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Etihad Airways

Etihad is a reputed airline that offers the most convenient & hassle-free travel to customers worldwide. Apart from that, the airline also has a manage booking service. However, this facility allows you to modify your flight reservations, followed by other changes. 

The airline flies passengers as well as cargo flights to destinations across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and North America. Etihad Airways is known for its classic amenities and luxurious cabin.

The airline operates more than 1000 scheduled flight operations every week to more than 120 passenger and cargo destinations. The entire flight service commenced and operated from its hub based in Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). Choose the destination of your choice and call on the Etihad Airlines Booking number to get your booking done as early as possible. 

Along with its mainline passenger flight service, the airline also operates Etihad Holidays and Etihad Cargo.

Etihad Airways Manage Booking

Etihad Airways, being the leading airline in the world, always values its customers. To keep up their reputation and name in the industry, this airline offers excellent in-flight amenities and services; one such facility is Etihad Manage Booking. With the help of this facility, travelers can easily manage their itinerary and make necessary modifications in the same without any trouble.

This airline is one of the few air carriers in the world that offers flexible booking policy to the travelers under which they can amend the same without seeking any professional help. Let’s get to know about the airline’s Manage Booking option along with its benefits here. 

How to Book a Flight through Etihad Manage booking?

Do you have any travel plans & searching for ways to book a flight with Etihad Airways? However, the airline understands your situation & tries to provide you with the most convenient flight booking process through the manage booking option.

Moreover, you can read the below points that can help you to use the manage booking option:

  • Visit the official Etihad Airways website. 
  • Now, click on the manage booking tab.
  • On the new page, provide the mandatory details like the booking reference number/ ticket number
  • However, you also need to mention the last name of the passenger & click on find my bookings.
  • Now select your flight as per the budget & book a flight
  • At last, you’ll receive a confirmation email for the flight booking. 

How to Book Etihad Airways Flights Via offline?

Sometimes due to the unavoidable situation, it’s quite challenging to access the official website of Etihad manage the trip online. However, no worries if you are planning to board a flight here, then either connect with an airline representative & they’ll guide you through an offline procedure:

  • The passengers need to check their flight credit balance
  • Manage your booking:
  • Provide the travel-related details.
  • Reebok or cancel the booking 
  • Prepare with other options
  • Choose or upgrade the seats 
  • However, check your baggage allowance
  • Report about the delayed baggage
  • Look for the refund along with other advantages
  • Choose a favourite or special meal
  • Get permission or special services for:
  • Sports equipment
  • Medical equipment or carrycot for the baby

What are the Different Features offered by Etihad Manage Booking?

Meanwhile, planning a trip with Etihad Airways guarantees you’ll get a world-class travel experience and multiple benefits. Apart from that, if you need other necessary services through the manage booking, then you can read the below options:

  • The passengers can change their flight up to 2 hrs from the scheduled departure. 
  • You can also add an extra luggage or baggage
  • Get some special assistance.
  • Make a flight cancellation.
  • The airline manage booking and also assists you in upgrading your travel class.
  • Try to bid for an upgrade.
  • The customers can try to change or reserve the seats
  • Apart from that, you can also update your passport details
  • Update your contact information.

How can I change my name with Etihad Airways manage booking?

While booking a trip, entering the wrong name or spelling is quite a usual activity. However, the important part is to find the solution that can help the travelers to make a name change with the airline without any problem & Etihad has various alternatives that can help you in these situations:

  • Access to the official website of Etihad Airways
  • Now, click on the manage booking option on the homepage.
  • However, enter the reservation code followed by the last name of the flyer
  • Here, you can go through the flight booking details & click on the booking where you need to make the required changes.
  • Moreover, you need to click on the change or edit name option.
  • Now, make the correct name entry & save it 
  • At last, check & pay if there are any required charges. 

How to Change Your Flight Itinerary With Etihad Airways Manage Booking?

Change in travel plans? Fret not as Etihad Airways allows you to modify your itinerary with much ease and comfort. Etihad understands that sometimes a sudden or unexpected change might happen in life owing to which you will have to change or cancel the itinerary. Keeping this fact in mind, this airline already offers flexible booking so that travelers can change their existing trip without any hassle. 

Implement the forthcoming steps and amend your Etihad Airways manage Booking in a jiffy. 

