiate your taste buds. In addition to this, you will also get the travelers’ kit on all US, Europe, and Australia routes. Their flat seats will give you the sleeping experience just like being in your own bed. The high-end system adjusts the angle between your leg rest and seat back to offer you the maximized comfort. 

Business Smartium

Take the one step more and make Asiana Airlines Reservation in the Business Smartium Class. Their fully flatbed seats equipped with the individual entrance will give you complete access to the aisle without being disturbed from the next traveler. With the expansion of personal space for all travelers, this cabin offers the delightful experience. 

Business Suite

Business Suite is the most comfortable and convenient carbon class of Asiana Airlines flight. It is dotted with full flatbeds that will offer the bedroom-like comfort. Also, your privacy will be maximized with the two-door facility. Simply close the sliding doors and enjoy your own personal space. What if you get the chance to enjoy a wide range of movies, videos, and web series on a 32-inch large screen in the air? Stop imagining,  Asiana Airlines Business Suite has brought this imagination to reality by offering this facility. 

Asiana Airlines Business Class Upgrade

Did you purchase the same old economy class? Do you want to upgrade? Are you looking to upgrade to the business class in Asiana Airlines? If yes, but you don’t know the ideal process, then follow the below-mentioned steps that can help you upgrade you into business class easily:

Have a look,

  • First, you need to open the official website of Asiana Airlines on your laptop or mobile phone to start your process.
  • After that, you need to log into your account.
  • Now, you have to tap on the “Manage Travel” option. 
  • Here, you need to type your booking number and last name to find your Asiana airlines reservation.
  • After getting the reservation, you need to click on the “Tap” button.
  • Skip to the page of flight details and click on “Upgrade Asiana Airlines Reservation.”
  • Now, you need to select the cabin class you want to upgrade and choose your favorite seat.
  • Carefully check all the information and complete your payment to confirm your upgrade and seat.
  • Soon, you will receive an email about the confirmation of your business class upgrade. 

For further help, you can also connect with the customer service representative of Asiana Airlines. To connect with the executive, you need to dial the customer service phone number. As soon as you get connected, you have to share your booking number and last name so that the representative can initiate the business class upgrade procedure. You only have to pay at last once the upgrade is completed. 

Best Way to Use Asiana Airlines Miles

Here are the best ways to use Asiana Airlines Miles:

Have a look,

  • You can use it to travel from the US to Europe for 40,000 miles in Business class (one way). You can take any Star Alliance partner to travel from the US to Europe. You can fly to some destinations, like Houston to Amsterdam, Miami to Copenhagen, Washington to Frankfurt, New York to Brussels, and Chicago to Vienna.
  • You can use Asiana Airlines miles to travel from Europe to the Middle East through Etihad in First class for one way. You can fly to destinations like Paris to London that can cost you $268 to $306 for one way. 
  • You can also use it to travel from the US to Korea in first-class for one-way. You can fly to destinations like New York to Seoul and Los Angeles to Seoul. For business class, you travel from San Francisco to Seoul, Seattle to Seoul, and Honolulu to Seoul. 
  • Asiana Airlines miles can also help you travel from Mexico to Europe via Lufthansa for 50000 miles in first class (one-way). Here are the destinations to travel, like Mexico City to Munich and Mexico City to Frankfurt.
  • You can travel from the US to Southern South American for 35000 miles in business class via Star Alliance (one way). Here are the destinations you can fly from San Francisco to Sao Paulo, Newark to Buenos Aires, and Houston to Santiago. 
  • You can use Asiana Airlines miles to fly from the US to Korea for 60000 miles via Star Alliance in business class (one way). You can also travel to other destinations like San Francisco to Seoul and Los Angeles to Seoul. 

Asiana Airlines FAQs

Q1. How to check Asiana Airlines Flight Status?

To check the Asiana Flight Status, you will have to:

  • Visit the official website of Asiana Airlines.
  • Tap on the Flight Status tab.
  • There, you will find two options – Route and Flight Number.
  • If you choose the first option, then you will have to enter Departure City, Arrival City, and journey date and if you choose the second option, then add the flight number and the journey date. 
  • Once you enter the information, tap on the ‘Search’ button to find out the exact location of your flight. 

Q2. What is Asiana Airlines Frequent Flyer Program?

To facilitate the travelers, Asiana Airlines offers the frequent flyer program under the name of Asiana Club. It is totally based on Asiana Club Miles in which you can earn miles on every dollar spent. There are several status available i.e. Silver, Gold, Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Platinum. Joining this program is free of cost and anyone can easily do the same. 

Q3. How can I choose Seats with Extra Legroom Seats?

