How to book Multi City flights on United Airlines?

Do you want to explore a number of destinations on a budget and want premium comfort at the same time? United Airlines has a special offer for you that allows you to visit multiple cities in one trip- United Airlines multi city flights. As the name suggests, you can easily create your itinerary with different stopovers and explore more cities without having to buy separate tickets for each destination. Getting all you want in a single reservation means a budget-friendly price for the trip.

Whether traveling for work or leisure, United Airlines multi-stopover flights offer a flexible and convenient way to see different parts of the world. You can further read this blog to know how you can take full advantage of this excellent facility available on United Airlines.

PERKS of Multi City United Airlines

Have you heard of United Airlines multi-city flights? You can save a lot on your flight tickets and spend freely exploring the destination with just one reservation. If you are not satisfied with this benefit, you can have a look at additional benefits as follows:

Visit multiple destinations hassle-free

Booking a multi-stop with United Airlines allows passengers to visit multiple destinations without the hassle of booking separate one-way tickets.

Cost Effective flight bookings and extras

Making one ticket reservation for multiple destinations will reduce the cost compared to booking separate flights. Also, you don’t need to purchase your tickets in advance and make the complete payment in one go.

Single booking of multiple destinations

United Airlines allows single reservations for multi-destination trips, which makes it easy to adjust your travel plans if needed. You can add or remove destinations, change the order of stops, and adjust your travel dates.

The longer you fly, the more you earn

Booking multi city flights means you will have regular flights with United Airlines, which will make you a frequent flyer. Thus, travelers can earn more frequent flyer miles by booking multi-city flights.

A Plus for MileagePlus passengers

All MileagePlus members can earn a free one-way award for future bookings with United Airlines. And the best part is there are no extra charges for any changes or cancellations of your trip.

Destinations United airline serves

United Airlines’ extensive network of destinations makes it easy to plan a complex itinerary with multiple stops. Being a major airline, United Airlines can make you fly to almost all popular destinations in the world.

Longer stayover at Stopover

You can stay at a stopover for months without having to worry about changes in cost or getting a bill of additional charges.

Easy cancellations

United Airlines offers refundable multi-city flights, so customers can cancel anytime they want if the travel plan changes. It would be best if you informed the airlines at least 30 days before the departure.

How to book a flight on United Airlines multi city?

  • To book a flight that makes stops in multiple cities using United Airlines, you can visit their website and follow these steps:
  • Click on the “Book” tab once you land on the website using the web browser.
  • Choose the option for “Multi-city” from the menu or search flight tool.
  • Provide your travel details, like departing and arriving destinations, travel dates, number of passengers, age group of passengers, and other contact details.
  • You can book the flight for up to eight passengers within the same reservation and form a group.
  • When traveling with a group of 9+ members, call United Airlines at 1-800-864-8331 within the U.S. & Canada or your local United Customer Contact Center.
  • You can book United multi-city flights as well as with partner airlines if a particular destination isn’t available on United. You can choose from different types of fares, such as adult, senior, child, or pet fares.
  • Lastly, pay using the acceptable payment method or use miles to book your flight.

If some minors are travelling together and are below the age of 15, there must be an adult to accompany them. There are more conditions that you must inquire about through United Airlines reservations and sale numbers.

Can I add a rental car or hotel to my multi-city flight booking?

When booking the multi city flight on United Airlines, you’ll see options to add a car or hotel. You can select the one that suits you, and the amount will be added to your flight purchase amount. At the end, review and cross-check your flight bookings before making the payment.

One can also add a rental car or hotel to multi-city flight booking on United Airlines using the manage my bookings section after completing the reservation. You just have to select the flight bookings and follow some simple instructions to add the car and accommodation you want.

Some popular destinations to book multi city flights on United?

United Airlines is a very popular airline that can fly you to over 300 different places all around the world. If you like going to many different cities on your trip, some of the most famous places you can go to include:

  • Orlando
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • London and many more.

Apart from these places, United Airlines also flies to some big cities and countries, including:

  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • Düsseldorf
  • Hamburg
  • Frankfurt

Thus, you can choose the “Multi-city” option when you book your flight to go to different cities on your trip instead of just booking a connecting flight.

Which is the Best time to Book United Multi-City Flights?

For domestic flights, passengers must book one to two months in advance to ensure ample flexibility. However, if you have an international flight, it is better to book 6-8 months before the flight departs. 

Booking United multi-city flights in advance can help you get better pricing options and availability. You never know when prices will change suddenly, so it’s good to be alert and catch price drops(if any). Also, consider booking during off-peak travel seasons for a low price.


In conclusion, United Airlines multi-city flights offer a flexible and cost-effective way to travel to multiple destinations in one flight reservation. With a range of benefits like hassle-free bookings, cost-effective tickets, easy cancellations, up to 5 segments and longer stayovers, United Airlines makes it easy to plan complex multiple-stop trips. To book a multi city, you can go to United Airlines’ website and follow a few simple steps. Or contact the airlines staff to make a group multi city flight bookings at the local contact of United Airlines. So, plan your next multi-city trip with United Airlines and make the most out of your travel experience.


Can I Book United Multi-City Flights by Phone?

Passengers interested in booking a multi-stop flight on United Airlines can contact United reservations at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331). This number is available 24/7 to help passengers with general inquiries about flight bookings.

What is award travel on United Multi City?

United multi-city award travel is for passengers with MileagePlus membership in United Airlines. If you have enough points to book a multi-stop flight on United Airlines, you will receive additional benefits like priority boarding, extra baggage, fast check-in, etc.

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