  • Browse the official link of Etihad Airways.
  • Locate the ‘Manage’ tab in the menu bar and click on the same.
  • A new tab will open where you find two fields asking your Booking Reference or Ticket Number along with the Last Name. 
  • Enter the details as required and proceed next by clicking on the ‘Find My Booking’ button. 
  • Now, your itinerary will be displayed on the screen and you will then make your desired changes in the same within little or no time. 

What Changes can be done With Etihad Manage My Bookings?

The easiest and the quickest way to manage your Etihad Airways Online Booking is to visit the official website of the airline and browse the Manage Booking option. The changes you will make purely depends on the ticket type you have chosen at the time of bookings. Here is the list of changes that can be made with the help of Manage Booking option.

  • Make a seat upgrade
  • Select your seat well in advance
  • Update the passport details and contact information
  • Make a flight change
  • Terminate the existing itinerary
  • Get the flight check-in done and download the boarding pass
  • Buy excess baggage
  • Order special meal in advance
  • Request for the special services

Important Things To Know Before Using Etihad Airways Manage Booking

  • Addition of exclusive benefits to the itinerary depends on the fare type you have selected at the time of making Etihad Airways Flight Booking.
  • While changing your itinerary through Manage Booking or via any means, a fare difference will be charged. This fare difference is basically the difference between new and original bookings.
  • A cancellation fee will be applicable if you cancel the flight ticket, be it refundable or non-refundable fare type. 
  • Manage Booking option is only available to those travelers who have made flight bookings with the official site or with the mobile app or the airline’s ticket agent. If any third-party is involved, then connect with them to make the desired modifications.  

Etihad Airways Manage Booking Travel Classes

Experience the epitome of luxury onboard. Etihad Airways features three cabin classes, including Economy, Business, and First Class. Each class has its own range of amenities and facilities, which passengers can enjoy based on their cabin choice. Most of the airports served by the airline have exquisite Airport lounges, which serves exemplary gourmet food and a fine range of beverages and spirits.

If you want to know about your entitled amenities; then you can speak to the airlines’ representative through the Etihad Airways booking number.

Economy Class

Now enjoy personal space in Economy Class Cabin on every Etihad Airways flight. Etihad brings for you an incredible range of amenities onboard. The passengers with Economy Class flight tickets can choose their preferred seat and enjoy the “me” time in the sky. All the guests are provided with full-size blankets and comfortable seats with ample space.

The passengers are also provided with complimentary food and drinks on every flight along with unlimited entertainment options. Make Etihad Airways flight reservations and fly at affordable fares.

Business Class

Business Class passengers enjoy the true sense of grandeur when they book Etihad Airways flights. The passengers can enjoy their wait time before the flight in the luxurious lounge. Additionally, the guests can also enjoy the privilege of fast-track security checkup and priority boarding.

If we talk about the amenities offered onboard, the passengers are offered with comfortable fully-flat, a wide range of dining in options that include exquisite international cuisine, choice of drink. Additionally, the airline will also get to enjoy Six Senses Spa and a refreshing shower.

First Class-

First Class Cabin features a private suite that has a leather armchair, personal shower, and extra comfortable fully flatbed. The airline is offered with a la carte menu, Inflight Chef, and boutique wine list. The passengers are also facilitated with Priority Check-in, Etihad First Lounge & Spa, and much more. Choose first-class while making Etihad Airways mange Booking and don’t compromise with your luxury.

How to Make Etihad Airways Booking Online?

Travel with peace of mind once you have decided to fly with Etihad. Go for Etihad Airways Booking and explore this beautiful world at pocket-friendly fares. Visit the airline’s official site and purchase your flight ticket at much ease. Follow the below steps to book tickets without any hassle. 

  • On the homepage of Etihad Airways official site, you will see an extensible search engine. Add all the required information in these fields. 
  • Start with setting your trip type. 
  • Now, enter your initial and arrival destination in the specified fields and move further for the Etihad Airways reservation confirmation
  • After this, add the date of your flying. 
  • Choose the cabin class and pick the number of fliers included in the trip. 
  • If you want to book with miles, click on the appropriate option.
  • Click on the “Search flights” button to check the available flights.
  • Once you have retrieved the list of available flights, pick the one that is suitable as per your budget. 
  • Make a payment to confirm it.

With these easy and quick steps, passengers can confirm Etihad Airways online booking at much ease. 