Travelers can choose a seat with extra legroom up to 48 hours before the flight take-off. These seats are available for additional cost and it depends on the destination to which you are flying. Seat selection can be done from the moment you have made Asiana Airlines Reservations until 48 hours before the flight take-off. It can be done either online or offline. 

Q4. Does Asiana Airlines offer a mobile app?

Yes, Asiana Airlines offers easy-to-use mobile apps to the travelers so that they can enjoy ultimate traveling experience. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices and you can get the same for free. 

Q5. What is Asiana Airlines Upgrade Standby Service?

As the name implies, Upgrade Standby means that you can put your upgrade on hold on the international routes. It enables you to upgrade the seat at the special price, depending on the Asiana Airlines Reservations circumstances. Here is mentioned the important guidelines associated with this upgrade standby policy so that you can use this facility accordingly. 

  • Travelers can request this Upgrade Standby Service between 96 hours and 24 hours before the flight take-off. 
  • This service is available only on the selected flights. 
  • Once you send an Upgrade Standby application through the payment, you will have to check-in for your flight online 3 hours before the flight take-off to confirm whether your upgrade is confirmed or not.
  • This service is only available to those travelers whose reservations are fully confirmed. 

Q6. What is Asiana Airlines Magic Boarding Pass?

Magic Boarding Pass is the new concept introduced by Asiana Airlines to facilitate the travelers. You can easily present your domestic or international boarding pass and take an advantage of the affiliated discounts. If the travelers are flying on domestic and international flights with Asiana Airlines, then they can use their boarding cards at affiliates between 1 month and seven days before the flight take-off and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers. However, there are certain usage guidelines related to the same. Let’s have a look. 

  • The magic boarding pass can only be used by the traveler who owned that pass and only he is eligible to get the boarding pass. 
  • Asiana Airlines never guarantees the quality of services and benefits available under Magic Boarding Pass. 
  • The boarding pass type and its validity period might differ for each affiliate, therefore, you are advised to verify the terms and conditions in advance. To know more about the same, you can connect with Asiana Airlines Customer Service at any time. 
  • Asiana Airlines has the right to terminate this service at any time without any prior notice and they are not answerable to anyone. 

Q7. What is Asiana Airlines Pet Policy?

Planning to travel in the air with a pet? If yes, then read through the pet information in advance and bring your pet without any hassle. 

  • Only domestic pets like dogs, cats and birds are allowed to bring on the flight. 
  • Each adult passenger is allowed to bring only one pet in the cabin and 2 pets as the checked baggage. 
  • The maximum weight of the pet including the cage must not be more than 7kg or less. 
  • The maximum sum of dimensions of the cage must not be more than 115cm and the maximum height of 21cm or less. 
  • Animals must have to be kept inside the cage during the whole journey for safety. It is the travelers’ responsibility to keep them calm throughout the journey so that they can stay in the pet crate. 
  • To make Asiana Airlines Reservations for pets, you can connect with the airline’s booking agent well in advance. 

Q8. Does Asiana Airlines allow unaccompanied minors on the flight?

Yes, sure. Asiana Airlines welcomes little passengers on-board and looks after them with extreme care. Get to know about the airline’s unaccompanied minor policy here and make bookings accordingly. 

  • For domestic flight: children between 5 and 12 will be considered as unaccompanied minors.
  • For international flights: children between 5 and 11 years will be termed as unaccompanied minors.
  • It is the airline’s staff responsibility to take the child from the departure airport, get their check-in formalities done, take care of them in the flight, and then handover the kids to the authorized person at the arrival airport. To ensure this safety, you will have to book unaccompanied minor service.
  • UM service is a paid fee and it depends on the flight type (domestic/ international). 100% adult fare is applicable on the domestic flight and adult fare + USD100 per service segment is applicable on the international flight. To know more, call Asiana Airlines Reservations Number at any time. 

Asiana Airlines International Phone Number:

 Asiana Airlines Phone Number Korea 82-2-2669-8000
Asiana Airlines Contact Number Japan 81-3-5812-6600
Asiana Airlines Booking Number China 86-10-8451-0101
Asiana Airlines Reservations United States 1-800-227-4262 
 Asiana Booking Number Germany 49-69-9210-190
Asiana Reservations Team France 33-1-8180-0940
Asiana Reservations United Kingdom 44-845-602-9900
Asiana Airlines Contact Number Italy Rome : +39-06-6595-26975
Asiana Airlines Phone Number Turkey 90-212-256-4144
Asiana Airlines Booking Singapore 65-6225-3866
Asiana Airlines Customer Service Sydney 61-2-9260-4300


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