Etihad Airways Phone Number Details

Etihad Airways Reservations Number +1-860-370-4608
Etihad Airways Booking Number +1-860-370-4608
Etihad Airways Phone Number +1-860-370-4608
Etihad Airways Baggage Phone Number 1 (877) 690-0767
Etihad Airways Baggage Email [email protected]
Etihad Airways Vacations Number +971 2 599 0700
Hubs Abu Dhabi International Airport
Parent company Etihad Aviation Group
Headquarters Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Check in Policy of Etihad Airways

Those days have long gone when you had to visit the airport too early to get the boarding pass as now is the time when this can be downloaded on the swipe of your fingertips. To facilitate the travelers, Etihad Airways offers multiple ways to check-in for your flight – online check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in. Depending on your trip needs and eligibility, you can opt for any check-in method. Below is mentioned the detailed description of these methods here so that you can choose any of them accordingly.

Online Check-in

Online check-in facility is available 30 hours before the flight take-off. This is the most convenient option to get your boarding pass. To check-in online, visit the official website of the airline, check-in online by entering your booking confirmation code and the last name. This is not available for unaccompanied minors, traveling with special assistance, availing the pet service, and the one with paper tickets. You can also skip the queues by using the priority access service that is available for US $40. 

Mobile Check-in

If you are a tech-oriented person, then get the mobile app on your device now and download the boarding pass on the swipe of your fingertips. This mobile app is available for absolutely free and can be availed by both Android and Apple-enabled smartphones.       

Airport Check-in 

Airport check-in is available for all travelers and is the traditional way to check-in for your flight. It is important for the travelers to arrive early at the airport, say 2 or 3 hours before the departure of the flight, to avoid hustle and bustle later on. Make Etihad Airways Flight Booking now and check-in for your flight within little or no time. 

Etihad Airways Seat Selection Process 

Whether you would prefer a window seat or extra legroom or aisle one, Etihad Airways allows you to select your desired seat with much ease. If you are an Etihad frequent flyer program, depending on the tier, you can easily select your favorite seat for absolutely free. Travelers can easily check the available seat on the seat map available on the official website of the airline.

There are three types of seat available to select from – Economy Standard, Economy Space, and Economy Neighbor-Free. Let’s get to know about these seats in a bit of detail before making Etihad Airways  Flight Booking.

Economy Standard

This seat is available to those who are traveling with Economy Deal, Saver or Classic Fare. You can select this seat till the moment you make the flight bookings. If you are a Etihad Guest Member, then you will save 20% of the booking of Economy Standard Seats. 

Economy Space

Want a bit extra room on-board? If yes, then choose the Economy Space seat on Etihad Airways flight and make your journey interesting. In Economy Space, you will get extra legroom and extra space to relax. Please note the fact that these seats are not available on Etihad Airways’ partner airlines. Economy Space seats can be selected from the moment you book the flight tickets until one hour before the departure of the flight. 

Economy Neighbor-Free

Looking for even more space? If so, then select Economy Neighbor-Free seats and feel like home in the air. You can bid to keep up to three neighbor seats vacant to get extra space. You can cancel your bid up to six hours before your flight only if your bid is not accepted till that time. To know more about the same, you can connect with Etihad Airways Reservations Number at any time. 

Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Guidelines

Change in plans? Are you worried about the cancellation policy of the airline? The airline understands that sometimes plans change and you can do nothing about that. Worry not as the airline offers well-crafted cancelation policy to the travelers so that they can easily terminate their flight bookings without any hassle.

However, it is advised to learn about every single term about the Etihad Airways Cancellation Guide to avoid any issue later on.                      

  • Cancellation of the flight tickets can be done either for free or by paying the additional charges (often known as cancelation fee), depending on the fare type you have selected while making the flight bookings. 
  • The quickest way to make changes in your existing booking is by visiting the Manage My Trips section available on the homepage.
  • Retrieve your booking by adding the Booking Code and the last name and click on the cancel button available in-front of the itinerary you wish to terminate. 
  • If you are eligible for refund, then request the same as soon as you cancel the flight ticket. 
  • Refunds will take at least 14 to 30 business days to process, therefore, you need to keep calm throughout the process. 
  • If you have booked multiple fares, then the most restrictive fare rule will be applicable if you terminate your flight tickets. 
  • If you cancel Etihad Airways Book a Flight within 96 hours before the flight take-off, then you will be charged 10% additional fee.
  • No money will be given back if you are a No-Show and no such refund requests will be entertained in this case.        

Etihad Airways Pet Policy 

If you have an urge to make pets as a part of your journey, then wait no more and make bookings with Etihad Airways now. This airline understands your emotions so well and thus, allows you to bring them on the flight.

However, there are certain terms and conditions associated with the same that you need to know before making bookings for them.                             

  • Pets are not allowed in the flight cabin and the airline can transport them only as cargo where the team will take care of them throughout the journey.
  • All kinds of pets like dogs, cats, horses, etc. are allowed to bring on the Etihad Airways flight.                                                                            
  • Guide dogs and service animals can be transported for free and an additional fee will be applicable on the rest of the animals.
  • This fee depends on the destination to which you are traveling.
  • Falcons are allowed to bring in the flight cabin for free and they will be counted as cabin baggage.
  • You can also transport them as a checked baggage but for this, you will have to pay USD $500.                                                                  
  • If you are traveling the First or Business class, then per traveler is allowed to bring a maximum of two falcons. While in the Economy Class, you can bring only one.
  • To know more about the same, you can connect with Etihad Airways Booking Number +1-860-370-4608 and get your query solved in the hour of need.

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Frequent Flyer Program

Etihad Guest is a frequent flyer program featured by the airline so that passengers can enjoy additional privileges all through their travel. Upon joining this exquisite loyalty program, the passengers would be able to reap the benefits of ultimate travel experiences.

Each time you book an Etihad Airways flight, you earn certain miles. The earned miles can be redeemed to buy upgrades, reward flights, shopping for duty-free items, and much more.

If you wish to join the frequent flyer program offered by the airline and need advice on its benefits; then you should go ahead and speak to the airline through the Etihad Airways customer service number +1-860-370-4608.

Other Additional Services offered by Etihad Airways

Along with the best in-flight services and luxurious facility at the airport’; Etihad is also known for its additional facilities that include airport transfer service, leeway to buy extra baggage, shopping duty-free options, and lot more. Additionally, the airline also facilitates the passengers with hotel bookings & car hire facilities available on the website, online check-in option 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, and opportunity to check the flight status online.

The airline has also facilitated passengers with round the clock customer service helpdesk that can be contacted anytime via Etihad Airways phone number +1-860-370-4608.

Destination Served

Etihad Airways operates scheduled passenger and cargo flights to over 120 destinations throughout Africa, Europe, Australia, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. Moreover, the airline flies to over 81 passenger destinations, which include major cities like Paris, New York City, Mumbai, Chicago, Dublin, Washington, and others.

Those passengers, who wish to book Etihad flights for their next trip; then we suggest contacting the airline directly through Etihad customer service helpdesk, which is available for assistance around the clock.

Top Destinations Served by Etihad Airways
  • Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • New York City (NYC)
  • Chicago (CHI)
  • Washington (WAS)
  • Dublin (DUB)
  • Manila (MNL)
  • Paris (PAR)
  • Amsterdam (AMS)
  • Frankfurt (FRA)
  • London (LHR)

Top Airports Served by Etihad Airways
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
  • John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Chicago O’hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD)
  • Dulles International Airport (IAD)
  • Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)

Popular Routes Served Etihad Airways
  • New York City (NYC) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Abu Dhabi (AUH) to New York City (NYC)
  • Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Chicago (CHI)
  • Washington Dc (WAS) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Abu Dhabi (AUH) to Washington (WAS)
  • London (LHR) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Paris (CDG) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Frankfurt (FRA) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Amsterdam (AMS) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)
  • Cairo (CAI) to Abu Dhabi (AUH)

Etihad Airways Fleet Size

The fleet of Etihad Airways is known for its ultimate performance and operational efficiency. The airline features the most advanced aircraft in the world.

As of 2019 statistics, the airlines’ fleet consist of more than 117 aircraft, including A321-200, A320-200 (v1), A320-200 (v2), A330-200, A330-300, A380-800, B787-9 (2 class), B787-9 (3 class), B787-10 (2 class), and B777-300ER (2-class v1), B777-300ER (2-class v2), and B777-300ER (3-class). Additionally, 90 aircraft are still in order, which will be delivered in the coming few years.

The cargo fleet of Etihad airways features 6 Boeing 777 freighter aircraft.

Baggage Policy of Etihad Airways

Recently, Etihad Airways has switched from per piece concept to weight concept. Now the weight-based baggage policy will be applicable to all passengers. Passengers are even allowed to add extra baggage through the Etihad Airways manage booking option on the airline’s official site. 

Economy Deal fares – The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 23 kg. 

Economy Saver – The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 30 kg.

Classic fares -The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 30 kg.

Economy Flex fares – The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 35 kg.

Business Class -The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 40 kg.

First Class – The passengers of the Economy deal class can take the baggage weighing no more than 50 kg.

Those passengers, who need help to understand the baggage policy; then we suggest you contact the airline directly through Etihad Airways reservations number +1-860-370-4608. The phone lines remain open round the clock.

Etihad Airways FAQs

Q1. Are Etihad tickets refundable?

If you are cancelling your existing booking within 24 hours of the original purchase, then you are entitled to get a full refund. You must have booked it at least seven or more in your flight advance.

Q2. How can I reset my password?

Navigate to the login page, and make a click on the “Request/ Forget Password” option. Enter the asked details. You can also ask for assistance from the airline professional regarding the same.

Q3. What items are restricted on Etihad flights?

There are certain items that you can’t take on the flight such as toxins, chemicals, explosives, and weapons. 

Q4. Can I order a special meal on my flight?

Yes, but make sure to request a special or preferred meal at the time of Etihad Airways booking or 48 hours prior to the flight departure. You can’t order it on-board. 

Q5. Can I make changes to a booking?

Well, we understand that sometimes it is necessary to change the plan and that’s OK! Yes, indeed, you can make changes to your booking. Still, all the changes based on your booking means changes or cancellations will be made as per the terms and conditions of Etihad Airways, including applicable charges, fees, customer care policy and general conditions of carriage. 

Q6. Can I fly with the partner airlines?

Yes, for sure! You can fly with our partner airlines also. But the condition is that your flight is managed by one of our partner airlines. You need to connect with our customer care representative for any kind of changes and requests.

Q7. How to book group flight tickets?

You can book group flight tickets through a dedicated group system created by the Etihad sales office. Travel agencies are not allowed to get group tickets. If you want to book your group’s ticket on the same flight/ departure date/ time, then you need to consult the representative. 

Q8. How many destinations can I combine in one booking?

You can combine around four destinations in one booking.

Q9. How to book an economy class in Etihad Airways?

Well, Etihad Airways strongly recommend booking an economy class as fast as you can because the seats of economy class on Etihad Airways serve as the first-come and first-get basis. 

Q10. Does my baggage be delivered to my final destination directly if there is a stop?

Yes. If the passenger has booked one flight ticket and does not leave the airport at the destination of your halt. But if the passenger has booked two flight tickets with different airlines or the passenger wants to stopover in the middle of the flight, then they can collect their baggage where they stop. 

Q11. How do I report my lost or damaged baggage?

If you find out that your baggage is lost, then you can make a baggage claim with Etihad Airways. But if you find that your baggage or the contents are damaged, then you need to fill the form of damage claim within seven days on the baggage arrival. You will surely get compensation from Airlines.

Q12. How much do I need to pay for the excess baggage?

Well, the cost of excessive baggage varies as per the destination and travel class. But you can save up to 30 percent of baggage charges if you pre-book your extra baggage online. You cannot get a refund for your excess baggage charges.

Q13. How can I travel with musical instruments on Etihad Airways?

Musical instruments that can be easily fitted to your general baggage are permitted onboard without any extra charges. But if your musical instruments need excess baggage, then you need to pay extra baggage charges as per the weight. The instrument must not be more than 32 Kgs and not exceed the size dimension of 300 cm.

Q14. Can I travel with my pets?

Not precisely because pets are not allowed in Etihad Airways cabins, the Etihad Cargo team has required experience and resources to transport your pets, horses and any other animals.

Q15. What can I take on the Etihad Airways flight for free?

For free, you can only include items on your carry-on baggage.

Q16. What are the items restricted on Etihad Airways?

Items like chemicals, weapons, toxins and explosives are restricted on Etihad flights.

Q17.Size and weight of my checked baggage?

The maximum size of your checked baggage dimension should be 72*90*45 cm (W/H/D). Single items weighing more than 32 kg will not be accepted in the flight. The dimension of the baggage should not be more than 300 cm.

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Recently, I booked an Etihad flight to Boston and am totally impressed with the level of safety they are offering right now. Frankly, I was very scared of air travel because of this Covid issue but as soon as I boarded the flight, my fear just flew away as the cabin crew members are fully covered in the PPE kits and the sanitation process is amazing. They are sanitizing each and everything. Many thanks to Etihad for making my journey safe and sound.

 by Trot

I am really impressed with the Etihad staff. They were very friendly and always ready to help us. I had a fantastic on-board experience due to them. Protection Status